Who’s tired……


I really should stop whinging to everyone about how tired  *I* feel…

On Tuesday 28th September I waved goodbye to the manservant at Sydney airport as he flew back to DC.

On Saturday 2nd October, as I flew back to DC, he flew off to South Korea.

He arrived home late Tuesday night and went into his office first thing Wednesday morning and again today…

I think that means he flew about 30,000 miles in a week.   On a selfish note that’s a lot of miles towards my next trip home!


I took 1,434 photos while I was home – this is the Myall River at Tea Gardens  (about 140 miles north of Sydney)


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  1. Ohhhh BOY – Myall Lakes are one of my favorite places in the world! I used to camp on the shore over on the ocean side – step out of the tent practically into the lovely shallow sandy freshwater lake, or take a short stroll over the dunes to the pristine beach. Heaven!!!

    Gah – I can’t imagine flying that many miles in a week. Holy cow.

  2. I really should stop whinging to everyone about how tired *I* feel… – Yes please, and start celebrating that you had the opportunity, means and money to travel and a job waiting upon your return. Millions struggle to pay rent, put food on the table, shoes on their kids’ feet and gas in the car, if they’re fortunate to have one. A friendly reminder that viewed from a different perspective, jetlag is to a great blessing to be celebrated.

  3. Oh you’re allowed to be tired, sometimes you just can’t right yourself after a trip, plus you’re probably still tired from crying saying goodbye to all your family members!
    I have been really tired lately too and I can’t figure it out. It could just be because of that girly stuff. sometimes that does it. I have been having the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning, like I was hit by a steamroller or something. Good thing I have a flexible work schedule.

    I can’t believe your husband though, dang that is a lot of flying. His body clock is probably so screwed up it’s right on schedule.

    • Yes it’s always tough saying goodbye – I try to be “brave” but I’m not very good at it and end up in a bit of a heap. Girly stuff can be exhausting! 🙂

      LOL – you’re probably right about the manservant’s body clock!

  4. When my younger daughter came back from Japan, she went to bed and didn’t get up for 18 hours. I was worried that she was sick or in a coma, but she was just sleeping off the jet lag. It was smart of her, but then she didn’t have a job or school to run off to, as you do.

    You should give yourself permission to just take a long nap, maybe two or three long naps all together!

    • I finally got an afternoon nap today – hope that doesn’t mean I won’t sleep tonight! 🙂 My son went to Thailand and did something similar to what your daughter did when he got back to Australia.

    • LOL Raymond – the shutter button is shiny! The river runs between the ocean and huge lakes – it’s very beautiful – there are gorgeous pelicans everywhere but I don’t seem to have got any photos of them this year!

  5. You’re entitled to be tired, Emjay. It took us a fortnight to recover from our last trip to the U.K., and we didn’t have to go off to work. The manservant sure does rack up some FF points.

    My nieces husband’s job necessitates a lot of overseas travel, which he dislikes. He works for a pharmaceutical company. He likes to tell people he sells drugs for a living.

    • Yeah I think it’s getting harder as I get older! 🙂 I’m starting to think I need two days between getting back and going to the office. I don’t know how the manservant does it – but then he’s younger than me LOL.

    • It’s a lot of photos to get organised…. I’m sure to be sharing many along the way. I’m lucky enough to ride the airlines on frequent flyer miles so they’re probably not that happy to see me 🙂

  6. Does he ever wake up and wonder what country he is in? Which womam is beside him (joking!)? Sounds perfect – free frequent flyer points.

    Understandable that you are tired – return to daily life does that to everyone.

  7. I know you will miss Oz. I miss it and have yet to go there! As for the jet lag, I once had it for three weeks. I could not explain why. It was awful. I felt like I never wanted to get out of bed and walked around in a mental fog. Maybe you have that kind of thing now. Lots of coffee, some spicy food, and plenty of rest. And maybe some vit E?

  8. What a beautiful picture, Emjay!! Wow, he travels a lot which means you are home alone a lot. i would feel tired too! I am glad that you are getting miles towards your flight home 😀 That would be the silver lining!

  9. I have found that it takes about 2 weeks or so to recover from jet lag. I hope you are able to catch up on some much needed rest over the weekend.

    Beautiful pic! Its very calming to look at it.

  10. So many photos! How do you keep track of them all? Do you arrange them in digital albums?

    I’m horrible about taking photos when I’m on vacation. I’m always forgetting to bring the camera with me!

    • My little point and shoot is always in my handbag now. I haven’t really thought about how I’m going to keep proper track of the photos – they automatically download into date folders but eventually I will forget which date events happened). I usually select around 200 of the best ones and put them in a couple of albums that I take to work. They then do the rounds of the office. I’m always slightly surprised at how interested people are in them (or how well they pretend to be LOL).

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