Photo-a-day-for-365-days Project: Shots 350-357


On Saturday we spoke to the manservant’s parents as it was not only Christmas Day but also his mother’s birthday.  During my turn talking his mother asked what I’d bought the manservant for Christmas and I said “Alcohol” ….      There was a moment’s silence before she said  “Oh,  did he get any clothes?”                Me:   “No”                                                                                                                                 Her:    “Well,  I really would’ve rather you’d bought clothes for him than alcohol!”      LOL .     Why would I buy him clothes when I could get him a        gift I can share!   


I’m very close to the end of this photo project now  – and my posting has nearly caught up with my shooting.

Shot  350:     The little church between the metro station and my office.  The sun was shining that early morning light on the block of apartments behind it.   If I had any software talent I’d photo-shop that out as it looks like a weird lookout.   

351  – Another of my sans-Manservant dinners.  These were simply called Vegetable rolls  – they were cold and served with a spicy dipping sauce.  They were divine!      

352   Getting close to Christmas.  Spied on one of my walks,  I love the simplicity and the colours and the little dollops of snow just to remind me that we were about to have a Northern Hemisphere Christmas.   

353  Yummy things come out of here…. 

354  Walking around the Columbia Heights neighborhood I came across this street of colourful row-houses.     

355  Icy footpath!   I know it’s blurry  but this is what happens when my neighbours don’t shovel their snow and it turns to ice.

356  –  A metro station billboard  –  I love this one.  It is currently showing in multiple metro stations.  

357  –  This was taken on the evening of December 23rd.   We visited some friends for dinner and when we came out to go home the moon was peeking through branches and everything looked really sinister.  My perception may have been affected by the wonderfully lethal champagne cocktails they served.    


46 responses

  1. I love the pics!
    The wreath on the door….so cozy and homey!
    I love colorful row houses, too!
    And all the good foods hinted at and pictured! Vegetable rolls! MMmmm!

    Lol at your in-laws. My mom had a picture of George W. Bush on her wall to try to goad “some of my democrat children”. My dad says she getting ornery in her old age.
    Luckily I could only smile to myself.

    • LOL @ your mother and the Bush picture! That’s funny. I bought a coffee Tequila liqueur for the manservant and it is so smooth it’s dangerously more-ish – as in I’ll just have a little more…… Our house is going to need painting 2011 so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at house colours around the area. Luckily with row houses you don’t have the expense of painting the sides!

  2. Ooooo, love the row houses. Did MIL get him some clothes? WTF was she asking whether you got him any? lol.

    Yay for almost being caught up on the photo quest – just in time to start next years!! 😛

    • My in-laws didn’t send any gifts at all – but she occasionally sends him clothes during the year. It is a little weird to me that a mother does that when the man is basically middle aged! I stopped giving my boys clothes when they were about 15…..

      It’s been a fun project and I’m surprised a bit at myself for sticking with it.

  3. You could wrap the manservant’s alcohol in a pair of boxer shorts next year. Make your MIL happy and you happy, too!

    The photos are great. I like spooky trees. And champagne cocktails. (at least I’m sure I would if I ever had them)

    • The champagne cocktails were sooo good – they were the sort of drink that doesn’t really seem alcoholic until you go to stand up! 🙂 That’s a good idea about wrapping the bottle in boxers – or using socks as sleeves…

  4. I used to get my husband clothes for Christmas because he had such awful tastes. He once wore a maroon shirt, tight white pants, and black patent-leather shoes to work: his co-workers called me at noon and said, “Don’t you ever let him out of the house looking like that! We’ve all had to bite our lips to keep from laughing every time he walks by!”

    The problem with that was that he thought he would be nice by reciprocating and buying me clothes. Those always got worn once, and then I would quietly sneak them over to Goodwill after a few months.

    The vegetable rolls look like Vietnamese spring rolls. And I love Central American “pupus.” Your photos always make me so hungry!

    • Oh! LOL – you really did make me laugh out loud with the description of the clothes your husband wore to work! I used to work with a guy, eons ago, who had similar taste in clothes. He certainly kept the office entertained. Then one day he commented on how much he liked a dress I was wearing! 5pm could not come quickly enough so I could get home and put that dress in a donation bag!

      The vegetable rolls were from my favourite Thai place – they were excellent. I should’ve mentioned on the Pupuseria photo that I have never tried any “American” food from there. It’s a shame that places feel they have to Americanize their food to make sales.

    • Also you have reminded me…my husband had 3 t shirts with the sleeves cut out (by him) in that way that shows all the underarm and then some. I threw them out. EW!

    • Yes, and I certainly don’t want the manservant to start giving me clothes! He learnt early on in our relationship that clothes don’t cut it as a gift. 🙂 I’m always happy with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

  5. LOL…..but you’re not his mother.

    Wow….it’s illegal to eat on the metro?? I wouldn’t want to eat anything I’d have to touch with my hands, but I think you’d be fairly hungry by the time you got out of work.

    Vegetable rolled little goodies!!

    • It is not allowed…I made the mistake of trying to eat a croissant on it once. And a helpful citizen informed me I could not (and she was narky about it).

      • LOL @ Geology woman …. I’d never say anything to anyone because I’d be a little scared of getting into an ugly situation but I have shot dirty looks at people eating really disgusting fatty, greasy stuff which is going to end up all over the seats. There are signs in each rail car about what is not allowed and I have seen other passengers point those out to offenders.

        • What a nightmare to be hauled in front of a judge hoping for bail all because you got caught eating a Twinkie on the Metro. Gaaaaah….I’m guessing people who get hauled away are more than just a little obnoxious.

          Greasy food all over the seats really is gross. So many people have to occupy those spaces throughout the day.

    • Yes it is illegal to eat or drink on, or within, our metro system. Over the 10 years that I’ve been here there have been stories of people arrested and led out in handcuffs!! (those sort make the news). But, I’ve seen plenty of people eating on my trains and never seen anyone official approach them. The “law” does mean that we probably have cleaner trains than some systems do.

  6. A co-worker got me a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of whiskey sour mix. I thought it was a fine gift.

    Did you toast the moon with your champagne cocktails – wishing her a fine holiday season? If not, perhaps that’s why she wore that sinister squint.

  7. What happy photos! I think I enjoyed your mother in law story most. LOL…you have one of those MILs. Never good enough for her boy! I am sorry for you, for that.
    I miss authentic Mexican food. When we get off the plane I say “I want Mexican!” and Masha says “I want Bojangles!”

    • Thank you re the happy photos. LOL – I knew what you meant about “enjoying” the MIL story. I’m pretty sure that she does not think I look after him at all – I’m good at laughing things off or making a joke out of them. Pizza for dinner tonight – from my favourite El Salvadorian place – they make the best pizzas around me.

      • I once dated a man whose mum said I should iron his bath towels. Om…I knew she and I would be enemies from that moment on as I met her glare with an equally evil one. Kerstin would love her. (not)

    • Thank you Kim – that last photo looks very different on my mac at home to what it looks like here at work on my PC. The branches are really noticeable and eerie on the mac screen but here on the PC they are not.

    • If I had more time to play with editing programs I’d chop things out like that glowing apartment then we could almost believe that church was in the middle of no-where. I’d also post photos of a very slim Emjay! 🙂

  8. The decorated doorway makes such a welcoming scene and I love the colors of the rowhouses. I’ve said it before, you find the most interesting sights on your neighborhood walks! Happy new year! — JG

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