Spousal Concern & photo a day photos 333 – 341


Last week we had a little snow event – 2″ – which after a few cycles of thawing and freezing led to some nasty black ice in my neighbourhood of slack shovellers.   I’d complained to the manservant, sojourning in Hawaii,  and he sent the following email after I’d advised him that I was  safely at home:

I am glad you avoided the ice hazards.  Be careful.  You are
not good at falling, and I don’t think practice will help.

He is so funny!  and he doesn’t get to shovel snow very often!

Photo # 333   My sons sent me Christmas presents from Amazon and they arrived on the same day.  We are an office without string or twine apparently so necessity had to be the mother of invention.  I  disconnected my printer & phone so I could get my boxes home the easiest way. 

334 The word “literature”  always makes me think of classic works so this made me laugh…. though I know they really meant “junk”   

335  My train station’s latest billboard.  I really hope there is something more exciting under the Christmas tree for me than duct tape!  

336 Church in downtown DC   – I love the decorative work and the door and the fact that there are still roses blooming!     

337 A huge gingerbread house in the window of a chocolate shop!   I resisted the urge to go in and buy something.

338  Emjay!!   You are standing way too close to the edge of the platform!  

339  There’ s that bloody tunnel again!    I think we must’ve hit a bump in the road here.  

340a A friend gave me some paper white bulbs in a lovely jar  – he told me that he adds a touch of whiskey to the water when he first starts them off; 

340b – they started blooming within a couple of days – they are very strongly perfumed. 

341 – walking home from the metro the  moon was perfectly positioned above these row houses.  I’m surprised the moon turned out so well given I was hand holding the camera.   


34 responses

  1. LOL at the manservant’s email. He probably wouldn’t approve of photo 338 and your temping your falling practice.

    That gingerbread house is cool. Andrew has been talking about wanting to make one but if we do I doubt it’ll be that big or well constructed.

    • I suggested to the manservant that we make something gingerbread to take to friends’ place this week – he said “no-one actually likes gingerbread” LOL. If that’s the case I think I’m going to take cup cakes! (what we used to call “patty cakes” in Australia). I realized I was a bit too close to the edge of the platform as the train hurtled in – I’m normally well back off that “bubbly strip” (which is there so blind people feel a difference in texture apparently).

  2. I’m not very good at falling either. XD
    I love the church. :O What a beautiful picture! 😀 I notice the flowers, it was still warm enough for them? I keep seeing green grass here… It weirds me out when the snow melts for a day and the grass looks like spring. :/ LOL!
    I love the creative package. 😛 Did the cords survive? XD

    • LOL about looking like spring – we could only hope! The photo with the roses was taken near the end of November – I’m sure they are all dead now as we’ve had really cold weather. Thank goodness the cords did survive as I had to take them back to work and reconnect my printer and phone…. 🙂

  3. LOL about the duct tape and about your husband’s message about not practicing falling 😀

    You got huge packages. Aren’t you excited! I wonder what is in them!!

    Yes, the proper sign, using the word literature, makes for a good chuckle!

    • I am really excited about those packages. The manservant opened them and wrapped whatever was inside in Christmas paper – now they’re under the tree and I’m trying not to poke, prod or shake them! 🙂

    • LOL – well they weren’t on the wishlist by the time you got it because they’d been bought nice and early…. . Here is seems to be illegal to put paper in the mailbox unless it’s gone through the post office so they just put junk mail “near” the door – and that just means that it’s blowing around the street!

  4. I love Narcissus! After they’ve greyed, I bury the bulbs in the yard. Sometimes they come back nicely and others not so much. I’ve *never* heard of pushing them with whiskey but I prefer to imbibe it myself 🙂

    • I wondered whether these would bloom again if planted in the ground – most internet sites I found said “no” and my friend said he’s tried “forcing” them again but it hasn’t worked. It’s no stress to me to throw them in the garden and see what happens. LOL @ imbibing the whiskey!

  5. Great pics, I like the metro one especially.
    My mom used to get paperwhites and they were pretty but they stunk, I thought. We called them Pee-Pee whites.
    I have some mini-daffodils that are growing in a pot, I never put them in the ground after the spring and they started sprouting again in the fall, oh well, I hope I’ll have a little color this winter then.

    • LOL “Pee-Pee Whites!” I can’t stand the smell either, but my mother keeps bringing them into the house. Her sense of smell is gone so she doesn’t realize how strong they are, but even back when she liked paperwhites.

