Photos of the day – Days 281 – 290


When the weather is nice (that means not too hot or not too cold)  I get off the metro at a stop further away from the one closest to the office.   It’s really nice to have a break between the crowd on the metro and the office.

281 – This is a Diner at Clarendon.  It’s crowded in the early morning and I can hear their music from across the street:

282   A Psychic and a Palm-reader in the same building  – I wonder if they knew demolition was on the cards:    

283 –  I liked the neon lights against the lightening sky this morning –  though the photo did not turn out like my eye was seeing it.    The name Hurt Cleaners makes me smile:   

284:   Yeah,  the  British are so well known for great pizzas!

285  I didn’t get to prune my roses at the same time as everyone else this year due to the difficulty of doing it with my broken, and then rehabing, shoulder.    I did it in October though and was rewarded with some extra blooms.   

286 –   We had a Chilean student visit who was a whiz at making really good Pisco Sours!   I’ve just noticed that she is using the astronomy glass from the last set of photos!

287 –  a coffee shop during the day; a club at night.    When I walk past early in the morning the brewing coffee smells wonderful.    

288 –  Billboard on my metro station –  coming up to Halloween:   

289a:   These notices make me laugh.   I like that the body does not have any hands…..   

Oh,  here’s a lone hand:


290 –  With two friends we tried a new restaurant in our neighbourhood  and we were the only people in there the entire evening!   The food was great and the owner was really nice  –  hopefully they attract more diners and survive.    


18 responses

  1. We will Hurt you in the pants and then Hurt you in the wallet.

    Lovely roses. How nice for you!! You don’t have to worry about pruning your roses in my neighborhood. The deer will do it for you.

    I love the smell of brewing coffee.

    • I see that goats are becoming very trendy in suburban areas for cleaning up a yard – and much easier to herd and tether than deer. 🙂 I hand wash all my clothes except suits and they go to a production line style cleaner ($1.85 per item) so I think the same thing as you about Hurt(ing) in the wallet.

  2. LOL! The worst pizza I ever had was at a place in London: tough, rubbery crust, bland sauce, hardly any cheese, and pepperoni that looked and tasted like it had been taken out of a mummy’s tomb, it was so old. I thought we should have taken it back and demanded a refund, but the native British students scarfed it down before I could say anything. The beer was warm, too. Worst. Friday night. EVER.

    I also hope the new restaurant gets more customers. A little cafe just opened in my parents’ neighborhood, and I never see anyone there. I finally went in and ordered coffee and a sandwich, and it was good! So I’m pushing everyone else in my family to try it. We have so few good restaurants in this area, you’d think the only place to eat around here is McDonald’s!

    And as always, I love your photos.

    • Oh LOL – I think the worst pizza I ever had was in London too! It’s funny in our types of neighbourhoods – people complain that there is nothing decent but when something nice opens up they don’t patronize it enough to keep them in business. This new restaurant is directly across the street from the liquor store and the strip club and when we were there a lot of patrons from those establishments staggered across the street to peer at us through the window. At one stage a policewoman took up station outside the entrance to discourage this. I can see how all that could be a little discouraging for others wanting a pleasant dining out experience.

  3. loL about the name “Hurt Cleaners” . I like the neon lights against the sky also, but better in summer:-) I love the colour from the house of the coffee shop and I can smell the coffee:-). The restaurant at the last shot looks very inviting. Thank you for the interesting and nice shots of your project: Photos of the day-I love this project and I´m nosy of the next one.

    • When I walk past that coffee shop early in the morning the brewing coffee is calling out my name! Emjay come in….. 🙂 If I did that I would be late to work – LOL. The food in the bottom restaurant is delicious – they have a combination of Tex Mex, Tapas and Spanish things like Paella on their menu.

    • It used to be called The Silver Diner which I think was a much cooler name – I’m not sure when or why they changed it to The Next Generation Diner. I ate in there about 7 years ago when someone I worked with chose it as the place they wanted to eat at for their birthday – I remember the portions were *huge*!

  4. I’m the kind of guy who works inside those fences with the funny electrical signs. LOL. I love going to new restaurants and trying new dishes. Sadly, not that many good ones around here.

    • Just as well there is “DANGER” on the signs because if I didn’t know what electricity was (or could do) I’m not sure I’d know what the symbols meant. Touch here for a body thrilling experience! 🙂 We had electric fences to keep cattle in and I remember touching one with a banana skin thinking it would protect me! I told my father that I “tingled out my toes” ! LOL.

  5. Very nice pictures with description. The dinner place looks so romantic and peacefully! Never had Pisco before, but one must try before say “no” 🙂 though I have heard is delicious. Beautiful rose! I’m glad you enjoyed your break.

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