Photo-a-day-for-365-days-Project (231-240)


We had to turn the air conditioning on today as the house got over 90 degrees early afternoon!  How weird for October.

The last time I posted shots from the photo-a-day-project was September 2nd and I was behind then!

This group covers Days 231-240 (August 17th to Aug 26th) – so it will be a while before my photo a day gets to Oz.

231 –  Continuing on my series of Metro billboards. This might explain why I quite often find a seat near the door.  I don’t have a fancy phone or iPod so I’m not too worried about sitting near the exit – though I do hug my handbag pretty tightly:   

232 – stating the obvious – an empty battery space: 
233 – getting a ride home from work – the zoo tunnel in Rock Creek Park……….: 
234 –  Tomatoes, basil and parsley from the garden; avocados and cheese from the farmer’s market = dinner for Emjay one night when the manservant was on the road: 

235 –   I rode the train outside the city limits where the rails come above ground…. 

236 –  converted row house where we get our coffee on the weekends:

237   – If your property is tagged by graffiti you can apply to DC Council to have it removed.  You sign a form saying that you understand they will probably make no effort to make it look nice.  (Actually the form says that you understand they might not be able to match the paint).  : 

238 –  Not much pizza produced here these days –

239 –  Flowers for sale outside a metro station – as this was taken at the height of summer I’m surprised they are not wilting: –

240  – some of the Kennedy Center  – taken from the roadway: 


34 responses

  1. They have a similar sign on the San Francisco buses now. I don’t normally listen to my iPod or check my phone for messages while riding the bus—I’m too nervous about missing my stop—but I also hold my handbag or tote very close to me. I figure my phone is too old and lame for anyone to want to steal it; but my wallet contains my drivers’ license and ATM card, and even more precious to me, my kids’ baby photos. I’d rather lose my arm that those.

    • My mobile phone is so way out of date that no self respecting thief would want it. .. it certainly wouldn’t have any resell value on the street. I only put my ATM card in my wallet on the days that I’m going to use it but yes, I would hate to lose the kids photos I have in there. And my house key!!

  2. It was 87 degrees on Saturday and 86 on Sunday. Not sure how hot it got today, but definitely still hot enough to run the AC. Can you believe it’s still so hot??!!

    Beautiful photos as always. I love the way the raised tracks go on and on.

    • The rail tracks was my favourite shot in this group. I’d gone out to Virginia to have lunch with a friend and when I was coming back I had a long wait so I filled in the time taking about a zillion shots of those tracks. I half expected a metro security person to come and ask what I was doing! 🙂

      The weatherman said our last hot day for a long time was yesterday….. all downhill to winter now apparently.

  3. I wish wish wish it was that hot here! LOL! Seriously. You can thank La Nina for your wacky weather. It will be warmer and milder this Winter in the N Hemisphere.

  4. the zoo tunnel looks very impressing….I like the orange colour in this shot….The dinner looks also good and ha ha ha about m…on the road and you by the dinner…The shot about Mario´s pizza is a little bit sad…adios Mario´s pizza, but this is the business word..and I like the shot about the flowers for sale outside…wow so colourful…sorry Emjay I can not write comments under one shot and so I write a big comment…but this thing sucks….can you help about my….”I can not write a comment under one shot” WP is not easy and I think I´m silly for this page:-)

    • Oh Kerstin you are not silly!:-) There is no way to comment on individual photos when they are inserted in a blog like this. That was one thing that Vox was better at doing I think. I see work is being done inside Mario’s pizza place now so perhaps we will have a new shop soon….

  5. Mario’s Pizza House looks like a garage!
    I liked all these photos – the flowers and tracks, my favorites. The missing battery – I almost died laughing. It’s like, really? I had no idea when I **took it down off the ceiling** that it needed a new battery………

    • LOL – it does look like a garage – and earlier this year it opened for a couple of months as a tyre place. I think they went out of business pretty quickly. This week there have been workmen in there so perhaps the building is going to have another grand opening soon….

      The battery compartment message really was very funny… and your synopsis is exactly right!:-)

  6. Well, gosh, everybody’s already taken all the juicy topics for comment. Okay, yeah, there are thieves in Washington, and if people can’t read the posters on the metro, then they need to pay a little chinesse person a days pay to put a little signs in all the smoke detectors informing people that somebody just stole thier little electronic battery, should’ve read the poster. Just saying… 🙂

  7. Another great collection. Whenever I see places like Marios Pizza House I always wonder about why it is so, and think about the shattered dreams of all the “Marios”.

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