Photo-a-day-for-365-days project: Shots 342 – 349


Back to work I went this morning – no extra time off for the wicked.  The wind was fearsome but at least there was no snow on the ground.   Yesterday the forecast for snow totals changed hourly but the manservant remained strong in his conviction that it would not snow because he is home!   And, of course he was right – he still has not used the shiny red snow shovel which I’ve worn in well. 

342   I bought this in China where it cost the equivalent of only a few American dollars.   It then cost about $20 here for a special adaptor to make it work properly as the power converter didn’t make it do what I witnessed it doing in that Chinese market!   We only get it out at Christmas time –  the thing revolves,  the lights twinkle & flash and it has Chinese singing.     It’s a wonderful conversation piece.

343   This service station is basically just a kiosk!  (The sun is just rising  in NW Washington DC and I liked the yellow light shining on the little building and on the school bus.) 

344   I love these old barber shops 

345  –    Bloody cold!   My shooting hand was frozen –  that’s why I jumped at the chance to buy some wrist warmers from Irony.  I should be able to pull one low over my hand in-between taking photos.

346   We rented a car and went for a drive in West Virginia.  It always sounded so far from Washington DC but the reality is that it is only 1.5 hours drive away!   This was a narrow road and the manservant would not stop while I took a shot  –  so it’s  a bit blurry….     but the striations in the clouds and the colour of the sunset were gorgeous.

347 –  I hope they have that top door nailed closed!    I love the house and the location is beautiful and sort of wild  – across from the river in Harper’s Ferry WV 

348  This was the day I went for my mammogram –  I got off the train at a station called Foggy Bottom.  I always  smirk when the drivers announce the station.  Are we ever too old for toilet humour?   Foggy Bottom sits on the Potomac river and probably got its name from a combination of fog and industrial smoke from the city gas works,  breweries and glass plants which were located in this area.    This shot is of Washington Circle and I think it’s considered to be the West End neighbourhood.  The shiny building  with the lower level white historical facade is the Embassy of Spain.  I’m not sure if the facade up the glass building is part of the original building or was added to the glass building to tie it all together as it was constructed.    

349  The first real sticking snow of the season fell while I was at work –  so it was a pretty walk through the park to the metro station on the way home.     


30 responses

  1. Nice!
    I LOVE mornings and evenings that leave that golden light across everything as they go by!
    Haha…you said “Foggy Bottom sits…” That made me laugh, too!
    Some very good pics!

    I’m glad Christmas is over so I can visit my blogfriends….(blogfiends?) again!

    • We were lucky – the storm wriggled around us. Officially, DC got about half an inch but it blew away in the brutal winds. LOL – yes he is going to Chile in a couple of weeks ……… I’m stocking up on salt.

  2. Been watching the news about the very cold snap you guys are having there on the east coast. The Queen’s folks should have arrived on the west coast yesterday. I don’t think they’ll be travelling anywhere on the east coast anytime in the next week or so. Stay warm!

    • Well, if they make it to the East Coast and need a meal (or a bed) let me know. It has been the coldest December for more than 10 years in DC and we’ve had horrendous cold winds which take the windchill factor down to uncomfortable levels for this Aussie girl!

  3. The first photo made me laugh: it’s supposed to be a picture of Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy and of children, or women who want to have children, depending on who you ask. I’ll bet it was made to be displayed in a restaurant—Chinese restaurants typically have the image or statue of a patron god overlooking the door or cash register, in the hopes that the god will ensure financial success. But in East Asia no one thinks there’s any incongruity in having traditional deities displayed like a beer sign. 😀

    (Btw, I used to have a hideous music box from Hong Kong, given to me by an uncle with absolutely no taste. It had on top the figurine of a man pulling a woman in a rickshaw, and when you wound it up, it would play a Chinese pop song while pink and blue lights would flash and the wheels of the rickshaw went around and around. Whenever I played it however, conversations would stop dead while people gawked at it. It was a relief when it broke several years ago. My kids discovered it and played it over and over again, almost driving me mad.)

