What is this thing & What does it want in my house?


Is this one of those creatures where, if you see one, there are thousands more hiding?

This thing was huge!!! (for a bug –  2″)   The family will be mourning him now though as he is quite dead…….



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  1. Actually, they’re known as the “Lucky Bug”, and if you find one in your house that is a sign that you will shortly come into immense wealth….

  2. What!!! Do you really think I’d lie to you, Emjay? Even though your chances of coming into immense wealth evaporated with the sad demise of said insect…

  3. AAAAHHHHHH!!! :S :S I would freak out. Or be very curious. The former would be more likely with this bug. I freaked out when I saw the picture! :S I would have killed it too. XD Hope that rumor of good luck is still true even if you kill it. 😛

    • I’ve just spent a lot of time looking at scary looking bugs on the internet – there are so many!! I haven’t killed a ladybird/bug since I heard as a child that it was good luck to have one land on you. 🙂

  4. Eeeeew, house centipede:


    I can’t stand them. My husband and I lived in a basement apartment when we were first married, and we had one living under the refrigerator. One night it came out as I was putting groceries away, and I dropped a six-pack of beer on it. When I showed my husband, he said, “That was my pet!” I thought he was absolutely barmy, but he liked bugs. Me, not so much.

    They’re predators and don’t like competition. They apparently will eat each other when desperate. So the likelihood of seeing swarms of centipedes is remote, though you might see more than one in the house. :-0

    • LOL @ your husband’s pet! My eldest son is like that – but then he keeps snakes and scorpions so I’m not surprised. Yes, I saw a photo of a house centipede eating another looking up details on them! It would’ve been a very fast chase.

  5. When we were on honeymoon there was a big big millipede in the bathroom. Masha put it outside. When it hit the ground it sounded like it weighed as much as a loaf of bread. That is how big it was. It was beautiful and blue but I draw the line at insects big as a shoe in my bathroom. They can go back outside.

    • LOL @ but I draw the line at insects big as a shoe in my bathroom. I would too! Yes I see now that I’ve looked up House Centipede that it might be a “handy” pest to have around the house – not knowing what it was (& whether a bite would be deadly) I just wanted to get rid of it first and then worry about what it was later.

    • It was sitting in the kitchen daring me to enter! 🙂 Now that I know they eat other more unpleasant bugs I don’t mind if there’s *one* living where I can’t see it and which only comes out at night.

  6. My guess was silver fish, tho I’ve never seen one, just heard them described.

    It’s not bad-assed enough to be one of our centipedes but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one (aneastern cousin).

    If so, beware cos the mofos are toxic on their 2 front leg/pincers & will sting (not exactly a sting but it’ll hurt like a wasp/ yellowjacket, which isn’t funny.

    • LOL – bad assed! Mofo! Very well put. I love silver fish, they are perhaps the oldest insect on the planet. As in evolutionarily. Damn, that’s a long word.

    • My first thought was silver fish too – although I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. I Googled silverfish images and could see that my bug was different – HG came up with the answer of house centipede and when I checked her link and found a few sites on my own I could see that’s what I had. I’ve had a few wasp stings – very, very nasty!

  7. I don’t care if they bring dozs of Red Roses and bundles of #100.00 bills. I squash those buggers! The reason they creep me out is because they run lightening FAST and I imagine that they will run up my leg before I can find a shoe to send them back to bug heaven. EEEKKKKkk (mine seem to like my cool, dark basement) ~~~~SHIVERING~~~

    • Having it run up a leg would totally freak me out. It was bad enough having it daring me to come into the kitchen! LOL. When I first came here someone told me about a squirrel running up their leg and that instilled an enormous fear of the creatures in me! 🙂

  8. I am sitting crosslegged now.
    I have seen my fair share of weird life forms, but this one takes the cake (figuratively speaking, i.e.)
    However, I wonder if they would be looking at us and thinking the same about us?

  9. Hi Aussieemjay! Drude was quite right (and the WikiPedia article was fascinating) in identifying the “bug” as a House Centipede. We see them, too, but don’t smash ’em… we “escort” them outside. They can sting so we don’t catch them bare-handed for the eviction process! If, while they’re visiting, they’re eating spiders and other little critters we don’t want in the house that’s fine by us (though we escort those “bugs” out if and when we discover them as well). — JG

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