Princess turns 21 …..


The fact that the Princess was turning 21 this month was a major factor in me deciding to cash in some of the Manservant’s frequent flyer miles and visit home for September.

Today is the Princess’s birthday –  if I was back in DC I would dredge up some baby photos and post them to compare the baby to the adult.   You will just have to take my word that she was a real cutie and after 2 boys it was nice to have a little human that I could dress up!

The people in her office made a big fuss of her:

When I was out looking for a card I found the perfect one –  I’m sure I made a squeal of delight when I saw this one as I’ve been referring to her as the Princess from the beginning of those “delightful” teenage years: 

One of her brothers gave her a box that contained some hand selected Lindt chocolates and money:

She did not want a party (thank goodness!) – just a family dinner at an extremely popular Italian restaurant.  From the left we have: Miss A (my daughter in law),  my sons the Locksmith and the Economist,  Emjay, absent behind the camera Manservant,  the Princess and her boyfriend Nick. 

The food was great –  I had lamb cutlets – yeah,  I know that doesn’t sound very Italian but when I see lamb on a menu that’s usually what I order because I have it so rarely.   My two sons shared a half-metre pizza! (they have metre long pizzas too)

The end of the night for Emjay  (& the Manservant)  –  the youngsters continued onto a nightclub while they were still young enough to enjoy it!  


23 responses

  1. Are all of the girls in your family so beautiful? Jane’s daughters are also lookers. I’m surprised they don’t break the necks of all the young men who turn to look at them!

    I also love lamb, but I can’t get over the fact it came from a young sheep, so I don’t eat it anymore. The pizza and wine look like a perfect dinner, though.

  2. Wow, Happy Birthday to her! She has a seriously lovely smile. I also love seeing photos of you, such a cheerful and pretty presence. The cupcakes look yummy.

  3. Awwww Aussie May! That’s so nice! The princess is very beautiful. I’m so happy that you got to spend her birthday with her. What a lovely family you have and you look wonderful! You have been glowing in every picture. I am so happy for you!

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