Photo-a-day-for-365-days Project: Days 323 – 332


Shots from Days 323 – 332 ….  Will she catch up before the end of the year!   I should be writing Christmas cards instead of diddling around on the internet!

323 – this was our Japanese Maple at the height of its colour.   We then had a couple of horribly windy days which basically stripped the tree bare!  

324    But do they buy used churches?? I really like this old church building which adjoins an out-of- business pawn shop but which has very new looking razor wire on the roof!  (there’s one strand just visible on the right of this photo).

325  – the most photographed subject throughout this project  –  the tunnel on Rock Creek Parkway which runs under the National Zoo:       

326  –   the sky was gloriously beautiful this day – you’d never guess I had a coat and scarf on!   

327    Another of my metro station billboards –  this one popped up just before Thanksgiving.   I hope it is photo-shopped on his head! 

328  – This made me laugh.    We have a door bell at our front door which no one ever rings, (or if they do ring it, they wait one second and then start pounding on the door).   We obviously need a big sign like this saying PUSH.

329   Voting Rights for DC…    a poster in my neighbourhood:    

330  Colourful garden sculpture –  I love that it is tied to the fence by a chain around its neck!  

331   This is one of my favourite houses in my neighbourhood  – I love the quaintness of it, the various angles and the metal almost medi-evil style roof turret.  And, then there is the gorgeous garden!   

332  Whenever I walk past this place I get a little giggle out of the half street number.  On the weekends this place is packed so they must be doing something right! 


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  1. very cool! I always like your tunnel & metro station signs pics. and I love peeking around your neighborhood with you.
    I can’t stop myself from taking basically the same shot of the same “Empire Diner” sign next to a dead tree, over and over. different sky, camera phone, regular camera, new camera phone…certain things I see over and over and have to try to keep capturing it.

    • I was thinking about the metro signs today as I noticed a new one but people were standing all around it and I didn’t want to ask them to move for a photo – I was thinking that I might just continue recording the billboards – it might be fun to look at them in a few years’ time. It means I will have to make a folder on my computer and remember to put the shots in there so I can find them in 20 years time 🙂 I take a lot of photos of our alley too but some things along there just get more decrepit and look depressing – especially in winter when there is no “greenery”.

  2. You do always find great things to take pictures of Emjay. I love the one of the house too. Absolutely gorgeous. I really like that you wait and put up a weeks worth of photos at a time too instead of one each day. I think it makes it much more interesting.

    • Thank you Lady. I’d love to get a look inside that house. I think if I did this project another year I’d still post them in groups – there is more chance of everyone finding something they like in a collection.

  3. I love Japanese maples in the fall: they’re such little trees, but their color is incredibly intense. Not even sugar maples can compete with them for scarlet leaves. But they do lose those leaves quickly, so it’s good you caught it when you did.

    The turkey-headed man is creepy. I suppose some people would think the pun was funny, but to me it looks like something out of a David Cronenberg movie.

    • That office of Emergency Management really works hard on their billboards – I think I will continue to photograph them – it might make an interesting collection one day. LOL David Cronenberg aka King of Venereal Horror!

  4. You Japanese maple is gorgeous (that’s mine in my banner).

    Those 1/2 addresses have always cracked me up too. Why do they do that?? Are there only so many numbers available so they have to issue fractions??

    The sculpture is very striking…..but he looks so uncomfortable with the chain around his neck.

    KNOCK!!! LOL!!

    • I’m just back from visiting your banner. Your leaves were a gorgeous deeper colour than mine – and they have snow on them! I’ve always wondered if the fractions happened because someone made a mistake counting the whole numbers …..
      It’s sad that I live in an area where even big heavy stone things have to be chained up to stop people taking them.

    • I love the little garden with the fountain and sculpture – there’s a Japanese themed garden in the same street but the photo of it was crappy! I’ll have to go back some time – when I remember what street it was in LOL 🙂

    • Thank you homebody. I imagine sitting on the verandah of that little house, hidden from the street by the garden but watching the world go by. The KNOCK sign was really funny – I wonder if people ever think I’m casing their homes for a future breakin!

  5. What a fantastic idea, Emjay. Your photos are so interesting. I don’t think I could do something like this, as I don’t see nearly as much interesting stuff as you do everyday. I have just found another blog I want to check often. Betty x

  6. I love the red from the Japanese Maple. Shot 325 : is it a long tunnel? I like the light on the shot. 327:…..I remember me at a scene in a Mr. Bean film. and I´m very impressed from the garden sculpture-I like this things very much-in combination with the rocks and the water is it perfect. Thank you for this pictures and this wonderful project that is in same day over 😦 But I hope you make next year the same project… 🙂

    • Thank you Kerstin – I’m glad that you have enjoyed the project. Not too many days to go now… the tunnel does take a minute or so to drive through so not very long; LOL Mr. Bean was very funny. Yes that little garden is very pretty – a shame that the sculpture has to be chained up so no-one steals it though.

  7. The door knocker reminds me of our old home. It was so old that there were no door bells installed for the apartments. Which I found rather nice and calm. No random people could just ring at your door. Here is a lot of asking for donation going on – which has become pretty annoying. So people who wanted to come to us had to call from their cell phones. And if someone should knock on the door it was a neighbour and no one else. Perfect.

    • That would be nice not having anyone knocking or ringing at the door. We have a door bell but people either don’t know how to press it or are too impatient before they start bashing on the door. And they are usually trying to sell things!!

  8. I must say that the billboard picture grabbed my attention Emjay.
    Reminds me of an early episode of Mr Bean when he was supposed to be cooking a Christmas turkey, and somehow he managed to get his head stuck inside it’s rear end.
    I wonder why I find Mr Bean humor compelling??? 😉

    • LOL – I love Mr. Bean – those old episodes were terrific. I hope it was a prop turkey and not a real one – I might be a farm girl but the thought of having my head inside a turkey cavity turns my stomach a bit. 🙂

  9. Blimey, I had to laugh at a couple of things. And the half number made me think of the film, Being John Malkovich. I love that house too. What character it has! The maples are so pretty. Same thing happened over here…a very windy day and all leaves away.

    • I’d invited some people over to dinner and given them directions to our house which included “our house is on the right hand side and has a Japanese Maple in the front yard” . The day before they came all the leaves blew off LOL !! It was just a stick tree in the front yard!

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