Some cuteness …..


Just got back to Sydney from visiting my parents – I’m mentally & physically exhausted.  I need to get the photos I took of the outing organised but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.     I can’t resist posting some cuties though:

There was a strange little dog visiting my parents today also.  He is a rescue dog and he does not bark at all:

When no-one was looking he would jump up onto mum’s chair – which did not make her happy…  but most of the time he just lay around like this:

We are staying on the grounds of Macquarie University and yesterday noticed a Plover sitting on a nest of 4 or 5 eggs –  last night it was 2 degrees Celsius here (not quite freezing) and I expected to see a little statue plover on the grass this morning!   When we came back tonight I saw that it had company – a little rabbit:

The bunny was busy burrowing:  

When the bunny started moving about the bird got worried and started squawking really loudly ……. 

I thought I’d been teleported out of Sydney and into Laurie‘s yard today!


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  1. Hi, AEJ!!!
    So glad you sent me a headsup so I could see this!

    That leetle plover and bun are sooooo sweet! I wish them both well in their territorial struggles!

    I have added your WP blog to my Google Reader. I am liking that better than the Readomatic or the Blogroll (or whatever the heck they are called!)


    • In DC I never feel that I have anything interesting in my backyard and love all those blogs you do on all your visiting creatures. When I saw these two, you just popped straight into my head!

      At the moment I am using Readomattic to keep up with everyone. I will set up Google Reader once I get home and back on my own laptop. Here I am sharing with the manservant and as he is a Google man (using g-mail and other applications) it would mean him having to log in and out all the time for me to read mine.

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