Bring them in…


Our weatherman said that the nights are getting cold enough now to                 “bring in your pets and your spouse”.

Now, where’s that manservant?!

I’ll have a glass of this and then go look …….

Don’t worry  – he’s fine!


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    • LOL @ your spouse being on his own. I brought my geraniums inside and a few other things I’m going to try to save this year. I’m not sure what I will do about the Bay Tree (laurel) this year – last year by the end of winter the one I had developed rust on all the leaves and died. This spring I bought two and planted one in the ground and the other in a pot.

  1. I love the fishnet stockings on those bottles. But if it’s getting chilly, shouldn’t you be drinking red? Maybe you could send the manservant out one more time for a good hearty cabernet before you cover him up for the night.

    • I do like red wine in winter but after seeing photos of myself on my recent trip home and how “aged” my teeth have become I’ve decided to stick with white. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up coffee though 🙂 I like the idea of covering up the manservant each night! LOL.

    • The wine wasn’t too bad actually. I’ve pulled my most precious pot(ted) plants onto the deck and up against the wall of the house. I think there are a couple I’ll bring inside – I’d like to save my geraniums this year.

    • We haven’t had a killing frost either – though they might have out in the Shenandoah Valley. We got down into the 40’s the other night – the house stayed in the low 60’s though so we didn’t really notice.

  2. LOL, I love that!

    Cold here too now – lovely and sunny, but -0.6deg this morning. The animals are all in their winter quarters, and the outside tap is lagged.

    Bring it on!

  3. Five bottles of fine wine? You’re not laying in supplies for a cold snap, you’re preparing for a blizzard! And I bet you didn’t forget the paper towels either, didja? Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Oh LOL Raymond! This past winter we had so much snow I really needed the wine to help me shovel! I’m trying to get my paper towel penchant under control – the manservant commented that we only had two full packets (16 rolls) in the cupboard the other day and I tried not to panic! 🙂

    • LOL – yes I’ve seen the Flying Dog beers. Labels or names can really sell a product. I bought the wine solely because of the label – I didn’t care if it tasted really crappy! It has proved to be a fun bottle to take to friends’ places … 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha how funny this bottles are and the name. where are the bottles from? from a normal supermarket? Pinot Grigio is good-it is a good summer wine:-)

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