    • My mom bought this super tacky Nativity Scene at a Cracker Barrel. I must add here that I am constantly buying cute and tacky stuff, too, so I’m not knocking her (too much), but this thing would win prizes. It plays “Silent Night” but like on an extra slow setting so it sounds like the devil is singing slowly in the pits of hell.
      Ashlee and I get laughing hysterically everytime it gets played. (which is only when Ashlee turns it on!)

      • LOL! Have you ever listened to Patton Oswalt’s story about playing Alvin and the Chipmunks on the slowest speed of his turntable?

        I’m not immune to tacky Christmas stuff either, but your mom’s Nativity scene probably would have made me hysterical too.

    • I love me some kitsch! We have a couple of other things of questionable taste also which we occasionally pull out for entertainment. 🙂 I loved this thing when I saw it. The man selling it could not speak English and I don’t speak any Mandarin or Cantonese but he had a calculator and he put the yuan amount on the screen and then passed it to me to put the yuan I’d pay. LOL @ it being symbolic of women wanting children – that would have truly been a miracle as I was past child bearing years when I got it! Perhaps the merchant was getting a good laugh out of that! 🙂

      And, LOL but I quite like the sound of your rickshaw music box!

    • LOL – we have a picture of Jesus and a lamb that has red flashing lights outlining their bodies and the last flash is an almost demonic flash in the lamb’s eye! We only bring it out at Christmas and Easter….

  4. I love the Chinese thingie, that is hilarious.
    I was thinking about you and your shiny red shovel this morning because yesterday I remembered that my plastic green one started cracking last year and I never remembered to look for another this fall.
    I also love that morning light in the gas station photo, and the barber shop sign is funny! I love that all that old stuff survives in some places.
    When my English friend came over here in 1990, we went to DC for the day and I have a photo of her sticking her butt out in front of a Foggy Bottom sign. Because we, of course, always love the toilet humor too. I’ll have to see if I can find that when I get back home.
    The house is really cool, it looks like someone just ran off with the side porch or whatever was there.

    • When the manservant went off to Hawaii a few weeks ago we got our first snow – only 2-3″ but still had to be shoveled – when I got the shovel out of the shed I was pleased to see that my shiny red shovel is still really shiny and really red! 🙂 I hope you get a new shovel before you need it – cause those are the days the shops are sold out!
      There are a zillion barber shops around me – and they always seem to be busy.
      LOL @ your friend and the Foggy Bottom sign! That’s really funny.
      Ha yes, it does look like something just ripped the side off that house.

  5. I love the shot pretty and interesting-love the colours. 343: I love the sun in this short-now me is warm 🙂 …Sigh-we have no sun here since many days. The old barber shop is interesting-I can see a little bit inside. And I like the colourful wrist warmes from Irony-she has talent for this things. The house in shot 345 is coll, but better in green 😉 Thank you for sharing some shots from your 365 days project-all the time I love this project with the interesting and nice shots.

    • There was some sun here today but the wind was soooooo cold you couldn’t enjoy the sun. It’s going to be in the 50’s on Friday though (above 10 celsius) – I’m looking forward to that! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to getting the wrist warmers from Irony – she has mailed them so they are somewhere close I hope. I am really glad that you’ve enjoyed this project Kerstin – maybe I will do it again next year but not worry so much about missing a day!

  6. Fun piccies. Yes, Foggy Bottom. Snork! I need to take Masha to DC and see the museums. I shall let you know when we go – we can meet up for a pint!

  7. Your Chinese conversation piece is delightful!!

    What’s so bright green in the photo with the ice cycles? It looks like a fern, but bright green ferns don’t usually stay so bright green when it’s cold enough for ice cycles.

    It looks like the Harper’s Ferry home had another house attached to it, which has somehow escaped. Did you drive up into the mountains in West Virginia?

    The Spanish Embassy and the surrounding buildings are so interesting. There’s even a castle-like structure.

    • I *think* it’s just some tough grass that’s green – it was a cliff face and I used my zoom – it was across from the Potomac River which had shards of ice on its surface. We did not drive up into the mountains as it snowed the first day we were there and the 3rd day there was some freezing rain – not really conducive to driving little rental cars uphill in – but we did walk along some of the Appalachian Trail – we are going to go back when the weather is warmer! There are a few row houses around me with that similar castle like architecture – there are so many different styles of homes here.

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