319 is not missing anymore


The missing photo!    This is 319 in my photo-a-day-for-365-days project.  It was hiding in one of the many folders on my desktop.   I have a zillion icons on my desktop and it’s not always obvious how I find anything!

My local fish and chips shop called Fish in the ‘Hood.  The first time I asked for “chips”  they had no idea what I was talking about!   They do sell great crab cakes though.


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  1. Fish in the Hood! LOL! Fabulous!
    Our local Chinese also sells fish and chips. They have the best egg rolls I have ever tasted. Skinny and very crispy. I still miss the Thai place, though.

    • Chinese places proliferate in my area and sell a wide range of foods – I ordered the most disgusting burger I ever had from a Chinese place down the road! Our Thai place sell sushi which I think is better than their Thai.

  2. The only time I’ve gotten fish and chips like we make on the farm (by dad, whose 1st gen Irish-American, so prolly heavy on the UK-influence) was in Chester, Wales. It was FREAKISH cos it was exactly how my dad made them (both). I mean, there’s “like” and “exactly the same” ;p

    Normally, they’ve been battered up too much (fish) and the chips aren’t real-cut potatoes.

    • I really miss fish and chips sold near the beach in Australia. They used to wrap them in newspaper but now they wrap them in butcher’s paper – there is nothing that comes close to Aussie fish & chips near where I live. I keep trying to find a place though ’cause I’m no quitter! 🙂

  3. LOL! As I said earlier, the best fish and chips in our neighborhood is made by a Vietnamese restaurant. Batter-fried fish is also a feature of African American/Southern cuisine, and I used to see fish shops in my old neighborhood in St. Paul. But now you’ve made me hungry! I should pop into the fish and chips shop and buy a basket for lunch.

    • I wonder if you got a basket for lunch…… I had a craving for crab cakes when I posted the photo. Their fish and chips were sort of soggy so I only had them once. I had some “bake and shark” from a combination Jamaican & Ethiopian place last night – it was really good though I’ve never been to Trinidad to compare it to the “real” thing. (I’m also not sure if it was actually shark or some other fish).

      • Alas, not the day I posted that comment. Right after that my parents began fighting, so I had to make do with Cup o’Noodles while trying to get the little old nasties to stop bickering. (Dad still expects Mom to do things like write checks and address Christmas cards, but she gets so confused you might as well as a kindergartner to do the job.) I might try going out for a break on Friday while they’re at the senior center for the holiday party, and hope I don’t get an emergency call from the center about them throwing fists at each other, lol!

        The “bake and shark” from a Jamaican-Ethiopian restaurant sounds like a multicultural dish for sure! But the two cuisines are so different—Jamaican food tends to be grilled and spicy, Ethiopian tends to be stewed and well, different spicy—I can’t imagine what the combination would be like. Shark is kind of bony and rubbery though, so I wonder if it was the real deal.

    • The desktop of my computer is the messiest one you have ever seen! Occasionally I make a new folder and drag every thing into it – then I end up having New Folder 1; New Folder 2; New Folder 3 etc and I wonder why I can’t find a bloody thing! 🙂

      • Exactly….like we’re gonna deduct one comment per blog just because we can. That is decidedly stingy!!

        BTW….this happened on at least one more blog I was sure I’d left a comment and even SAW the comment after I posted it. Weird!!

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