A day at Balmoral


It was 18 degrees celsius today (64.4F) –  a lovely day to visit a beach – plenty of parking and no crowds on the sand.  The water felt pretty nippy though so only my toes went in for a dip.

Balmoral Beach is one of Sydney’s Middle Harbour beaches and about a 30 minute drive from where we are staying – it feels comfortable for me to be back on the left hand side of the road though it makes the manservant a bit nervous:

Looking towards Balmoral Wharf – this area is the enclosed public baths
Balmoral Wharf:

Poster of Fishing information on the wharf – no-one was fishing:

Beautiful clear, but chilly water:

Bridge to Rocky Point Island:

View from Rocky Point Island:

I came across a “local” painting Rocky Point Island.   He sells tile sized paintings for $20. He had quite a collection on the front of his easel.  As I was taking photos I didn’t feel the need to buy one though they looked very nice :

If I had a zillion dollars I could happily live in one of these houses:

It was a lovely day out though the Queen did not make an appearance and I saw nary a cucumber sandwich!

I think I’ve been bad and got a touch too much sun on my face!  I’m usually much more careful with applying the sunscreen but I must’ve missed my cheeks – they feel “rosey”.

Tonight we are hanging out with the Economist son and the Princess (it’s lovely that brother & sister seem to live together in harmony)  – we are going healthier tonight – chicken and salad stuff.  Tomorrow we are off for our first visit to my parent’s – about 3 hours drive north of Sydney.


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    • Yes water goes under the bridge as the tide comes up – it’s a very pretty area (and super rich!). 18 felt okay in a long sleeved tee shirt but the water was way too cold for me – but there were people in there in wet suits.

      Parental visits are always “fun” …. 🙂

  1. We have had lovely spring weather here in Sydney thus far. I am sure loving it now, but won’t be when it is >32. That is my breaking point. On another note, we still haven’t been to Balmoral Beach and should do before it gets too hot for me. I am sun adverse.

    • I am really sun adverse! I hate the heat and the sweat. I was laughing yesterday at how white my legs are considering I have just come from a summer climate! If you leave Balmoral too late in the season you end up parking way up a hill – nothing worse after a trip to the beach than a long hike up hot cement.

    • Loving the weather after 56 days over 90 degrees F (32C) in DC – most of them closer to 100 F. I see everyone out in their cardigans and boots and I’m in a tee shirt!

      I have to fit in a visit to Max Brenner before too long! 🙂

    • Thank you re the pictures. The bridge really is very attractive and there is also a lovely building called the Bather’s Pavilion which was built around the same time (1929) but my photo of it was really bad – the sun was in the wrong place.

  2. I’m so happy for you getting to go home. I know you must miss it terribly! It is beautiful there! I like the bridge too. Very pretty. Maybe we’ll all get rich one day and we can just fly around the world together!

  3. P.S. I notice that this post, unlike your others, has this: “You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.” How and where’d get that feed/trackback otpion, if you know! Or has it appeared mysteriously? lol

  4. Left-side driving in the UK made me crazy because you make a left-hand turn like the way we make right hand turns in the US, looking in just one direction (mostly); but right-hand turns were like placing your life in the hands of the Devil. Eeek!

    But this is spring in Oz, eh? Looks pretty good to me!

    • LOL – when the manservant drives he says a little mantra – left turns are easy in this country; right turns are hard. I admit I do laugh at him! Last time I was home I came out of a car park and was driving down the right hand side wondering why all the cars were parked on the wrong side……. it was only as I approached traffic lights and saw all the oncoming cars stopped facing me, that I realised there was a problem!

      Yes it is spring here but today I saw girls in boots and jackets – I was out in a skirt and tee shirt with bare legs! I guess that’s what a few winters in DC will do for one!

    • Thank you Elizabeth. Sydney has a really beautiful coastline. I don’t think we realise how lucky we are to have a city and beaches right there – until you leave the country and don’t have it.

  5. Great looking blog you’ve created Emjay…..especially the header picture….I’m not game to mess around with format any more on mine in case everything gets mussed up.

    I haven’t tried to post a picture yet, so will be taking the advice provided by the other commenters.

    Enjoy your trip north.

    • Thank you GOF – I took the banner photo at Balmoral Beach. There was a game of cricket down the end – when I saw that I really knew I was home! This is the second “theme” I’ve tried – the first one had all the links at the bottom and really, who goes to the bottom of the page if you’ve already read the previous posts.

      It is probably good advice to resize photos smaller when posting them – that is easier said than done when one is travelling and using bare minimum equipment. I will leave any further playing around now until I get back to DC.

    • Yes – I think I miss the photo gallery and not being able to comment on individual photos more than the “neighbourhood” most people are complaining about. I used to enjoy just scrolling through people’s photos.

      The neighbourhood can basically be recreated just with a different format but I can’t see a way of just looking at a person’s images except when they are embedded in a post.

    • I think, that if you upload your photos as a gallery and not insert them individually, then you can link them to a page and people can leave comments on each of them

  6. Pretty bridge. Great photos, thanks for showing us that world. It has an unusual closed-in feel to it, in a good way. I like the fish chart too, the illustrations are surprisingly detailed.

    Be careful with that sun! I know what you mean about the sensation, when my face feels super warm I know I’ve gotten a pretty nasty sunburn. I use aloe vera cream sometimes for that.

    • Thank you re the photos Emmi. The fish chart was really interesting. Yes I was silly not paying more attention to sunscreen – I don’t know what I was thinking though obviously I wasn’t thinking at all! I slathered Vitamin E cream on last night and it felt much better this morning.

  7. I love the photo of the huge tree above the bridge photo. Driving on the right after living in England for three years was kind of freaky. For years afterwards if it was late and I was really tired I had to really think about which side of the road I was supposed to be on. No mishaps….I did figure it out.

    Shameful. No queen, no cucumber sandwiches. Unthinkable.

    • Yes that tree is gorgeous – I can imagine leaning up against the trunk on a really hot day – but I’m sure it would be crowded!

      I find it pretty easy to just jump in a rental car here and start driving without thinking but that’s probably because I do so little driving in the US. The manservant travels here about 4 or 5 times a year so he says that he can drive badly on both sides! LOL.

  8. Ok Ms. Aussie Emjay, since you have changed your name here, every time I glance at it, I overlook the j for some reason and I’ve got Aussie May stuck in my head! lol I laugh like crazy every time I think it so I’m going to start calling you Aussie May! lol You’ll get over it while I enjoy it.

    Hope you are having a good time in the land down under Aussie May!

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