Who has my ideal handbag?


I need a handbag.  Some of you might call it a purse – but a purse to me is something small which only holds money, ID and credit card/s.

This handbag must have a strap/s long enough to go over my shoulder which is bulked up in winter clothes. I don’t want a cross-body bag.

It absolutely must have one outside pocket for my metro card. There is nothing more annoying when commuting to be stuck behind someone dithering around at the fare gate looking for their card – except maybe a person standing on the wrong side of the escalators!!

A zippered top would be good but not essential if it has a super-strong magnetic thingy.  But it has to be a firm-sided bag – those floppy bags which require two hands to do up the zipper are really frustrating – plus everything falls to the bottom and leads to scavenger hunts.

Inside:  The lining should be something wipe-able not cloth.

I want a zippered section down the middle to put my purse into (and my passport and ticket if I’m travelling).

It has to be big enough to fit my book to one side of that zippered section and on the other side my makeup bag (containing all sorts of just-in-case items like bandaids, nail clippers, lady things, eye drops, pepto bismal chewy tabs, headache pills…)

My camera has to fit in one of those sides too and my reading glasses case and if it’s sunny also my sunnies case!

Along one of those inside “walls”  I’d like a little clip to attach my key to so that I’m not panicking about being robbed while standing at my front door!

Actually I’d like two clips – one for work keys too – currently I could go past my starting time while searching for my bloody keys!

Then I’d like a little side zippered pocket for my spare camera battery and my mobile phone.

Oh, and there needs to be somewhere for my Tic-Tacs which now come in  jumbo size and my inhaler incase I find myself in a situation where I can’t breathe –  like panicking in the dark about where my front door key is!

Lastly I want little metal feet on the bottom.

These are the must-haves of my ideal handbag – any other features would be superfluous and not wanted.

So…..  does my bag exist out there somewhere?


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  1. Good luck. Is the perfect handbag like the Holy Grail? Right now I’m using a Butler Basics bag that I got through Avon. It’s got a sectioned bottom for organizing all your stuffs, plus you can slide larger items along the sides, too. The handles are large enough for me to swing it onto my shoulder with one hand (I like that).

  2. I would try TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, and if that doesn’t work, maybe Macy’s or a dept. store like that. Make sure to print this out as your checklist!

    and yeah, what kimkiminy said—it’s like the Holy Grail. Every time I get a bag I think is good, it annoys me for at least one or 5 reasons. Of course, it’s me, the disorganized clutterhound who is the problem!

    • LOL – that’s exactly what happens to me. I see one and think this is good and then after a couple of uses I find all the things I hate about it! It’s because I recently bought one that I thought would work and now doesn’t that I really thought about what I want in a bag and came up with the list. I went to Marshall’s near me recently – it’s such a mish-mash that it is hard to find anything in there except all the impulse things neatly laid out alongside the queue to the registers!

  3. Your perfect bag sounds like mine, and alas, I haven’t found it yet. I bought a large black leather bag for $12 at Ross, which is the West Coast version of TJ Maxx, but it doesn’t have enough pockets and the zippered opening isn’t big enough to squeeze a book in.

    I used to want a LeSportsac Deluxe everyday bag, but when I saw it at a department store, it looked too much like a diaper bag. It does have a lot of external and internal pockets, and it will hold a camera and a book. I also like the mod patterns and colors it comes in, but I suspect it adds to the diaper bag look (especially the pink plaid and cutesy flower pattern). You might want to check it out, though:

    • LOL – yes those LeSportsacs do look a bit mumsy for me! There are Ross stores here in the ‘burbs I think – or at least we have adverts for them on TV so they must be somewhere within viewing area. I have a Marshall’s within walking distance and a TJ Maxx on a train ride – but I haven’t found anything I like there. My guess is that if anyone makes something similar to my specs it would not be discounted quickly….. Yeah the bag has to carry a book so I can read on the train – I’ve seen guys carrying books but really I need my hands free to stop myself falling over things 🙂

  4. Wowowowowowow…..yours sounds so very similar to mine. I need an outside pockets for my work badge/key and another outside pocket for my mobile phone and car key. It has to be big enough for my wallet and makeup bag, which also holds my inhaler, with enough room to spare for whatever else I need to take along.

