Photos-of-the-days: Aug 27-Sept 3


Now I’m only slightly more than a month behind in the posting of my photo-a-day-for-365-days project:

Photo # 241 –  my salvation after a day of work.  As soon as I get in the door I throw my bag down and head for the wine.  I feel so much better after the first gulp:

242a – noticed this cute entrance on one of our weekend walks – actually that would be the walk of  Saturday August 28th.  This frontage is only 12-14 feet!

242b – just had to walk around the back and check it out too: 

243 –  an elderly man watches the world go by from this chair.   He will shoot the breeze with anyone who stops.   He calls me “young friend” .   The chair without the cushion is the visitor’s chair.

244 –   one morning I got on the wrong coloured train  – the Blue instead of the Orange  – they share a line and I obviously wasn’t concentrating as I hopped onto the first train that came along.  At a station further down the line where I got off to change I noticed this sign on the entrance to the tunnel.   It’s not as though there is pedestrian access and passengers can’t see it whilst on the train so I’m not sure whose benefit it is for. 

245 – the next morning,  one block from the office I came across a police scene.  There was crime scene tape down the alleyway too.  Never did find out what had happened.

246 a and b –  one of those afternoons when a co-worker gave me a ride home through Rock Creek Park.  I’m sure he thinks I’m a bit nutty getting my camera out every time he gives me a ride! 

247 – another day of two photos –  I loved the morning light on the church on my way into the office  247a

And, in the afternoon I got a laugh from a new billboard on the station platform:  247b: 

248 – packed and ready to go to Oz.   Those are Cat’s (aka Jane) shoes on top and Reese’s for her daughter to try – I stuck them into the manservant’s bag. My case is seriously Barbie-pink and I’m a little embarrassed by its brightness as I pull it through the airport but I can always spy it early on the baggage carousel!  And I’m pretty sure that no-one would dare to try and steal it!   The shoes & chocolates demonstrate that my bag is not really very big.   For one month I packed:  one black skirt; one pair of black trousers; 5 or 6 tops that went with both;  2 sundresses; one cardigan; 6 pairs of knickers; 2 bras,  2 pairs of shoes and some toiletries.   On my body (over a set of underwear) I wore another pair of black trousers, a tee shirt, the only pair of socks I took and a pair of joggers.   No excess baggage fees for me!


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    • Thank you re the photos crush-monkey. At the end of last year I decided I would start this project on January 1st and then forgot to take the photo! LOL. So, my project started on January 2nd – initially I had to put a bright pink sticky note, not unlike my suitcase, on the back of the front door so that if I’d come home without taking a photo it would remind me to take a shot of something (usually dinner! 🙂 ). It’s been fun to do.

    • Thank you re the photos – I’ve enjoyed doing this project. I have a point & shoot camera that I carry around in my bag and whip it out whenever something catches my eye – but I *must* take one photo every day.

  1. That police scene? I read the report. They had an accident there. Donut down. Very sad thing. Apparently one of the strawberry jelly filled jumped out of the box and hit hard. Lots of jelly lost that day. I think they observed a moment of silence, while they contemplatively chewed on their cruellers and mourned the passing of one of their favorites.

  2. I loved the entrance way of the neighbor, front and back. Loved the pink suitcase, I’ve tried to find a plain blue one on the roller so I tied bright orange ribbons to it. Always love the signs you find, and last but definitely not least, Reese’s are my favorite candy! lol

    • Our house is barely 16 feet across and I can’t imagine living in one narrower than that – they do look cute though and they are known as Doll’s Houses. As I said to Leenda I don’t know an American who does not like Reese’s – I’m sure there are some out there though (just like there are Aussies who don’t like vegemite! LOL).

  3. There’s a story, which you may know, expalining in part the ‘whys’ of the Welcome ot Va’ signs.

    After the Civil War (which was pretty uncivil) the federal governement decided to punish Va for joining the South by redrawing the Potomac River boundary so that VA begins (or ends) where the Potomac laps against the Virgina portion of the river.

    • LOL – a lot of people feel that about Virginia….. 🙂 I don’t really get the purpose of the Welcome sign – the only people reading it will be those standing on the platform waiting for a train and the train driver. I will have to make another mistake with the trains and check if there is a Welcome to DC sign at the opposite tunnel.

  4. I always like the architecture of old churches, but best of all “young friend” I love the picture of where the old man sits amongst all his little treasures.

    • I love the way this church looks as though it is made from cobblestones. It is very close to my office and I’ve never actually crossed the road to look at it closer! It’s one of those things you think you must do “one day”.

      The elderly man has wonderful stories about growing up in the state of Georgia and how he came to DC and how he worked for 60 years with only 2 days off sick! He attributes that to having some fresh air every single day no matter how hot or cold it is. Even in the dead of winter I will see him sitting out there all rugged up – I must admit I’m not so good at stopping to chat then!

    • Cat’s shoes and candy wouldn’t fit in my bright little suitcase – the manservant took them in his bag. Cat gets me to buy her shoes here and I normally mail them over so it was handy that she wanted some at the same time as I was going home.

  5. I bet your beautiful pink suitcase didn’t come back from it’s long journey looking as fresh & new as this picture shows. I just returned from California and my suitcase looked like it had been rolled on the floor of a very greasy garage bay. One side of the steel framing was bowed inward also. I can only imagine the abuse that they receive on their journey through the skies. Your pictures are wonderful as usual. Please keep sharing them.

      • I once saw someone’s clothes/possessions just going around on the belt with half a suitcase following them. I thought how awful for the owner to have to grab all their smalls etc from the belt and not have anything to put them in. I hope they got some reimbursement from the airline.

    • Ouch to your poor suitcase! I bought mine in Australia last December when the zip broke on the one I’d taken. It was all bright and new when I put it on the luggage belt at check in but when I got it off at LA it was all scuffed and greasy on one side (the other side to the photo). Since then it’s had a couple of domestic trips and it went to and came back from this Australian trip without further marks. I think I was just lucky! I’ve previously had bags damaged and it’s not much fun.

  6. I enjoyed the (unintentional) red and green theme to many of the photos. I like your pink bag. Yes, easy to spot on the carousel. I got a bright blue one thinking the same thing but apparently many other people had the same idea!

    • Oh LOL – I had not noticed that about the colour theme! I suspect that no man would buy a bright pink suitcase and that many women hate the thought of being seen with a colour usually associated with Barbie – hence not that many bright pink bags (actually I have not seen any others on my flights). Most people might think there is something a little tragic about a middle aged woman with a Barbie-pink bag! LOL 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s an eyeful of pink! I like that color, though, I admit. I really like the window decoration….the, bars for lack of a better term. Looks like sunshine. In an odd way.

  8. I like all the photos you have taken, but my favorite is the bridge shot-this bridge is impressing and I like the red summer shoes of the pink bag.

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