Photo-a-Day-for-365 days-Project – Days 291-301


Yes, still behind in the posting but at least I’m into the 300’s now.  Barely!

291 –  A mural on a wall next to the carpark of a busy 711 –  anything but tranquil!  

292 –  the outlook from the front entrance to the manservant’s office block 

293a & 293b  –   Advertisements on a metro train – shouldn’t this campaign have run in summer?   Perhaps it was cheaper in Fall!  

Also serves as a self portrait of Emjay jiggling about in the reflection.  Goes to show how jerky my train ride can sometimes be!

294 –   Billboard on my metro station – a little more upmarket than the usual emergency preparedness ones:

295 –  Funny (quaint?) little garage and pumps surrounded by a huge condo building not far from my office.  I have never seen anyone pumping gas here.

296 – Another billboard on my metro station –  an unpleasant reminder to me that snow and ice is not far away . I have no desire to explore more snow than falls here in an average DC winter!

297 – Discovered this on the footpath one morning:

298 – Aren’t you supposed to drive around these?    We call these “Witches hats”  in Australia ……

299 – No scary costume??  What sort of Halloween party is that!! 

300 –  Halloween night!   This is our bowl of candy waiting for the Trick or Treaters:

301 – Yep that’s our Metro –  America‘s Subway !! In the centre is WMATA – Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority along with a relief of a train and a bus.    This is on the top of an exit tunnel at Metro Center.


22 responses

    • I can’t stand the taste of beer – people have tried enticing me with all different types, including the chocolate stout and the fruit beers, but they all have an undertaste that I find unpleasant.

      • I’m not a big fan of beer either, but I’ve got a 12 pack of Blue Moon in the kitchen and it tastes pretty good after the first bottle. I usually stop at the third one, though. Otherwise, I start kissing inanimate objects.

        The chocolate and fruit beers are the worst. Except for the ones made with apples. I think those are officially ciders, though.

  1. Really? There’s a law against smelling bad on the train? If they tried to apply that in Cali, you’d have all these people in jail for not using deodorant. 😀

    The North Face ad reminds me of those billboards and TV ads we’d see in Minnesota, urging us to go to Colorado to ski. I used to say, “Are you kidding? Using my vacation time to trudge through more snow?” But my husband would pay good money to fly to the slopes every winter. He said Minnesota snow was terrible for skiing. I couldn’t see the difference, but then I didn’t care much for skiing either.

    • The trains here in summer smell so rank – especially in the afternoons. Nastiness just wafts out as the door opens and puts me off stepping into a car….. but I do have to get home. I usually have perfume on my wrists and if the BO smell is overbearing I sort of hold my head in my hands so that I get a whiff of something nicer.

      Yeah, I am really not a winter sport person. I took one of my sons and his friend ski-ing on Mt Rose for a day. The only trudging I did was from the carpark to the chalet! I’ve never tried to snow ski myself.

  2. You always take the most interesting photos!!

    LOL at the smashed traffic cone. I bet the wheel belongs to a huge SUV. I don’t know why I find that so hilarious, but I do.

    I think the gas station is only for looks. A bit of quaitness among the condos.

    The manservant’s office block is so beautiful. How uplifting it must be to work in such a beautiful environment….at least the one outside the building.

    I should talk. The building where I work is on a campus that’s surrounded by a nature preserve. It’s absolutely beautiful, but somehow I let myself forget that. It’s especially beautiful in the spring and fall….I’m looking forward to spring. 😛

    • I saw the crushed Witches Hat on my way to work and was laughing out loud as I struggled to get my camera out of my bag. The whole thing gave me an attack of the giggles as a couple of passers by gave me a wide berth! 🙂 The manservant’s office is on a hill (grassy knoll) – when it snows all the kids around that neighbourbood come out to sled down the slope. I hear you about looking forward to spring – and we’re not even into winter proper yet! LOL.

    • I don’t like Reese’s – you can have mine 🙂 I love saying “witches hats” and getting confused looks! (and then pretending that I can’t remember they’re called cones here 🙂 )

  3. You have taken so many great pictures. Can you believe how far along you are in the challenge? I especially like the Sears ad on the wall, of the women. Very interesting. Also, the car parked on the orange cone, lol!

    • Yes, I’m nearly through the challenge – at first I had so much trouble remembering to take the photo every day; now it’s habit and the hardest part is getting around to posting them! 🙂 My aim is to catch up the photo with the day before the end of the year – my last shot will be taken on Jan 1st.

  4. I love all the shots….the mural looks interesting and peaceful. The front entrance to the manservant´s office looks nice with the tree, I see autumn no winter 🙂 I don´t like the snow shot 296 you know why….”I say NO to the snow” we have lots of snow here-I hate it, the snow and the coldness is nothing for me.

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