Very Special


Out walking on the weekend I came across this sign and thought the “dry” in the middle of the word was rather special  – I’ve only ever seen “dro”  before.

I did not notice how truly special the sign was until I took a second look  …


20 responses

  1. I wonder if the red mark before and under “aundrymat” is supposed to be the L. I can’t tell from the photo, but it looks like maybe that red mark could go around the entire sign. It seems like a strange place for the sign to begin with. is this a home or a business??

    • Well, if the red line is the “L” I think that’s stupid! 🙂 There’s a red line across the top and a red bit down the right hand side. But I think you might be right. I tend to pronounce it ‘laundreemat” …..

  2. LOL I am for the red line being the L. I only reacted to the dry and dro thing. But to be honest – if I hadn’t been to the US so many time and seen the concept around a lot (even using it – yay) I probably would have been tempted to start spelling it laundry-mat too. 😆 (Thank God for spell-check)

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