Photo-of-the-day-for-365 days Project: 312 – 322


312 – Seafood Paella!   Oh this was so good.  Recently I posted a photo of the new Spanish Restaurant in my neighbourhood (called Top Spanish Cafe).   The manservant got  take away dinner from there one night and this was my choice though it would’ve been enough for both of us.

313 –  My back alley all lit up.  The fact that there is nearly half our table in this shot suggests I did  not venture far outside the door!

314 –  autumn in my street.  It amused me to see later that there is a person up the street in a red shirt taking photos of the trees!  

315 –   In June a lady who’d retired from work sent me a photo of chairs she was going to sell in a garage sale as she was going to downsize houses.  She thought I’d like them because of the purple.  Absolutely!  I said.   I did not actually get the 4 chairs until November –  then one day I was in the “Wellness Room”  at work and noticed that the chair in there has exactly the same fabric

316  –    Another shot of dinner without the Manservant!   This probably means I got to the end of this day and realised that I had not taken my photo of the day!   Steamed veggies – I’m sure I grated parmesan cheese over this before I ate it.

317 –   the busy road I have to cross every evening.  It can be scary because, even when there is a  “Walk”   sign,  turning drivers whizz around hapless pedestrians sometimes even beeping us!  I try to walk with other people but sometimes no-one else is around.

318 – As I turned into our street I noticed beautiful things in the sky and I loved the spot- lighting on our Japanese Maple

319 – Ooops!   I seem to be missing a shot of the day – I’m sure it’s around somewhere so when I find it I’ll post it.   Edited to add here it is!

320 – the back pathway from metro station to my office:

321-  A nativity scene up before Thanksgiving!   I actually took the photo because I liked the row of houses and was probably going to write something mean about those bright red ones!

322:   Now,  this is taking the Barber Stripes thing to a new high…..  


34 responses

  1. Yes, you need to start traveling with an entourage … or gang, which might be more appropriate considering your neighborhood.

    So … the chair at work is just like the chairs the woman offered to you? Hmmm … chairs been missing at work?

    And kudos for not just posting a photo and telling us it was #319, although we wouldn’t know one way or the other.

    • Now that it is dark so early I really don’t like walking from the metro much after my usual time. If the metro is delayed I walk much faster. The manservant meets me most nights when he’s home.

      You’ve reminded me I must look for that missing photo. There was a time near the start of this project when I totally forgot to take a photo and I used one from the day before or after and called it my “cheater’s shot” .

    • Thank you CBD. It’s nice to think that what I sometimes think is so mundane is interesting to someone else. 🙂 I love all your flower shots because I hardly have any flowers and I love your rural shots because they remind me of where I grew up.

  2. The bright red really does catch the eye. The blinds…OMGosh….the blinds!!

    Do you think the red-shirted tree stalker may have been taking a photo of you taking a photo of him supposably stalking trees??

    Crossing that intersection would scare me too.

    • LOL – that’d be funny if someone was taking a photo of me taking a photo – I bet they had a “real” camera though. The problem with the intersection is that they redid the footpaths and moved the “walk” lights away from the zebra lines so that if you walk in line with the lights you are not on the stripes and if you walk on the stripes you are not near the lights and I don’t think drivers can see the “walk” very well anymore so they think we are all dawdling across when we shouldn’t be… (I’m giving the drivers the benefit of the doubt here LOL – but I can see how it might be a problem). I’m just very aware of how hard it might be to see me especially now it is dark and I’m wearing dark coats.

    • LOL that’s funny about the banner changing as you typed. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me. It’s from a mural not far from where I live – my very old vox avatar of the blonde cartoon with a camera was from the same mural.

  3. The paella looks so good!
    The busy street crossing really does look worrisome. I sometimes read a DC transportation blog ( that keeps a tally of the pedestrian accidents in the city each week. I sure hope you are never one of them.

    • Oh I read greatergreaterwashington every day! I really enjoy it and they have some great historical items too (Then and Now type of thing). I was surprised at how many people are hit by cars in DC – it seems very high. And, I really hope that I’m never in those statistics – what an awful way for you to find out about my demise ……. 🙂

  4. Can I eat dinner with you? You always have the most marvelous photos of food on your blog. I on the other hand would never take photos of the food I eat at home. I’m usually trying to make do around my parents’ dinner of meat and rice, and it doesn’t always look very appetizing.

    • You can pop over for dinner any time you like HG – I would love to entertain you. The manservant likes meat as part of his meal – he tells people he is a “complete omnivore” but I think he’d be happy to have a plate sized steak with no veggies. I eat very little meat (including chicken) but I do like seafood.

    • I wondered if the Nativity scene had been left out from 2009 Christmas! 🙂 I do like the maroon coloured house way down the end – I think next year we will have to paint our exterior and I’m always looking for colour ideas.

  5. Is that the moon in the one with the Japanese maple? Wow if so. That crosswalk is scary. Looks (and sounds) like something in Italy. You could be a food photographer, you are very good at it. LOL with the fabric and the wellness room!

    • Yes that is the moon and a star (planet) and another star up a bit further- isn’t it cool! This was my favourite photo in this set. When I walked into our street I was wowed by the whole image and was surprised it turned out so well in the photo. Often things I see with my eye do not turn out the same in the photo. Even our houses look good in this shot (IMHO). 🙂

    • LOL – I just like more subtle colours. I’m leaning towards shades of green to paint our house next year but I think there’s going to be a battle with the manservant over the colour – I think I will win though LOL 🙂

    • We had seafood paella in Spain and yes, we noticed that it was pricey. This was less than $20 ($18 I think) and it really would have fed both of us (though the manservant might’ve needed some sweets afterwards 🙂 )

  6. I love your new banner/header-he looks funny and colourful. The Seafood Paella and the shot about the steamed veggies looks yummy and I think it is sometimes good withour the Manservant 😉 I´m very jealous about your autumn in your street-looks not to cold than here. And I like the red house of the barber shop…..and again lots of wonderful shots in your 365-project…..thank you for this shots and the idea for this project…

    • Thank you Kerstin – the banner is part of a photo that I took of a mural (you know I love murals!). It’s funny that it has a snowman in it! I love the foods that I eat when the manservant is away – though we eat nice things when he’s here too and he cooks some great things in the wok.

      • I know-the words about the manservant was a joke-but you know it….and yes I know you love murals and also I have at the moment (you know I´m a banner jumper:-)) a mural in my banner (LoL about so many “know” in one comment.) And sorry I can say nothing about your books in your last post….only “Wow so many books” 🙂 I´m happy that the f…ck monday morning for me is away.

  7. Oh my, that paella looks delicious. I love the colors in it. Those row houses are pretty neat. I know what you mean about trying to cross the street in a city. When I lived in Boston it was the same way. More great pics, Emjay! 🙂

    • Thank you monsoon. I hate crossing this road when it’s icy because I imagine falling down and one of these whizzing cars just running over me as I slip under their wheel. (gruesome thought! LOL). The paella was really good – we must get something else from that restaurant soon as I really want them to succeed.

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