Photo a day shots 257-263

And so the posting continues …..

257a – dinner one night at a Korean restaurant in Sydney – this was so good!

257b – Same day as the Korean dinner –  the nesting plovers on Macquarie University grounds.  For more than a week we monitored this couple as they waited for their brood to hatch.  We never saw how many eggs were in the nest and we left before they hatched. 


258a – Some of Sydney’s central business district (CBD) behind King Street wharf.  Taken while standing on the Pyrmont Bridge  at Darling Harbour.

258b –  looking back from Sydney CBD  to Pyrmont  across  Darling Harbour  – after walking across the old Pyrmont Bridge which used to carry cars but now only carries feet.

259a –  Some of Cudgegong Waters (Windamere Lake) – between Rylstone and Mudgee.

259b    this is coming down out of the Blue Mountains into Lithgow.  There used to be a sign here saying “No Standing”..   That used to make me laugh as I could not imagine anyone silly enough to park on the rough track aka a safety ramp –   I’m glad I never had to use it because my brakes failed!  (for safety’s sake, the manservant actually took this photo as I was driving).

260  The Anglo-Australian Telescope stretching up into the clouds – you can barely make out the white dome against the white clouds.

261  I spent a very pleasant sleepover at a friend’s place in one of these terrace houses which are what we call row houses here in DC.  Her house is very deep and has a really long but narrow backyard.  The bedrooms are upstairs and the bathroom is downstairs and the stair case is one of those itsy spiral things!   We drank heaps and into the wee hours so I’d be so dehydrated I didn’t need to get up and risk injuring myself during the night.

262   My daughter-in-law cooked me a baked dinner when I stayed with them.  I think that means she likes me as that is my favourite meal!

263     Across the street from my son’s – this made me laugh every time I looked at it.   I want better than standard food and I never decided if the hardware place next door meant to have “taps”  or “tubs” on their sign.


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  1. Mmm. Pork? How nice to share a favorite meal with family. I know what you mean about walking home – especially in the dark. Coffee does no good at all!

    The color in the first few photos, gorgeous. The Lithgow picture is peaceful….I am strangely drawn to mud and wetlands. You captured the charm of it nicely.

    • Thank you Purple. The Korean restaurant is a funny little place – you order at the counter and pay cash only and their tables and chairs are rickety but they have fabulous food. I meet an old friend at this same place every year I go back. My daughter in law was wonderful to cook this dinner – she works two jobs and long hours – and still whipped this up and invited my other son and daughter to dinner also. I think my son is very lucky!

  2. LOL! I’ve actually seen tourists parked on that very emergency ramp. At least they looked tourist-y. Gah .
    A lot of familiar territory in this entry. I used to eat at a Thai restaurant that’s very near (or was near) your son’s house, back in the days when I lived in Ermington.

    • That Thai restaurant might be the same one they eat from – on Church Street near Pennant Hills Road……. it was very good and always busy! LOL it’s possible “Safety Ramp” is a little ambiguous for tourists – perhaps they think it means it’s a nice safe place to pull of the road.

    • Thank you LBeeeze. The plovers were so dedicated to each other and protecting that nest. I was sorry that we left before the eggs hatched – I’ve never seen a baby plover – I wonder if they are born with the really long legs and then grow into them.

  3. There were a pair of nesting plovers about 10m from my car park at the school and I used to watch them each morning as I arrived. One day two little babies were wobbling around the lawn and then a day later they were all gone. I expect relocated as not good at a school. They were just nesting on open lawn.

    • Yeah these were also just on the lawn only a few steps off a cement path with people walking by all day and night. The poor male seemed to be perpetually squawking and flapping his wings at everyone walking past. I hope that someone re-located this family when the babies arrived too.

  4. I love your pictures! So glad you take pictures of food as well! I love the long legs of the Plover. What a great picture!! The first meal you showed us does look delicious. Mmmmmm. Looks like something my 16 year old would devour. Such a pretty picture of the harbor! I hope you get some of these pictures printed and into a photo album!

    • Thank you Freedom. I usually print off about 100 photos and put them into an album to take to the office. I’ve been so busy since I’ve been back that I haven’t got around to it yet and it won’t be long before it’s sort of too late to do. Darling Harbour is quite nice to walk around – there are some lovely restaurants there – a little pricey though! By comparison the Korean place is out in the ‘burbs and cheap! 🙂

  5. Was that soup the Korean version of won ton soup? Or were there noodles at the bottom of that bowl?

    It looks like you ate fabulously while you were out there, which I think is one good reason to travel. Though you probably won’t get roast beef like that in any restaurant. Kudos to your daughter-in-law!

    • I’m pretty sure there were noodles at the bottom – the bowl was huge and I couldn’t finish it all so the manservant had to finish it off. My daughter in law did a great job on the roast – it was cooked just perfectly – it was really tender! I miss roasts – I find meat here to be really expensive.

  6. Dinner at Koreans restaurant looks good and also the “262” it looks yummy…I like this kind of meal and the Angloe Austrilian Telescope shot looks very interesting..I´ve never seen this bevore in my life. Thanks for all the nice and interesting shot of Photo a day shots 257-263….I´m nosy of the next shots.

    • Thank you Kerstin – I’m glad you are enjoying the photo a day series. The telescope dome is huge and it’s funny how in this photo you can barely tell it apart from the fluffy white clouds! The roast beef was a special dinner my son’s wife cooked one night – it was really good 🙂

  7. They could always be selling a young (sheep) ram, as that’s the term for a young male sheep in his prime. ‘Tupping’ refers to sheep mating.

    Amazing what rubbish i know!

    • Thank you Monsoon. Even though I took so many photos in Australia there were still days when I only took one photo! When I went through my photos I found that a bit surprising actually – it seemed like I took hundreds every day.

  8. When I was a kid I had a friend who lived in a terrace house in Melbourne….at that time they were almost the slums of the city… they’ve been renovated and you need a small fortune to live there.

    The other pics of Sydney were also interesting…..not the views I commonly see.

    • Many years ago my ex-husband and I bought a duplex in St. Peters, Sydney – a working class area then. Within 3 years the value had more than doubled as it started to become trendy to live in inner city areas. As you say you need buckets of money now to buy there.

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