Emjay takes off …. touches down in Oz


Trundling across the airport in the mobile airport “lounge”  – this is what they call the funky little shuttles they still use to get to some of the terminals at Dulles.  They actually cross over runways……

My provisions for the flight.    I know I am a little weird but I never eat airline food.  I have this fear that I will develop some hideous gastric bug.  Actually, not only will I have this bug but also I will be prevented from using the toilet because of terrible air turbulence keeping everyone buckled in their seats.    As the time from me leaving my front door and arriving at family’s front door is about 30 hours,  at least I look slender when I arrive!

You fly through the night, from LA to Sydney, so there is nothing to look at for a very long time – well, even if you could see,  you would only see water.  You watch a movie and sleep and then look at your watch because you are sure that you must nearly be there.  It’s somewhat depressing to see that you’ve only been in the air 5 hours and still have 9 to go!!     It’s an exciting moment when your watch shows that you’ve gone over the half way mark – though even then you still have 7 hours more flying time!

The view out my window at around 5.30am

Getting closer to landing time of 6am but no land in sight yet:  

I can see land…..  I love getting that first view of home…  it usually makes me a bit weepy:

Getting closer to the airport:

Touch down is imminent: 

I’m exhausted and starving but really happy to be home for a month.    I’m really looking forward to meeting up with my kids for pizza dinner tonight.


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    • I think that my irrational fear would keep me from eating first class food also – unless it was only a 3-4 hour flight in which case I assume I’d be near a ground-based toilet before any problem developed. 🙂

  1. Wows…..I didn’t know you were going back to OZ so soon. It seems that you were just there for the wedding. I bet you’re really excited about seeing your kids. That’s just awesome. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. Nice pictures…..I am easily turned on by aircraft and flying pics and I give you an A+ for being bothered to take them at all and even greater credit for posting them here whilst being seriously jetlagged.

    Hope you have a great time while you are here.

    • Hi Irony – the flight time is 19.5 hours (DC to LA then LA to Sydney) but from the time I leave my house till the time I get through customs here and get to one of my family’s homes it’s 30 hours. I’m a cross and cranky person who needs a hot shower, a cup of coffee and a lie down. Then I’m ready to start my holiday. LOL – lots of photos coming up…..

    • LOL – I was telling a few people that I was having to come down here to sort out this Government mess! I’m also looking forward to fish and chips on a beach, a good sausage roll, a chiko roll and a chocolate paddle pop!

      • Emjay don’t forget the freddo frogs, the tim tams, iced vovo’s and go to Palm Beach have a cup of coffee near the golf course and where the sea planes take off, sit outside and watch the passing parade of boats, planes and people. The weather is just so good now best time to come and spend a month here.

  3. Oh, I’m so excited for you Emjay. I didn’t know you were getting to go home! I hope you have a wonderful time! Keep us up to date while you’re there! I want to see lots of great pictures of the “Land Down Under”! Why do they call it that anyway?

    • My daughter is turning 21 this month so it seemed a good excuse to come home 🙂 – plus it helps that the manservant had a zillion frequent flyer miles get rid of. It’s the land down under because it’s in the southern hemisphere – way down under from you guys… I hope I don’t wear my little point & shoot out!

  4. My uncle and aunt developed severe cases of Norovirus on a flight. They’d picked it up at my cousin’s wedding where 90% of the guests who attended the day celebrations caught it. Never have my brother and I been so relieved to have just been evening guests. Anyway, they developed it on a Finnair flight back to Helsinki. Fortunately for them there are toilets for and aft on the planes used by Finnair for the Helsinki/ Manchester run. Not so lucky for the other passengers who didn’t get to use either of them. One girl had to miss her flight back to Dublin because the airline wouldn’t let her on a flight in her condition. On her arrival back in Dublin finally she was met on the tarmac by an ambulance called mid flight. Not that these illnesses were caught by airline food but apparently serious gastric upset is not nice on a plane. Or a train, which is where my boss was when norovirus struck her…

    • It’s a strange thing but Cat doesn’t like vegemite at all and I’m not that keen on it except when I’m sick (comfort food) – we’re poor examples of happy little vegemites (that was the ad campaign).

  5. Welcome home! I’m sure you’ll have a great stay. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing photos. It’ll be nice to see some of your Project 365 photos from while you’re there.

    • I was trying so hard before we left to catch up on posting my 365-photos – I think I have about 30 left before any Aussie ones will start appearing. You will all be bored with Australian photos by then! 🙂

  6. WOW!!!!!!! Amazing glorious images!
    And you’re home!

    But that’s a lot of flying time. And I’m with you 100% on the airline food, etc.
    Wise move!!!!!


  7. On really long flights I sometimes will take a sleeping pill and knock myself out for the umpteen hours it will take to get to one’s destination. The only problem with that is that you often come off the plane groggy and feeling like hamsters built a nest in your mouth while you were asleep. And those damned airplane bathrooms….never open when you really need one.

    But good to know you are back on terra firma, and home again! Say hello to your sister for me and hope your visit is fun!

    • I’ve taken a sleeping pill occasionally – but I really like the aisle seat (long legs) and that meant that someone was waking me up every 5 minutes to go to the toilet. Last time I flew there was a young couple next to me and they just couldn’t go to the toilet at the same time. She would go and then about half an hour later he would need to go. I was up and down all trip and totally wasted the sleeping pill!

      I’m looking forward to having a drink with Cat…..

  8. Ooh, how nice! I can’t wait to hear more. I think you’re smart to avoid airline food. Ick. Some stories make me want to wear a hazmat suit before even sitting down.

    I’m afraid of flying and I have to take hardcore pills so I do not normally remember a thing from my flights, LOL!

    Get some rest, jet lag is exhausting.

    • Oh you poor thing. I have a friend who has to be knocked out before she flies. One trip though her pills got put in the wrong bag and were not in the plane with her. She had some sort of full on melt down with the flight attendants almost tying her up! Apparently another passenger had some Valium to spare which saved the day…….

  9. Wonderful! Such a great country. I love aeroplane photos, very cool. I also pack food – sometimes I eat a bit of what they serve, but I find it very salty and am not fond of being bloated. I pack crackers, peanuts, chocolate, a banana or apple, and raisins. I know that was a long flight; you now have massive jet lag, no doubt.

    • I had one muesli bar left which I had to eat before I got to customs or it would’ve been confiscated. I felt pretty jet lagged yesterday but got a good night’s sleep last night. Some fresh sea air today will probably mean I sleep really well tonight. It’s much easier adjusting coming this way, I find, than flying back to the US – that can take me a week to get back into the time zone.

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