Just tell me….


You know those fabric loop things that skirts and trousers sometimes have so you can hang them on coat hangers?

Well, I went off to work today and not one single person mentioned that mine were hanging out of the waistband of my skirt like a tail  – ALL day!!

Are people really that unobservant or do they not want to mention something amiss incase it embarrasses you?  Or is this a new form of political correctness?

If I have lippy on my teeth,  snot hanging out my nose or bits of my clothing tailing me around,  please, I want to know!


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  1. “If I have lippy on my teeth, snot hanging out my nose or bits of my clothing tailing me around, please, I want to know!”

    Ok, all those. I wasn’t going to say anything…

    • I once walked across a huge restaurant with a serviette tucked into the front of my skirt and didn’t notice until I got in the toilet stall and was about to sit down. I can’t believe that no-one I was with mentioned it as it was stark white against a dark skirt – I’m sure they got a much bigger laugh by not telling me.

  2. Or your skirt tucked into your undies at the back. Always good to know that. I always cut those stupid looks off as soon as I buy something. They’re about three feet long.

    • I’ve never had my skirt stuck in my undies – I’m really conscious of making sure my skirts down before I leave the room – same thing with toilet paper stuck to shoes! Yeah, I don’t know why the loops have to be so long. I should cut them off but I don’t have enough skirt hangers.

  3. I think we just don’t want to get involved or create an embarrassing situation. Or, if you see someone’s fly zipped down, you might look like the meat-gazer if you inform them. Just noticed it, not really looking, or staring, honest… right…

    • LOL – the other day the manservant and I wore on the train together and I noticed a guy with his fly open – I said to the manservant “tell him” … and he said that it was better not to for the reason you suggest. If I know the guy I will tell him as if I am chiding one of my sons.

  4. See, I am one who will always tell people stuff like that. I have stopped ladies in the mall and said, “I’m sorry but the tag of your shirt is hanging out in the back, can I fix it for you?” I can’t believe people you work with every day let you walk around like that and didn’t say anything. That’s ridiculous. I think most people are really that unobservant and the ones who aren’t just don’t care enough to say anything. I’m so detail oriented and OCDish that it would have bothered me too bad to look at it all day.

    Maybe you should put out a memo tomorrow about it. lol

    • LOL re the memo! I was in a coffee shop with a friend once when I noticed a woman in a pair of jeans with the big cardboard things still on her back pockets. I started to laugh and probably wouldn’t have done anything but my friend went over and whispered in the ladies ear; the lady turned bright red and raced out of the place. If it hadn’t been brought to her attention she might have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee….

  5. Gosh….if I even have a little familiarity with the person I’d definitely offer a whisper. If I saw someone in the ladies room and didn’t know her, I’d tell her before she left. I’d really hope someone would do that for me.

    • Yes, I’m much better at telling people I know that they have things wrong like tags poking out; hems down; big stains…. 🙂 actually today as I was leaving the house the manservant said “oh, you’ve got chalk or something on your skirt” – I looked down and thought how annoying – no time to change it; no one will notice it anyway – and if they did I would say “oh, no, that must’ve happened on the train!” I guess I only want to be told when it’s convenient LOL.

  6. Hmm. I would if I was standing next to you and there was a discreet moment where I could hiss at you, “Your hanger loopy thing is showing.” I’ve found that strangers don’t always appreciate the concern, however. I once whispered to an old woman that she had toilet paper hanging from the waist of her elastic pants, and she got angry, as if I had put it there.

    I also once had a very unpleasant coworker who would point out those things to you loudly, as if to call the whole office’s attention to your foo-bah. “You got a GIANT wad of food stuck in your teeth! It’s really gross!” After a couple of those, I stopped talking to her, as did most of the other people in the department. Whatever she was thinking when she said those things, it wasn’t for our benefit. :-0

    • Yes, that’s the experience I’ve found with strangers too and you can never point out a flaw to a teenager because they are already on the defensive about their appearance. What a horrible co-worker you had – probably a very insecure person inside.

