Chilling …….


I’m sharing the love – or perhaps just avoiding anyone getting tired of me….

I’ve now moved in with my other son and daughter who share a two-bedroom flat ….   I’m on the couch but it’s a very comfy couch and there are no snakes in the room.

But, all free board comes with one “problem”  and here it is the internet!   The kids have some really cheap internet plan which struggles to even do emails…..

So I’m just going to chill by the Parramatta River for a couple of days:

Perhaps find a seat like this guy:

Or throw in a rod, or two,  like this fellow:


23 responses

  1. You are coming back, right? After such a wonderful time, I’m worried now you’ll end up staying down in Australia while the manservant returns to D.C. all alone.

    Wonder what the fisherman is fishing for. Do you know?

  2. Nice area..the rent is right..and on the ‘internet’..I would advise the same as I do my neighbors..’get your own account’..if you are not able right now..there is partner sharing and things like seems that would be convenient when you are not completely settled or in your own place..Peace Tony

  3. Ewwwww – fishing in the Parramatta river!! I used to live in Ermington, so spent a lot of time down around the river. It’s kind of nice to see it again, as well as that familiar skyline. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful card. I actually tried sniffing it to see if I could smell Australia. lol.

  4. Hi, Emjay!
    While I am struggling with the new blog system, you are there in Australia!
    It is the river I crossed in Sydney. Right? I cannot imagine what it is like there at this season of the year.
    Well, have a good time!

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