Photo-a-day photos – Days 249-256

The time between taking my photo for the photo-a-day-for-365 days project and posting it continues to lag behind.  My last photo is due to be taken January 1st and it would be nice to actually post it *on* the day!

So this group covers the dates:  September 4 – September 11

249  – Dulles International Airport – on my way home to Australia

250a:  somewhere over the Pacific Ocean – though there is more cloud and space than ocean in this photo!

250b –  Landing at Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith airport.  My camera did not realise it had crossed the international dateline and had lost a day – luckily I thought of it and had the space photo above to cover it.

251 –  For 5 or 6 years I lived in Neutral Bay (Sydney) and walked past this house every day to the bus stop.  It was my favourite house in the street  and I used to daydream that I’d live there one day.  It was nice to go back and find it still the prettiest house.  In all those years  I never saw anyone coming or going from the house!  .

252  –     one of the water features in the retirement village where my parents live.   My parents have a similar creek running along the back of their house  – my father sits in his room and watches through the window as purple birds play on the water.

253 –  The Karuah river at a town called Karuah – it’s not on the main trek north anymore since they built a Freeway which bypasses the town but it’s worth the small detour to get some fresh oysters.

254  –   spring shows on the weeping willow – on the grounds of Macquarie University in Sydney

255a  Dinner on a restaurant veranda in Darling Harbour with Sydney skyline in the background.  That heater was way too hot but I liked the way it looked with the water and city in the background.

255b –  earlier in the day .  Dee Why beach looking towards Long Reef.  You swim between the flags and if you get into difficulty hunky life-savers will run out and save you.   (They will save you if you get into difficulty outside the flags too but if you are outside the flags they stand on the beach blowing loud whistles and waving their arms at you to get back inside the flags). There were not many swimmers in the water – lots of guys in wetsuits on boards though waiting for the perfect wave (easier to see if you click to make the photo bigger).

256 –  The Sydney Harbour Bridge from the underside:

256b  Spoilsports – I’d gone there with the explicit intention of climbing! 🙂

256c – the legal, but very expensive, way to climb over the arch:


32 responses

  1. I love your last shot of the Harbour Bridge. It’s hard to get an idea of just how big it is in those postcard-panorama shots of it, especially if you’ve never seen it in the ‘flesh’ (I have, but long ago. I’m not a fan of Sydney.)

    • Thank you Kalita. There are areas of Sydney that are nicer than others… it took me awhile to warm up to it after coming from the country but then I lived there quite happily for about 20 years.

  2. I’ve always had mixed feelings about those outdoor heaters on decks and patios at restaurants. On the one hand, they’re nice when it is chilly out and you’re wearing a dress for an evening out; on the other, they can ruin the the view and the ambiance. I used to wonder what ever happened to bonfires or fireplaces, but I suppose you can’t have those on a wood deck.

    But lovely photos! We’ll have to take up a collection and send you back so you can take more pictures for us!

    • This heater was so incredibly hot that we asked the waiter to turn it off soon after I’d taken the photo – they are certainly not pretty when they are not lit! I like fireplaces in restaurants or coffee shops though I can never sit close to them as my face goes rosy red very quickly!

    • I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it even though you are safety clamped to a cable or something similar for the walk – can’t have anyone falling down onto the roadway and causing a car accident…. I have a friend who did it and he has a great photo that was taken at the top – it really did seem like he was king of the world up there.

    • Thank you irony. It’s been more than 20 years since I lived in that street so I was almost surprised to see that house still looking so lovely – in a lot of areas it might have been torn down to put up a block of apartments!

  3. I love your 365 days collection, evertime I´m nosy about the next shots. Cool shots-mostly the underside from the Sydney Harbour Bridge-you know I like bridges and this construction is very impressing. And LoL about the climbing.

    • Yeah, they’ve done some nice landscaping in the retirement village – it’s actually called a “lifestyle resort” but it’s only for over 55’s and has nurse aide on site etc so that makes it an oldies home to me. Residents have a lagoon area too where they sail remote controlled boats and just sit and chat.

    • When I was little we used to sometimes stay with a relative just outside an “exclusive” suburb – there was a *huge* mansion on the water there and I used to daydream that one day I’d marry a zillionaire who’d buy it for me! LOL – it was the ultimate princess fairytale!

  4. Wonderful pictures. I love the water and the thought of your father being able to watch the water and the birds out of his window. I like the house that you walked by and enjoyed. I wonder where the people are. The picture after that one, with the water, is just beautiful!

    • Thank you Freedom. My father sends me an email every day and as I read it I imagine him sitting in his room looking out the window while he thinks about what to write next. He was sad when the birds flew off to warmer weather in winter but now that it is spring they’ve come back and are nesting.

      I saw a girl walking a dog on our street the other afternoon and asked her where she lived (it was a cute little dog so I’d stopped to pat it) – it turned out she lived about 5 houses from us and has for a year! LOL – I’d never seen her before so perhaps our timing was never right for the people that lived in the pretty house.

  5. These are just gorgeous!!!

    Authorized climbing is permitted.

    I didn’t think of Australia as being a place where a creek flows behind your house. I imagine it to be very dry and desert like.

    • Thank you LBeeeze. My parents live in a hamlet surrounded by both a river and the Pacific Ocean – it’s a lovely location. You do not have to go many 100’s of miles from the coast though before it starts getting dry as you are imagining.

  6. As usual I am in awe of your pictures! I don’t care how late they are being published. I luv looking and learning from each and everyone. It is Spring in Austrailia! Amazing. I realllly could skip winter and not feel badly about it at all. Thank You for the pictures!! Denise 😉

  7. I’ve never seen a picture of Sydney Harbour Bridge’s bottom before now…’s almost more interesting than the upper level structure.

    The retirement village looks like a really beautiful place. I intensely disliked the idea of these places until I visited a really beautiful village on the outskirts of Townsville. When the time comes, I’ll happily go.

    • “.it’s almost more interesting than the upper level structure”. I totally agree GOF – all that steel and all those rivets are very impressive.

      I am glad that my parents took the decision making re their elderly years away from us children. It can be difficult and dividing when children have to start discussing what to do with dear old mum and dad.

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