Not ready!


I am just not ready for it to be this cold so early in the winter!!

And the house seems to be so draughty!     Any suggestions where to find snazzy looking door snakes?  (which is probably not what they are called here).   They are things to keep draughts from coming in under the door but the ones I’ve seen are pretty boring basic colours.



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  1. Heh, I know what you mean, not sure what they are called, draught dodgers? Maybe I just made that up! Anyway, my whatever you call it, doorjamb at the front door, the metal strip on the floor is all dented in and I get a big draught there, I just roll up an old terrycloth tablecloth (had to search for that word for a few seconds, geeeeez) and put that in front of it. also serves as a break in deterrent, haha! maybe I should go lock that window downstairs…

    • You are right in what they are called – thank you. Yeah I put towels along the doors last year but that’ s not so attractive when people come to visit. I hope you were joking about your window …. I don’t even leave the upstairs ones unlocked and I wish I could relax enough to do it so I could have the windows open during the night in spring and autumn! I’d never be able to sleep though.

  2. There was a woman whom I bought a rug from on Etsy: she also made door snakes, but it looks like her shop is temporarily closed. That said, there are plenty of artists who make them:

    Yikes, that link was long. Sorry about that.

    You could also come out and visit us in California. It’s not warm-warm out here, but we don’t have snow and ice on the ground: I’ve been walking around in a nylon raincoat and scarf all week. Or ask the manservant to draw a warm bath for you, with lots of bubbles!

    • Oooh – thank you for the link! I contacted this lady and I’ve ordered from her – she will make custom sizes and we have a non-standard sized back door. She had some lovely materials but I went with the Aztec design because I think that goes better with the other colours and materials in the house.

      • Awesome! Don’t forget, if she didn’t mention it already, that they come empty. You have to put your own filling in it. Since we have tons of rice in this house (ha, wonder why!) I used that to fill our door snakes. She also suggested beans or cedar chips, but rice is finer and denser. Now, if only I could get Dad to use ours….

  3. I’ve seen a cute one that looks like a snowman with extra long arms (can’t remember where I saw it, though…probably in some catalogue). Did you guys get any snow? The big storm missed us, but I’m sure our luck isn’t going to hold out for much longer!

  4. I have a big, very cold window above my bathtub. The bath water doesn’t stay hot for very long.

    If I had a very cute draught snake I would have a hard time putting it on the floor in front of the door. I do need some of those. It’s cold in here.

    • There’s a skylight in my bathroom and I have the same issue of heat escaping. I never seem to be able to get the shower hot enough. When I get the snake I’ve ordered I might put plastic down before putting it on the floor – LOL..! and I will be reminding the manservant not to move it with his shoes on! 🙂

  5. Do NOT come to visit me ……Our highs for the beginning of next week is only to be in the teens! Burrrrrrrr I guess we will all have to stay inside and make homemade chilli and vegtable soup. 😉

    • I’m turning more and more to Etsy – I bought one that HG above linked to. The only ones I’d seen in shops were in Home Depot and they were just solid colour materials and seemed to be filled with foam! – which wouldn’t stay in place on a windy day! 🙂

  6. Ebay is usually pretty good. I need to get one for our house because the current solution of stuffing an old towel behind the door is not only unsightly, it also makes it difficult for anyone to get in the house. Am mildly concerned that the dog may eat it though.

  7. I’m not ready for the cold and winter either and we already have some snow on the ground. We’re waiting for a one two storm punch tonight and again on Saturday or Sunday night. Is it spring yet? 😉

  8. I love the cold but I think you guys might be farther north and have “more” than we do in the Midwest. We’re blessed with weather that *typically* changes every 3-4 days, nothing ever stays quite “that way” too long.

    • I heard someone at work complaining today about how inconsistent the weather here is. Average one day; below average the next and then way above average. To me, cold is cold – I qualify it in terms of how many scarves I have to wear to keep warm. Today was a 3 scarf day!

  9. Bet if you do a Google search you will find them everywhere, but I would check out the ones on Etsy. I’m sure the Lillian Vernon catalog had some cute ones, but I think stores like L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer sell them, too.

    • I found some on Etsy and the lady was so helpful with the measurement I needed that I ordered from her. About 8 years ago I got a “fluffy” blanket from Lillian Vernon and it’s still the one I use when I’m lying on the couch – it still looks brand new!

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