Tangled nylons


I thought laundry wash bags were supposed to stop things from getting all tangled up!   It took me longer to unravel my pantyhose than it did for the machine to wash them.  


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  1. LOL….it looks like you put too many together. It might be a good idea to buy smaller laundry bags and put fewer in each bag.

    I find that laundry bags are also wonderful for spotlighting clothing items that are not supposed to go in the dryer!

  2. I second Jane: my bras not only get hooked inside of the netting, but they often end up all tied together like your nylons. I use lingerie bags just for my more expensive silky knickers, the ones with the “hand wash, line dry only” tags on them, and those irritating cotton sweaters that take forever to dry if you wash them by hand in the basin and dry them on some bath towel stretched out on the hood of my car. (Well, that’s how I do the “dry flat.”)

    I do have these little bags are supposed to be just for stockings and tights, but you can put only two pairs in at a time. I guess that’s to prevent the pantyhose monster from coming alive.

    • LOL @ drying on the hood of your car! That’s pretty clever. I put mine on towels on the spare bed as it’s the only big enough flat space I have. I put some things out on the table on our deck once and then found a squirrel trying to eat one! I have a couple of cotton and silk mix sweaters that take days and days to dry and I once washed something that started to smell before it dried!!

    • I’m old-school-old-fashioned and this was the first summer that I didn’t wear pantyhose with skirt suits to work! It was so nice I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. LOL. I tend to wear more trousers in winter.

  3. How frustrating that must have been!! I use those bags for almost all the blouses I wear to work. I found that they stay looking nice so much longer, and like Feedom, I know that what ever’s in the bad doesn’t go in the dryer. I always hook my bras before I put them in the bag. Usually they stay hooked but sometime they do grab onto the bag.

    • I have a sort of cloth (not mesh) bag for my bras but it’s not big enough for the clump of hose I had to be washed. This mesh one came free with a dress I bought so it’s pretty big. I used to work with a woman who took *everything* to the dry cleaners – that included all her undies! Then someone else got to do any untangling 🙂

  4. They are just meant to keep your light weight items from being forcefully sucked into the machines pump and making for an expensive service call to unwrap them from around the faster moving twisty bits.

    • LOL – yes, over the years many things have been wrapped incredibly tightly around that spindle thing – or wrapped around and caught under! The only way to remove them is with a pair of scissors (before the husband sees) 🙂

    • LOL – I once put some nylons in with some pale coloured clothes and by the time I got back to them and untangled them the pale item had stripes from where the colour of the nylons had come out and dyed it!

  5. Those bags have never worked for me. I go “all balls” and wash everything in there and untangle the bras and tights when they’re done. I find they’re better than if put in a bag BUT I do hook the bras together…not leaving them open with those hooks ready to grab everything.

  6. I don’t do pantyhose. 🙂 Worked in a bank for years, so I’ve had enough of those torture devices to last a lifetime. I do like those knee-high jobs, though. I just throw them right in the washer loose and they’re fine!

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