  7. Oh they see. But I think they feel more embarrassed telling you and with that letting you know that they have seen. I am one of these who will let you know. Because I want to know too. I don’t know how many times I have mentioned to my surroundings – if my make up is going South and I start looking like a raccoon – please tell. You think they do? Naw!

    • Yeah, it’s funny how friends don’t mention anything and you go to the bathroom and see yourself in the mirror – then you march back out to them and say “why didn’t you tell me?” and they always say “I didn’t notice!” LOL.

  8. Ech.

    When I met my new roommate (age 22, both of us then), that first day, I blew my nose (turning away) and when I turned back, she gagged. I threw my hand up to cover my face. “Is there a booger on my nose?”

    She didn’t speak, just nodded still turned away all pukey-faced.

    It happens. I can’t be the first person she ever saw with a booger on my nose after I’d blown it.

    • LOL that’s so funny about your room-mate. I grew up on a farm and went on to have two sons so I’m totally past being grossed out by things like that. I would’ve just said “you need another wipe at your nose” – it’s something I’ve said quite often over the years. The other day a guy was talking to me and as he spoke he kept wiping at his nose with his hand; I started to wonder if I had something dried poking out of a nostril and couldn’t help myself from swiping at my own nose.

    • It worries me a little bit about how a stranger will take me approaching them. Earlier this year I offered a tissue to a little boy on the train platform as his nose was dripping and he was wiping it on his shirt. The boy’s father got very terse with me. It is the polite and nice thing to do but sometimes it’s not accepted graciously.

      • Yes. You are right about that. In some cases though, it depends entirely upon one’s point of view or mood. I would hope someone would tell me and spare me even further embarrassment.

  9. I think its best to say something. Once I walked around with a flourescent 50% off sign on my butt. I saw people at the bank look at me and giggle but no one said a darn thing. My Mother noticed it later in the day. I think I just about died when I realized it was there!

    • Oh Monsoon, I’m sorry but I did laugh about your fluorescent sign! Isn’t it funny how when someone finally does tell you the first thing that pops into your mind is imaging many people must have seen it!

  10. If you were looking particularly handsome and Emjay-ish, I would have said nothing, out of jealousy. I’m a bad person.

    Years ago, at another job, I was walking out of the restroom with my skirt hiked up. The CEO of the company brought my attention to this mega-disaster in the making…I didn’t know that CEOs ever took notice of secretaries and their faux-pas.

    • LOL @ you being a bad person. If I particularly disliked a person I probably wouldn’t tell them; I would just feel smug about how silly they looked – I think that makes me a bad person too. That’s interesting about the CEO – I think the best CEOs I’ve worked for have been those that know names of the people in the office and little bit about them. The haughty CEO usually comes undone somewhere..

  11. I can’t speak for your coworkers, but I’ll tell people about that stuff even if they are strangers. Unless, of course, it’s someone I don’t like. Then I’ll let them go around looking stupid. I know it’s bad of me, but some days it’s the only fun I get. 8:-)

    • LOL – I feel the same way about letting people I don’t like look stupid and providing me with hours of fun. It’s akin to the teenage prank of putting a sticky note on their back saying “I’m stupid” – we don’t grow up very much do we! 🙂

  12. Oh dear! I’ve had that happen more than once. I think the people who are your friends (real, blunt, and relaible friends) will tell you.
    I wore new pants with it’s sticker still on it once. I didn’t even realize!! “And this is my pant size…”

  13. I don’t know why people don’t say anything. I do because I know that I would want someone to tell me! So sorry that happened to you. And yes, people probably are that non-observant!

  14. I’m one of those people who feel uncomfortable telling people something like that. It may be partly because I am not bothered by such details; as you may have noticed when we met, I’m pretty unkempt myself. 🙂 There are some things that I would consider embarrassing enough to alert someone (e.g., boogers or anything to do with actvities related to the toilet), but tags and slips and fabric loops don’t usually attract my attention.

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