Photo-of-the-day for 365 days: 302-311


302 – another example of the type of thing I eat when the manservant is not home.  It’s been awhile since I ate this but I think that is fetta cheese, some chives and chillies from the garden – and a bit of grated red onion. 

303 –   This is an Aboriginal painting called Bush Plums.   The artist is listed simply as Irene and there is a photo of her on the back.  The little authenticity note says that  Irene and her sisters used to pick bush plums in Nyirripi area – 450 km from Alice Springs. I bought this painting from a gallery in Sydney 7 or 8 years ago and until we bought this house it hung on the white wall of our rented apartment.   I was thrilled to find a house that had a purple dinning room wall on which to hang it  –  I tell people that we only bought the house so we had somewhere colour co-ordinated to hang the painting!   

304 –  I love my metro station billboards –  I’ve got quite a record of them now.  The one thing that does surprise me is how often they are changed.   

305 –  there was an after-hours function in my office and the Reception desk was the sign-in point.  This huge arrangement adorned my desk but the next morning I had to move it as I got a big attack of the sneezes!   

306 – When I first saw this billboard on my metro station I thought those were  colourful iPods!    

307 – This is a bookstore in my neighbourhood.  As well as selling books they have yoga, zumba and belly dancing classes; cooking classes and a book club.     I think I will have to investigate –  they never seem to be open when I’m coming home though.  

308  – Posters papering the windows of an empty store front:

309 –  I pulled all the skinny red chillies off the bush and dried them.  I put them out in the sun on a rack  – it took about 2 weeks to get to this stage: 

310 – the path home.   I’m always half expecting to trip on something along this section …….. 

311  –  Spider Kelly is a nightclub in Clarendon (VA) – obviously I was there way before opening time.  I loved all the reflections on this bright sunny morning:


33 responses

  1. I love the painting! Also, how cool is it that you have a purple dining room wall to hang it on?

    This makes me want to paint some of the walls in this house. I wonder if the landlord would allow it.

    • I absolutely love colour on walls and felt very “stifled” the 7 years we lived in the beige-walled apartment. The wall is more purple than the photo (where it looks a little pink) – every room in the house is bright except the manservant’s office (dull white) and the spare room which is probably eggshell. I’m planning to make an attack on the spare room next spring … 🙂

    • The best thing about when the manservant is away is not having to consider anyone else when it comes to dinner. I love being able to walk in the door from work and having 2 bowls of cereal with my glass of wine!

  2. The Sears appliances do look like colorful ipods. That can’t be a coincidence. I’m guessing the designers were inspired.

    The painting is beautiful!!

    Your dark walkway reminds me of a path I take to the car park at work. By the time I come out of the building it’s almost always dark and the path is very, very dark. Thankfully, it’s a realatively safe area, but it does get creepy when my car is the only one left on the lot. Gaaaaaah…..I’ve got to start getting things wrapped up enough to at least get out there before my car is the only one left.

    • Yeah I’d be really nervous going into an empty carpark LBeeeze. My footpath (sidewalk) is incredibly uneven so I imagine myself splattered on the cement, with a new broken bone, if I don’t concentrate. I saw the painting in a little gallery and then went back about 6 times before I finally bought it! LOL.

      • I have the same concern about the path to the car park. It’s asphalt and it’s cracked, potted, and uneven. I snagged my heel in a fat crack last week. It’s really an accident waiting to happen.

        I made my mind up that I’m going to get out of there while it’s still daylight. It’s getting way too cold to be wandering around in the dark in the howling wind…..and I don’t like hiking out to the only car on the parking lot. It’s just too creepy. I’ll have to go home and get back online to get more work done, but at least I’ll be safer. That heel-crabbing crack is just too mean.

  3. Wonderful photos ^.^ And nice painting, too!! Love that *Eat like a bear* billboard 😛 I think I am like that, sometimes >.< ssshhh~ Pretty flowers in yellow~*the iPods looks cute & i agree- colorful!!! I'll skip on the chillies @.@ Spider Kelly sounds like Spider lily 😛 But i love how each letter were placed!

  4. My online photography class says I should take my camera everywhere so I develop a photographer’s eye for good shots. You have that already—you can see it in the pictures you take of your walk to and from the metro.

    BTW, are your red chilies very hot? My older daughter’s MIL says that they actually vary in heat, and not all of them are fiery. I’ve only been able to find the very hot ones at our local grocery, however. I guess I’ll have to check the farmer’s market, if they’re still selling them, or the Indian market next time I visit the in-laws.

    • All the more reason to stay with a point & shoot if you have to cart it everywhere with you 🙂 We planted 25 different chili types in pots so they ranged in heat (spicyness) from mild to very hot. The more you eat the more your tolerance increases. We’ve had to become more aware when cooking for friends – we say “it’s not very hot” and find that our friends are struggling to breathe! The little old lady across the street cuts the ones I give her in half, sprinkles them with vinegar and eats them straight up!

      They are really easy to grow in pots and you probably have suitable weather year round – as long as you have some sun in your yard.

  5. LOL I see the Ipod confusion. At first glance I would have probably have had the same thought.
    I think it’s also great that Sears uses all these cool colours on their appliances. Not sure how I would feel about having them in a kitchen. But to brighten up the washing room – fantastic!

    • I think they are great too…. white goods are such boring (but expensive!) items so it’s nice to see some colourful ones. I remember having a green refrigerator once – don’t know what I thought of it at the time but now I think that’s sort of cool.

  6. The type of thing you eat when the manservant is not at home look very yummy 🙂 AND I´m very impressed about the Aboriginal paiting it is WOW! All the time of the project 365 I love your metro station billboards-they looks in different to ours in my country-our metro station billboards are boring-yours are so colourful, funny and full of ideas.

    • Thank you Kerstin. Yes, the metro billboards can be entertaining – I’m sort of surprised at how often they change. The manservant likes to eat a traditional type of dinner and I’m happy to eat bits and pieces – sometimes I will just have some cheese and crackers with my wine!

    • The wall is pinker in the photo than it is in real life – we have a couple of paintings which have purple in them and they really go well with the wall. It’s funny that it was so co-incidental.

  7. Pretty flowers but I got an allergy attack just looking at it! (ps did you know that researchers can make people sneeze just by showing them a plastic rose? Isn’t that sad?)

    Love that dish, feta and pasta w. olive oil is among my favs.

    • LOL @ the plastic rose research! I have some paper whites blooming at the moment which are tickling my nose – I keep moving them further and further from where I’m sitting – soon they’ll be outside LOL.

    • I love it too FD – I went back to the gallery about 6 times before I bought it. I really wanted it but was reluctant to spend the money (I think it was about $300) – over the years I’ve certainly had more than $300 worth of enjoyment from it!

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