      I like amaryllis as an indoor bulb, but the last few years I forgot to keep them watered, so the poor little things shriveled up. This year I might try again, especially since the dollar store had them in boxes all ready to go.

    • LOL At pee-pee whites!! Yes they do smell “strong” – the manservant keeps saying that the house smells like an old lady! I wouldn’t want to upset the guy who gave me them though so I won’t mention that. I like our metro stations – they are cold in winter and hot in summer but all that cement is sort of attractive.

  6. How clever of you to use the cords to tie up your gifts. That is ingenious! When you mentioned literature in the sign, I immediately thought of a man standing infront handing out copies of Wuthering Heightsto those passing by. LOL. Beautiful pic of the row houses and the moon.

    • I couldn’t see any way of getting those boxes home without having a “handle” to carry them. I was quite annoyed to find that the office did not have string! I got a lot of strange looks carrying them with the cords and a couple of comments but it worked well and the cords made it back to the office to their intended purpose. LOL @ someone handing out copies of Wuthering Heights – that’s the sort of thing that popped into my head when I saw the sign.

  7. I have a *falling down story* that is hard to beat. After filling my cart at Wal-Mart I went out to my car. Loaded in the FRONT of the cart was 2 24pk cases of Diet Pepsi and 5-2 lt. bottles of pop, PLUS $125.00 of other assorted goods. I looked at the curb and thought I could *ease it down* off the curb. WRONG! Instead of moving forward the cart did a nose dive and then began to flip onto it’s side. Thinking I could correct the motion I tightened my grip and…….was thrown to the sidewalk on my side. It was if someone swepted my feet out from under me. I fell like a ton of bricks. Luckily my shoulder, hip and twisted wrist only hurt for a couple of days but my ego is still bruised and will probably never recover. LOL P.S. Luved the Moon over the row houses picture!

    • Oh Denise – you poor thing! I’m sorry but I did laugh as I read of your plight! I can see how easily that would happen and how quickly! You were lucky the trolley did not end up on top of you and that you did not break bones. I would probably be so embarrassed that I’d never go back to that store as I’d imagine people whispering “Oh, there’s that woman who fell like a ton of bricks……”
      Thank you re the photo – I think that one might be my favourite in this set.

  8. That manservant is a laugh riot.

    The flowers are exquisite. Who would have thought that they liked whiskey, but it makes sense. I think it probably helps to keep the bacteria down.

    What a hoot about dismanteling the printer and phone.

    Employees are free to solicit, distribute, and trespass to their heart’s content.

    • Oh – that makes sense about the whiskey killing bacteria. Perhaps I should be pouring whiskey into my vases of flowers when I have them. LOL – but I don’t think the manservant would appreciate his whiskey supply disappearing like that. I thought I was pretty clever coming up with those cords for my packages – I half expected to be stopped by our IT manager on my way out demanding to know what I was doing! 🙂 LOL those employees have carte blanche!

  9. I love paperwhites! I am going to remember that whisky thing. I am growing hyacinths in jars but I judged how fast they would grow in NC and om…not going to bloom in 3 days. Oops…much farther from the Equator.
    I was thinking along the same lines as the manservant. Was it not a year ago or so you had that awful fall and broke your arm? Do be careful. BUT – it could have happened to anyone. Husband who thinks he is the king of winter fell in a parking lot last weekend and bent his thumb backwards, bless.
    Are they still pushing that duck tape thing? Christ on a bike! Just need to watch some Fox news and think the world is coming to an end. Or QVC (snork)
    You are a creature of amazing willpower. I would NOT have been able to resist the choc shop.

    • I’ve never tried to grow bulbs inside but my mother has been very successful with hyacinths and freesias and even blue bells – but she has an incredible green thumb.

      Yep, that was me tripping over nothing and breaking bones! And two years ago I twisted my ankle, shredded two tendons, tore a ligament, needed surgery and had more than 4 months in casts with crutches!! LOL – at least my insides are all fit and healthy!

      I bought some of those spike things but they would only fit over my joggers not my winter weather boots (which are what I’d be wearing in snow and ice). I also wondered how I’d get them off when I got to the train station entrance …

  10. Not sure that is exactly sposal concern – more like a statement of fact! Do take care – you need a year without plaster!
    My wellies by the door. 300ml of rain forcast for us and the dams are already over 100% full!

    • I’ve been following the incredible rains you’ve been having. Friends still living in middle of nowhere country town have been filling sandbags! The Macquarie is running at the top of the levee!

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