My binge is over


My drinking binge is over!    The Princess and beau, Nick-the-Greek, are safely back in Australia after their trip to Thailand.   I’ve heard little except  “it was great”.. ..  no doubt all those little details that worry a mother will gradually leak out – probably from her brothers!

The photos I’ve been privy to are nice tame ones – no dangerous water activities, no drugs, no alcohol – in fact the only “drink”  I see in a photo is a bottle seemingly of water!   They both have amazingly blue eyes – though Nick’s are hidden:

This little cutie was interested in the Princess’s blonde streaked plait: 

Just looking cool:

Mmmm…. well at least they are still standing – it must have been early in the night of the all-night party.  

Within the last 12 months all three of my children have been to Thailand.  It must be time for mum to venture back   – I went in the early 1980’s and I don’t think there were Full Moon parties back then……



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  1. Amazing pictures!! Wow. Your daughter is gorgeous. I love the picture of her, in the sunglasses, with the chimp! Glad you can feel more at peace now 🙂

    • Yes, it was Koh Samui. I haven’t heard any details about their party but I already have a good idea of what went on from my son who went to one in July – scary what kids get up to – LOL I sound as though I was never a kid! 🙂

  2. I’m very glad that she made it home safely. I know exactly how much you worried, *I’ve been there and done that*, with my own daughter. 😉
    Your daughter is beautiful!

    • She’s not sure if she went to Chatuchak – she says she went to markets down a very small (short?) street and they were certainly hot! I think they crammed a lot of things into their 2 weeks.

  3. I feel your relief! Seriously, even though the likelihood of disaster is slim (unless your kids are into risky sports like volcano climbing or swimming with sharks), it’s always good to get that email saying, “We’re back….”

    Of course, my kids always tell me after the fact about their disasters. When I found out my younger daughter and a friend went spelunking in some cave by Mt. Saint Helens and broke their ridiculous plastic flashlight, all I could say was, “Your father must have been looking out for you that day.” Especially after she told me that her friend and her later saw a sign warning visitors that the cave was for expert spelunkers only.

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