Things that make me smile


–     Coming out of the  train station and finding the manservant waiting to walk me home.

–    Finding the manservant at the station in shorts when it’s freezing!!!!   He thinks he’s in the Southern Hemisphere summer!

–    Pouring a glass of wine  as soon as I get my gloves off.   The coat and scarves can be shed after the first gulp!

–    Sitting down at the computer with my glass of wine and finding email from the Princess as she gets to work in Australia.

And a really big smile came from an email I got at work today.  A friend was describing some weird feeling she was having under one of her shoulder blades.  After doing some research online she sent a further email saying “It’s called formication – the explanation is under Wikipedia”

It’s amazing how the brain reads what it wants to see…..

For those of you wanting to learn more about my word of the day:


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  1. Aw, how nice to have the manservant waiting to walk you home! and showing off his legs for you, no less!
    lolz @ formication…sounds like one of those contest words where you add or change a letter to get a whole new meaning. like formication: the process of signing paperwork when you are… (doing something that requires a lot of forms and you end up getting screwed)

  2. Those would make me smile too! What a nice manservant you have. He even puts on shorts so you can have a good view of his gams.

    But that reminds me, I don’t have any wine left in the house. I must hurry to the store before it gets jammed with people doing their pre-dinner shopping, and I become so crabby no amount of wine will cheer me up.

    • The manservant has very muscular legs from all the walking he does – about 9 miles a day when he’s home and there’s no snow or ice on the ground – so they are pretty nice to look at 🙂 . I just don’t understand how he does not feel the cold though! I had a big splurge on wine in December – I’m down to my last 8 or 9 bottles now and that’s making me nervous! 🙂

  3. I would like to have a manservant waiting for me to walk me home. That sounds quite lovely and I am delighted that you have one who is ready, willing and able – and wears shorts. 🙂

  4. What a kind hubby ! … Men are so complicated … Difficult to say if he comes for you, or because he miss at home, or because your workplace is just on the road of his jogging course :)))) I’m sure he comes for you … to be sure you return directly at home ! .. now that your shoulder is repaired, you could have a walk here and there … :)))
    Have a nice day. It’s a pleasure to read you again.

  5. What a nice list of gratitude. It is nice to get home after a cold day, isn’t it? I just discovered cooking and drinking….how come no one told me about this before? LOL

  6. Ohh… wish I had a manservant waiting. But with no metro, it might be a futile wish (though I used to carpool with a guy who’s girlfriend forgot I was with him that day and we drove into the garage to find her swinging from the doorway. It was the moment I understood their May/Dec romance!).

    LOVE that you took your first gulp, not sip. I think that’s a common-theme for our former-voxy group!

  7. “Coming out of the train station and finding the manservant waiting to walk me home” is it dangerous in that part of the city.

    Thanks for sharing the word “formication” for I learned something.

    • Hi xmangerm – I live in what they call a “transitional” neighbourhood. The dynamics of the area are changing but there are still a lot of underlying social issues – gang activity; drugs etc – but not as bad as it was.

      I love learning new words – now I just have to find a situation where I can use “formication” 🙂

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