Walking to morning tea ……


Just as well I have directions in front of me so I know which side I should be walking on:  I find walking on the “correct”  side much harder to do than driving on the correct side….  and I have to really concentrate on remembering to look right before I take a step off the foot path!

How could you not feel happy at coming across such delicacies:

A beautiful looking entrance:


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    • It is funny to see such markings on the footpath. And in a lot of areas when you get to the road there is “LOOK” with an arrow pointing to the right. Quite a few tourists have been hit by cars in Australia so they do this in high tourist areas now – I think they might have started it before the Sydney Olympics.

  1. Strange how we live differently! It’s just automatic to me!
    Where did you go? I’ve been to Hello Happy and T2. I LOVE T2. Some tea leaves are just so nice and the macaroons are devine. I work near Macquarie so when I’m not broke I reward myself at those very two places!

    Hello happy is great for bdays!

  2. how nice shots….I´m missing my name on your page by your other vox-friends.
    I´m back from holiday-today it is raining and very cold and tomorrwo is my first work day.

  3. Its so wonderful to see this through your eyes! I can imagine it must be a bit confusing to navigate the streets and the sidewalks. It looks like there are so many rules. Then to come back here and have everything be opposite. I suppose one does adjust in time though! 🙂

    • I am making a much worse pedestrian than a driver. My biggest problem is looking the wrong way when I’m about to step off the footpath – this makes me go to traffic lights to cross the streets – better safe than sorry……

      People are not so stressed here if you stand on the wrong side of the escalators but I will have to remember the “right” rule when I get home or I will be shoved down my rail escalators. LOL

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