This is why mothers drink…


I just got this email from my 23 year old son  –  keep in mind it is now Monday in Australia!

Some interesting news from Friday.. I went on a yachting regatta with work clients and somehow managed to get smacked in the throat by one of the ropes and launched overboard! I wasn’t drunk or anything, it was the beginning of the day more a case of wrong place at the wrong time.. I somehow managed to hold onto that same rope, ducked under the water, came back up and then hooked onto the side of the yacht to get back on board! The captain was quite surprised I managed to hold on and get back onboard! Was a bit shaken up but got on with the day.

The rope that hit me has the capacity to take 2 tonnes, so it has left a fairly nice burn across my neck.. Went to the hospital yesterday to get it checked out and they said its not infected, just a burn.. So just keep it open and clean, do not touch it..

Bad news is I had my iphone in my pocket.. Water damaged and not working so lucky I had insurance, it’s a $250 excess to get a new one! I also had my wallet with  cash and about $150 in bus tickets, plus the fact it was a brand new Oroton wallet my old boss bought me as a farewell.. But they somehow managed to stay in my pocket – and the bus tickets still work!

But the main thing is im alive, it could’ve been alot worse..

***  I feel sick all over again!!


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    • LOL – he was pretty nonchalant wasn’t he – as though this is something that happens often. As he says he just “got on with the day” 🙂 you are right he should’ve told me to pour a drink first!

  1. Well, he can always take the iPhone apart and dry off the inside. But as I tell my son, it’s much harder to repair a human being, or bring one back to life.

    I completely feel for you. Whenever I hear stories like that from my kids, usually long after the fact and told in a casual, nonchalant way, I want to run to the bathroom, lock the door and sob. Or grab a bottle of super-expensive Scotch and chug it down until I’m unconscious.

    • Isn’t it amazing how nonchalant they can be in the retelling and if the subject of why they’ve waited so long to mention it they reply along the lines of “I didn’t want to worry you” ….

      I’m sure I did things that worried my parents but I seem to remember more occasions where I decided it would be best never to tell them about something. I was considerate that way LOL 🙂

  2. LOL. I recognize this on so many levels. The writing of your son – would be the exact same way I would tell the story.
    I know how cruel it must be for a mother to read something like this, even though son is nothing but a good kid updating on his life. As in I am alive and fine.
    But that is basically the reason why I do not tell my mother if things happen I know will only worry her in hindsight for no good reason. 😆

    • LOL – you are right. Parents will worry no matter how old we, or they, get. There comes a time in life though where children and parents start keeping “secrets” from each other because they don’t want to worry each other. 🙂

  3. This quote from Google today seemed appropriate, Emjay.

    Few things are more satisfying than seeing your own children have teenagers of their own. – Doug Larson

  4. Trust me dear one, you are not alone. I go to the wine section in the grocery store first. Doesn’t matter if I forget anything else, but oh the wine, it most certainly can not be forgotten. I am so glad he was not seriously injured thought, but I bet he is already trying to replace that iphone. They are so connected to them (smile).

    • LOL – you are so right about them being connected to their gadgets! The first thing I do when I get home from work is pour a glass of wine – it takes the edge off! 🙂 I hope school is going well.

  5. I used to get after the fact stories like that from my mother and brother all the time when I was still living in California. It’s weird how the panic still sets in even though the incident happened days ago and everyone is fine…..

  6. He needs to adopt the GOF policy; that anything to do with water is to be avoided. Someone said it before me, but the definition of “swimming” is
    “staying alive in water”. I concur.

    Glad he is OK Emjay and I understand your worry.

  7. Oh, for heavens sakes, you are just now hearing about this? How do our offspring manage to live to adulthood? They must have many guardian angels that put in lot of overtime.

    I am glad he is OK but I am sure you were quite stunned to read about the incident. I am glad that his wallet stayed in his pocket, that his phone has insurance, and oh yes, that HE IS ALIVE!!!!

    • The manservant often comments that boys should be “put away” until they are about 25 for their own safety! I felt sick in the stomach when I first read it; then I read it a second and third time. I think my first words to him were “Jesus, you know how to scare me” ! My weekend could’ve been so very different – I might’ve been flying to Australia – I’m very glad I got to go to work today instead.

    • LOL….. my older son had a lot of close calls that I know about and probably many I will never hear of. This son recently had a holiday in Thailand and the messages I got were along the lines of “having a lovely time” – when I was home in September I saw photos and heard stories of that vacation that curled my hair!! 🙂

      • My mom used to say something along the order of she could just kill us. It was kind of funny on those occasions when we’d come really close to that ourselves and then she’d say it out of habit. Um, thanks mom, but I’m doing pretty well on my own. LOL

  8. Yes, but the bus tickets – they still work! I’m rather impressed, I must say, with this young fellow. If it were me they’d be fishing me out of the briny deep with sputters and spouts.

    • Goes to show those magnetic strip things on passes must be saltwater proof. 🙂 I can barely swim so I tend to stay away from water activities – but if I’d been on board I’d have been the only one in a life jacket LOL.

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