    Finding a just the right bag is an incredible feat. You know when you’ve found it. I’ve been using the same one for about a year and a half, but it’s still in great shape and it works so well.

    • Well, I hope my search does not take too much longer or I will be retired! LOL 🙂 I had a great one about 10 years ago but it got all raggedy and fell apart and I’ve basically been searching ever since.. What brand is your bag?

  5. I really like Nicole by Nicole Miller, and Genna DiRossi bags, I get them both through JCPenney here..

    here’s a link to some of what they have in stock now..

    here’s a picture of the current one i’m using it has 2 large compartments, a center zippered section, another inside zipperd part, two open pockets on each end, and one on the front, and another zippered compartment on the back. I also have it in pink. And they always come with nifty key chains!

    I currently have in it, my wallet, my coupon holder, camera, about 6 lip glosses, 3 pens and a sharpie, my inhaler and other lil medical supplies band aids eye wash etc.. my cell phone stays in it, gum, and always a place for my keys…

    • They have some nice colours! It sounds as though you have as much “stuff” in your bag as I have in mine. 🙂 I don’t know how guys just get away with pockets! I’d be nervous that I’d need something and wouldn’t have it!

  6. It’s the being able to wipe down the inside part that makes it difficult. It sounds like what you need is one of those awful bags that are made out of recycled poppa boxes. They have all those things but are hideously ugly and make loud crackling noises when you move.

  7. Your ‘ideal’ bag sounds similar to mine, and I have not found it either. I checked out both the bags that Kimkiminy and Hangaku Gozen mentioned and they come close to being right but for me they just still are not quite right.

    Good luck finding the bag that is just right for you.

  8. Currently I’m using a Radley Marsden bag which ticks a lot of your boxes but not all….The perfect handbag is well nigh impossible to find but I am impressed by how much stuff I can fit into my lovely Radley bag. And it smells of nice leather too. Maybe you could go into handbag design!

  9. Ah, the never ending search for something. You’re picky but also want something you’d want to be seen carrying around. Good luck with your quest!

    I don’t even use a handbag! But if I did I’d be picky about it. You can also try checking out zappos.com to see if there’s anything close there.

    • I can’t imagine doing without a handbag!! I’ve ordered bags online before and it hasn’t been very successful – they might look like they have all the features I want but when they arrive they are too small (or way too big).
      Yes, I’m very picky – maybe I’ll have to tone it down. 🙂

  10. well, if you ever find it, let me know. sounds like my ideal handbag. 🙂
    i’m with you on purses – they are small and meant to carry some id, money and one lipstick when heading out for a night where you want to carry light. but a handbag is a daily necessity.

  11. I think you can get a Dooney bag with these specs, but with all the specs, it will be a big big bag.

    I’m definitely not a bag person, I carry a cloth one to work day to day, but….now you have me thinking of what kind of stylish bag I might like!

    • Actually it doesn’t need to be that big – although I do have a lot of “stuff” most of it is small – the book and the makeup bag are the biggest and they are pretty much the same size (think paperback). Off I go to Google Dooney…..

    • LOL. A woman came into the office the other day with the smallest, cutest little bag ever and I said “my God, what do you fit in there?” and she said that was the point. Whenever she has a bigger bag she just fills it up! She did have her phone in her coat pocket and her money/ID etc was in a money clip. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable without all the stuff I cart around – it must be my adult version of the kid’s security blanket.

  12. To Ms. Pants’ list I would add Ross Dress For Less.

    Large handbags are popular now, but unfortunately these are chiefly the hand-hend ones, not the shoulder ones.

    I do have plenty of massive bags, but they have no pockets, so everything ends up in quite a jumble. Good luck in your mighty search!

  13. I have a handbag that almost fits your specs. It only took me about 13 years of living here to find it. However, it has a cloth lining.

    It’s not brand name, but made in Thailand. Next time I’m at MBK mall, I’ll take a look around and see if there is something without the cloth lining.

    • I think I’m going to have to drop the wipe-able lining from my wish list – I don’t put food in my bag so I’m not sure why I think I will have to wipe it out! 🙂 Let me know if you find anything at MBK…..

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