Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


Wishing everyone all the pleasures of this Christmas & Holiday Season. Β  May it be filled with Warmth and Blessed by Peace.

Photo taken at the Old Soldier’s Home here in DC.



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  1. Merrry Christmas to You, my most interesting blog friend! I hope you and the manservent (and all your extended, beautiful children) have a wonderful and blessed New Year. Take care and stay warm.
    ((((((warm tight hugs)))))))
    Denise πŸ˜‰

  2. I just got your analog/paper Christmas card—thank you, oh Mysterious All-Seeing One. I hope you have a happy Christmas with lots of wine and chocolate and appropriate obeisance from the manservant (who is very, very lucky to have you).

    • LOL – I really should tell you the answer to that mysterious how does she know my name and where I live riddle …….. Analog/paper cards seem so out of fashion now but I love doing them and will continue to do them for as long as the USPS is in business. There was way too much wine today and one friend gave me way too much chocolate as a gift – is there really such a thing as too much of either!?!?!

  3. That would make an amazing Christmas card, Emjay. I love it. I like sparkly things (well, then again, so do my cats…..). A cheery Christmas to you as well and stay safe!

    • Funny you should say that about the card! It was one of my card designs this year – it looked good printed on super shiny paper. I hope you and J are back in good health and that you had a pleasant day today.

    • Thank you FD – it’s been so nice meeting you and following along through the old basement of Discontent, studying and your teaching adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing you through 2011…….. and beyond!

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