It’s been a day of fun and gluttony.  The manservant cooked bacon & eggs for our breakfast and then we attacked things that had been left under the Christmas tree.

We invited the girl  (she’s probably 30 – LOL) from next door in for lunch and also the elderly man from across the street –  he said that he was “expecting company”  and did not join us.    I really hope his company turned up otherwise he’d have had the day on his own.

The girl from next door was late – how can you be late when front doors adjoin each other?    She arrived laden with alcohol though so all was forgiven.

I made sugar coated pecans (using brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger) which we ate warm from the oven with pre-feast drinks.

The feast consisted of a turkey breast, stuffing, an itty bitty boneless ham and a baked Brie.  I whipped up a cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries (thank you Kim) but then asked the manservant “Does this get served hot or cold?”  LOL.

Sides were garlic mashed potatoes (manservant’s favourite way to serve potatoes),  Bourbon sweet potatoes (from today, now my favourite veggie!), Green beans poached in orange juice and served with orange rind and toasted almond slivers.

For sweets I made my mother’s Marsala Cake for which I bought Aussie biscuits (cookies)  and had to send a car-owning friend out looking for a bottle of Marsala!   The “cake” is layers of alcohol dunked biscuits,  apricot jam, whipped cream and grated chocolate with the last layer of biscuits dunked in strong black coffee.  It’s then topped with cream and grated chocolate and I served it garnished liberally with raspberries (which strangely were the cheapest, most reasonably priced berries at the market this week!).

We have enough leftovers to hunker down for a few days and to make up a “goody bag”  for the elderly man across the street.    The weatherman is forecasting 5″ of snow tomorrow …….


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  1. Your mom’s marsala cake sounds like the trifle this wonderful old woman from our old church in Minnesota used to bake. She soaked her ladyfingers in sherry however: the cake was so full of alcohol, her adult grandson grumbled that it was “threatening his sobriety.” (He was an alumnus of AA.) Regardless, it was delicious, and I miss her and her cake very much. She died 10 years ago and left me a copy of her trifle recipe, which unfortunately, I have never made.

    It was sweet of you to share your Christmas feast with others. I’m glad you had a “stuffed” day!

    • Trifles used to be very popular – probably more so in my mother’s time. They are a great way to get rid of stale cakes. It’s basically a layer of alcohol soaked cake, custard and jelly (what you call jello), you can throw crushed nuts in too or coconut. It’s a great party sweet as you can make a huge tray of it pretty cheaply. We had left over “cake” today and it was still really, really good! 🙂 The girl next door does not have any family close and she was thrilled to be asked in; she was telling us how she’d told her mother that we’d invited her and how her mother then felt much better about her being “on her own” at Christmas.

  2. Sounds good except Bourbon sweet patatoes 🙂 A little bit angry about the lateness from the girl next door..LOL but she brought good things. Ive never here about Marsala Cake but sounds good. We have also enough leftovers, but no elderly man avcross the street for a “good bag” – I like the word “good bag”. What a wonderful meeting-you are so good to the peoples-that is wonderful Emjay!

    • The sweet potatoes were really good Kerstin – don’t you like the sweet potatoes or the Bourbon? I made a potato and spinach (silverbeet) casserole today and used up the left over ham in that. Back to yogurt for lunch tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Everything sounds wonderful! I’ve never had bourbon sweet potatoes, but it sounds interesting. When I was younger I would occasionally have a baked sweet potato for dinner (nothing else!). The bourbon might have made that a little more interesting. 🙂

    • That’s funny – I often have a sweet potato for my dinner now! I stick one in the microwave for about 8 minutes and then cut it down the middle and sprinkle with parmesan cheese or sometimes goats’ cheese. I don’t like bourbon on it’s own but it worked well mixed with brown sugar, lemon juice and sweet potatoes.

  4. Wow, lots and lots of good foodz!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. We had way too much food here even though we went some home with step daughter and her husband. The other folks either declined or were off to yet another dinner. We had a very enjoyable day seeing all but one of our offspring.

    • I’m so glad that most of your family got together – it must have been lovely. I’m sure your step daughter and her husband really appreciated having some take-away food. I go to friends every year for Thanksgiving and I love that they send me home with enough food for a couple more days! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas Emjay, and I am impressed that after all the liquid, sweet potato, and cake alcohol there is not a trace of slurred blogging the day after.

    Nice gesture giving a parcel of Christmas goodwill to the guy across the street.

    One of our normal party of six couldn’t attend our neighbourhood gathering either…..we had a little cyclone and in excess of 12 inches of rain Xmas eve…..washed his hydro-electricity unit down into the gorge and he was trying to retrieve some of it.
    I’ve gotta go out today and see if I can find my pump engine. You gotta love living in the bush. 🙂

    • Oh GOF I’m glad that you have not floated away – and hope you found your pump engine! The children of one of my friends was unable to go to their father’s for Christmas as he lives somewhere in Queensland where he can not get in or out at the moment. There was a lot of alcohol! Today has been a totally dry day – I have to go to work tomorrow. 🙂

    • I have two elderly people across the street from me; the man on his own and Miss Elise, next door to him, who lives with a couple of young family members – they are both always so appreciative of food things we give them. Pasta is good – there are lots of ways it can be dolled up.

    • As I put the brie into pastry I put some cranberries over the top and then baked – it really was good! I went with cold sauce yesterday but today I warmed it to go on leftovers – having now had both, I preferred it cold. Thank you for the recipe! (I used apricot jam in place of the marmalade).

  6. That’s sweet of you to invite your neighbors. Did you spend a lot of time looking out the window to see if the man’s guests ever showed up? That’s probably what I would’ve done…but I’m kind of petty.

    • You know I did actually look out the window occasionally, and asked the manservant if he’d noticed anyone arriving. Then today the manservant told me that he’d seen the old man out on the street and I immediately asked “did he mention if his company turned up?” ……

    • I did wonder if he might’ve been shy or embarrassed about accepting. He’s always happily accepted items we’ve given him but that’s sort of different to actually “coming in”. Of course he might’ve just been really worried about my cooking 🙂

  7. I assume you got some of that snow blast they showed on the news over here. Masha said “Europe had it last week! It’s the US’ turn!” That cake sounds amazing. Like an improved and more decadent tiramisu. Do take a photo and post it.

    • Yes, it was like a really divine tiramisu. I was so busy in the kitchen that I didn’t take photos of anything at all 😦 – . I promised a couple of people at work some leftover cake but didn’t have any left to take them – I’ve told them that I will make another one as soon as I get around to ordering some more NICE biscuits (a silly name for biscuits really) and then I’ll take photos.

      The snowstorm sort of wriggled around us – they got snow to the south and snow to the north and barely half an inch here which blew away in really strong winds. The winds have not let up and sitting here now on ground level (1st floor) it sounds as though they are trying to rip the skylights off upstairs!

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