New Room-mates


I have left the manservant (and the laptop) on the mountain and have moved in with my son & his wife  for a few days.  They live in a flat (condo) in one of the outer suburbs of Sydney. 

There is quite a nice outlook from their balcony. Lovely gum trees and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies just across the main road:

A bus stop directly outside – the people we see waiting here provide great fodder for stories:  

And, there is pretty good Thai restaurant across the side street:

So, all in all pretty good – I won’t starve and I could ride the bus if something happened to the rental car.  The only thing I’m not so comfortable with are my new room mates:   Two Stimson Pythons! 

The female:

The bigger, and not so friendly, male: 

I’m not keen having them so close to the spare bed that we can stare into each other’s eyes and I hope that I’m a bit big for either of them to squash me to death if they escape!   Now that I’m looking at the photos though I think they actually might fit around my neck!!   


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  1. Eeeeeek! I would not like to sleep in a room with snakes.

    The view, however, is marvelous. What a nice place for you to visit and for them to live. They have a beautiful view from the balcony! Have a wonderful time.

  2. There is no way, absolutely no way, that I would ever, ever share my bedroom with a snake. It wouldn’t matter what age my children were I would make them move those damn snakes out. Or swap rooms for my visit.

    You are a better person than I.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the card, and ask how the heck did you find out where I lived? Or do you want to keep that a mystery?

    As for the sssnakes….my brother, who used to work for a pet store supply company, says those snakes are non-poisonous and make great pets. I said it’s like any other roommate: as long as the snakes stay on their side of the room, everything will be cool. If they cross into my side, well—you’d hear about it. And your son and DIL would not want to hear me when I see a snake in my bed.

  4. Up there where Freedom Smith said, “I would not like to sleep in a room with snakes” — change “like” to “be able” and you’ve got me down.

    Great view! My favorite is the one of the highway through the trees. Definite day-dream material there.

  5. Beautiful room mates Emjay. I consider you blessed.

    We had to go Bush to encounter them and the ones we met were Tiger snakes whom I wouldn’t share a bedroom with.

  6. “plenty of fresh fruit and veggies just across the main road:”

    No wonder the poor farmer can’t make a living with you raiding the place every night Emjay.

    I have a “snake stick” always at the ready outside our front door……I’ll give you a lend of it if you like. 🙂

  7. That is a sweet view, I like the gum trees. Aye, what can I say about the snakes – I actually like them but they pee on me whenever I pick one up. I agree with gw that they belong roaming in the desert or slithering along with the dinosoars or something – got a time machine? 😉

  8. OK got it other kids have snakes..but these are small and not poisionous so in my book OK…but I actually like snakes..just not rattlers and poisionous ones.

    When you say you left the manservant….is this just temp situation?

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