My dream life…..


I tend to think that I just don’t have dreams – but probably more correctly I don’t remember them as others seem to remember theirs.

Last night/this morning was an exception – a night of dozens of dreams fragmented by tossing and turning until eventually it was time to get out of bed.

Stringing them together shows I had a busy evening:

I invited my best friend over so I could meet her new boyfriend  –  he was not quite what I expected as he morphed into a garden gnome.

I decided that I needed to order hundreds of boxes of copy paper before the price went up.

A long ago friend (that I had neglected to contact on my recent trip home) turned up with a *lot* of her relatives who set about wrecking the garden. (probably looking for the gnome!!).

I was in an old bus parked on a street at night – it was totally dark and there were others in the bus.  There was a series of “pops”  around us and someone said “I think those are gunshots;  I’m going to lie on the floor”…  we all hit the deck.

Back home there were children I did not recognise playing with our cheque books on the floor.  They were colouring-in the pages and going “outside” the lines all over the carpet.   Leonard Cohen was singing “Bird on the Wire” way too loud.

I was looking for important documents in a spam filing cabinet!  My head was hurting.

I woke up with a killer headache and a bad attitude!

No, I had not been to a pub last night and over-imbibed ….  but it’s about time now to work on that bad attitude.

These shots were taken in Australian country towns.


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  1. Australian country towns look a lot like old US Western towns. That photo of the Criterion Hotel reminds me of Elko, Nevada, where they still have cowboys standing in the street, waiting to eat dinner at the Basque-owned restaurant.

    But there must be something in the air that’s been inducing vivid dreams, as I also rarely remember mine. Last night I dreamed that my son’s housemate was planning to poison him and his friends. When I woke up, I almost picked up the ph0ne to call him. Good thing I didn’t: it was 4 a.m. and I’m sure he would have thought I had been drinking.

    • I woke up at one stage really convinced that I’d ruined a couple of friendships. No-one wants their new boyfriend called a gnome LOL. Small Aussie town pubs always reminded me of American western movie saloons minus the gunslingers. 🙂

  2. Your dreams are hilarious, but not since you woke up with a headache and an atty-tood. I love the photos too.
    I’ve been having some weird dreams, but for once I can’t remember them. I usually keep a notebook and pen near or on my bed to jot down some notes, but the one I remembered a bit of earlier in the week was quickly forgotten since I didn’t have the pen nearby.

    • I used to have a relative who kept a notebook of his dreams. I think that if I woke up enough to write them down I’d have trouble going back to sleep. If I get woken by a noise I toss about for ages before I go back to sleep.

  3. Every town seems to have a “Royal Hotel”……why did we not think of more innovative names like “Hangover Hotel” 🙂

    Like you, I rarely remember dreams…..which is probably just as well.

    • LOL @ Hangover Hotel GOF.. the town I grew up near had less than 1,000 people but had: A Royal, a Commercial, a Courthouse, a (town name) and one other that I can’t remember the name of (loss of brain cells). Then there was a Bowling Club, an RSL club and a Golf Club …..

  4. That was one busy night you had, no wonder you woke with a headache..I agree with GOF we seem to have a lot of “Royal Hotels” and I must admit I love them all as they have wonderful character.

    I hope your day got better.

  5. The BF’s BF morphing into a garden gnome is too funny. I agree with HG, Australian country towns do look like the wild, wild west. Hope you got rid of the headache right away.

    • It took all day to get rid of the headache – I think a combination of some lingering jetlag and sinus – not to mention lack of sleep! I do have a friend with a new boyfriend – I’m looking forward to meeting him now to make sure he is “real”…

  6. I have those series dreams too. In one, I made my step-mom so mad, she would just walk away from me and my step-brothers ran away. LOL It was worth all the weirdness just for that alone. I love those huge, wrap around porches on the buildings. Always an architectural feature I loved.

    • LOL Kzinti – I used to wish my poor sister (not Cat) would run away! I had to share a room with her while Cat and our brother got rooms of their own – I felt it was really unfair and used to try to “encourage” her to go away! If I’d dreamt it I would’ve woken up very disappointed. 🙂

  7. You were totally channelling David Lynch. Over here they say if you eat cheese with your supper you will have weird dreams all night.

    • The British started arriving in 1788 and there is one pub in Parramatta that was established in 1796 (our oldest pub). It was 1813 before anyone crossed the Blue Mountains and started going inland so pubs started popping up as they set up towns – I’d say there are still a few from the early 1800’s in Sydney.

    • Oooh – I like the idea of doing a pub trail… there are some beautiful pubs on that site. I stopped in a few little towns on my way out to pick up the manservant so I have more photos to post ….

  8. often dreams are good perhaps to make other things in the future or what ever. sometimes I have colurful dreams…LOL I´m not crazy…
    I love your shots-looks my new calendar;-)

  9. Those are some vivid dreams! Could you send some my way? (except the spam folder, that sounds miserable). 😉 My dreams often involve being a long distance from my boyfreind and I cannot manage to call or get back home without completely silly measures, like sending a horseback messenger through the woods or re-wiring the phone.

  10. I love the pictures of the Australian country towns!! Those are wonderful! Were you the one that sent me the adorable calendar of the baby animals?? It is precious. Thank you so much 😀

    I hope you have better dreams tonight. Mine were bothersome last night too. I sure hope tonight is more pleasant.

  11. Great photos …..Now back to the dreams what type of wine are you drinking?? And dose it come in Gallon boxes with a straw!
    but seriously what type of wine….we all dream differently myself I can remember dreaming in colour and being like a director shaping the dream…also dreaming due to words someone had said to me or something I heard on TV ….But never where someone morphs into a garden gnome… is there therapy in your future or a book or movie deal!

  12. Wow, those were some heavy duty dreams you were having there! I hope you’ve been able to get caught up to your current time zone.
    Thanks for the pics. They do very much resemble some of the older buildings here in the Southwest as someone mentioned above.

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