Photo of the Day – Days 270-280


Holy Molly  – it’s the  327th day of the year.  (No I didn’t count my way through the calendar – I cheated on Google).     That means I am “only”  47 days behind in my posting of the photo a day shots ……

270 – when I was in Australia we had a birthday bash for my father’s 79th birthday – when they get older every birthday is worth celebrating.   We stayed in this place across the road from the Myall River.  My sister Jane (aka Cat) and her family also stayed here  – this is when I discovered that she came for the weekend with the same size suitcase that I took to Australia for a month!!    There was a very nice view from our balcony:-

271  –  I had lunch with a friend in Glebe (Sydney).  The houses are similar to some in DC but where we call them Row Houses they call them Terrace Houses in Sydney: –  

272 –   this made me laugh out loud – a postcard vending machine.  I’d never seen one before.  This was at Darling Harbour – someone was slacking in their job of keeping it full.

273  –  My last day out shopping in Sydney I went to the Queen Victoria Building  – I loved all the reflections in the mirrored escalators.  

274 –   I arrived back in DC late at night.   It was the next morning before I saw my garden – this is the first pot that greeted me.  Poor Abelia!   I was very fond of her.   (My Bay Laurel tree to the right obviously enjoyed the lack of attention though!)

275  –  My first morning heading back to the office – my feet were dragging and just didn’t want to get on that path! 

276 –  On my way to the metro – 6.30am in the morning – this was before Daylight Savings had finished.

277  – Getting a ride home from work – the zoo tunnel along Rock Creek Parkway.  I know I have taken a few of this same tunnel over the year  – I’m glad the project is a photo a day,  not a different subject every day!    I like this tunnel.

278 –   This guy was really enjoying his job.  Just like a little boy with a big, noisy, destructive toy.  

279 – A really fun female astronomer came for dinner and brought a little astronomy motif jar of bright flowers.

280 – Coincidentally,  the next day on one of our walks we came across an astronomy theme again –  on the window of a trash & treasure store:


35 responses

  1. Love the tunnel photo and the view from the balcony – what a pool! But my favorite is the astronomy flower vase. That is really cool. Would be a nice Xmas gift, I now must google it. Looks great with the yellow flowers.

    • The little vase is so vibrant and pretty. I think it might be a drinking glass if you’re having trouble finding it under “vase”. The pool looked almost inviting – I can barely swim so it would have to be incredibly hot to get me in one. I like the way it has sand on the side.

      • That is TOO funny – I have no good sense of scale so at first I thought the glass was so big I could wrap my arms around it. Now I realize it’s just the angle of the photo. I didn’t know it was a drinking glass. Beautiful – thanks for the info. 😀

    • You’re supposed to pack books in a small box because they’re so darn heavy, lol! The big boxes are supposed to be for linens, pillows, plush animals—light bulky stuff. I suppose if you’re having someone else move you, it doesn’t matter, but I learned the hard way when I tried to move a large box of books and the whole thing split apart from the weight. I ended up piling them into several garbage bags. The mover was disgusted with me and wouldn’t touch them.

    • They were postage-paid too which is handy – I wish I’d seen the machine before I bought my cards in a conventional store and then wasted more time lining up at a post office for stamps! Next year I’ll know better.

  2. Don’t tell Cat but, because I only ever remember that you are “related” and not the actual relation itself – and I don’t keep mental images of either of you, I tend to think you’re her daughter rather than her sister. lol.

  3. I’m toying with the idea of doing the Photo a day challenge, but I am just not sure I am up for it….it requires a bit of dedication…I always fear I would eventually be photographing my toes…

    • LOL – I’ve considered photographing my toes!!! Over the year there have been quite a few shots of my dinner because I’ve got to the end of the day without taking a shot and dinner looks the most interesting thing around at that moment. 🙂 I think it helps to not be too much of a perfectionist about the shot. If I spent time composing and worrying about light etc I think I would’ve given up half way through the year.

  4. I just looked at the calendar and realized there is only one page left on it. Where did the time go? I don’t even want to think of 2011.

    But poor plants! My younger daughter wanted some houseplants for her room, so I bought her several, an aloe, an areca palm, and a polka-dot plant. Then she took off for Scotland for two weeks, and when she came back only the aloe was thriving. The palm was half dead and the polka-dot plant was fried brown. She said her roommates had agreed to take care of them, but I don’t think anyone watered them while she was gone. I told her this is why she shouldn’t get a pet if she was going to travel. Better a dead plant than a critter!

    • I was very sad about the Abelia because she was an expensive plant and last winter I had brought her inside for the winter and was thrilled when she survived that and the move back out for spring & summer. I hoped that September would be cool and rainy enough for my outdoor pots to survive the month – I lost a couple but I was saddest about Abelia. We had friends coming in to deal with my indoor plants but when we go away we totally barricade the back up like a fortress and the friends couldn’t get out there to water (it was one thing I wouldn’t really expect them to do anyway as I have a *lot* of pots).
      LOL @ better a dead plant than a critter! Very true. I used to have fish which do pretty well on those slow release food things for a couple of weeks.

  5. Your poor plant! It looks so sad, I’m glad some of your pots survived. I’d laugh at a postcard vending machine too, that just seems odd! Great collection of photos!

      • You can jump into the scavenger hunt at any time if you’re interested! The items for this sunday are black and white, what I ate, historic, off centre and ‘the end’. You just write the blog then link up on when she puts her own up . There’s no obligation to do it every week and you get to ‘meet’ lots of great people.

  6. I love the Queen Victoria Building shot. So many different and cool layers.

    I’ve never seen a post card vending machine either. I’m still contemplating whether or not I think it’s cool or strange!

    • Yes I laughed out loud when I saw the vending machine – my daughter was embarrassed that I was paying it so much attention! 🙂 I love the multiple reflections of the woman in the skirt and the guy’s head. The QVB is a gorgeous old building – I have enough photos to do a post on it next year (when I’ve finished the 365-project!).

  7. The popular post cards must have been in the middle.

    Heehee……same tunnel, different day.

    I bet it would be loads of fun to drive a backhoe. OMGosh… many mischievious things to get into.

    • The backhoe was in the middle of a really busy road. We’d just walked across in front of the bucket there and the guy had given me a great big grin – I wanted to stand infront and take a photo but I would’ve been in that intersection and that would’ve been the end of the 365-project LOL.

      And, I took another photo of that tunnel this week! At least there is a different car infront of the one I’m in each time (or at least I hope so or it would be eerie!) 🙂

  8. I love this pool like Bettina…and the sun in this first shot with the pool…LOL about the postcard vending machine….I´d never seen one before also…I´m impressed about the reflections in the mirrored escalators-wow…what a good shot…and also the tunnel shot is cool…I like tunnels…to drive with my bike in this tunnels…the sound is good:-)

    • Thank you kerstin – I can imagine the wonderful sound of a Harley zooming through the tunnel! 🙂 Yes, you and Bettina would be baking in the sun near that little bit of sand and the pool while I’d be sitting over the side under a big umbrella! LOL.

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