50 book challenge – August Reads

In all the kerfuffle with vox closing I forgot to post my August contribution to 50 books in 52 weeks challenge;

Sergio Bizzio

Rage was a really strange book about a man who hides out in the house where his girlfriend works and lives without her knowledge.   He spies on her and the family she works for and he gradually deteriorates physically and mentally.

The Risk of Infidelity Index is the second Vincent Calvino one I’ve read.  Calvino is a private investigator in Thailand.  I enjoyed this enough to explore more Christopher Moore books.

I really enjoyed The Lovers.  It is the second Charlie Parker I’ve read –  I read the first one in the series and then skipped a few.

Then I got back to the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke.  I started at the beginning of the series a couple of months ago and this month I got through the following.  I am reading them in sequence:

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    • Hi Amanda – I’ve just finished my 47th book for the year! I thought this would be an interesting way of recording what I actually read. I am lucky in that I have forced reading time on my train commute but I’d never counted how many books I get through in a year before.

    • Right down the very bottom …. if I choose this “theme” the widgets go at the bottom. I don’t like them there but when I changed themes I lost my banner photo (which I took myself) – I need to explore a bit more! 🙂

  1. Morning for Flamingo sound interesting!!!! I wish I could do things like that – attempt to read 50 books in a year. I wish I could do lots of self indulgent things, well different self-indulgent things that the lazy ones I do now!

    • The 5 or 6 James Lee Burke books I’ve now read in this particular series have all been good. You have to start at the beginning though otherwise storylines will be ruined. He wrote the first one in the 1980’s – so I’ve had to go back quite a way!
      You write more posts than me – I always wish I had more time to write posts. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the James Lee Burke books. When I first starting reading them I couldn’t get enough. I love really good writing. Now that I blog I don’t read nearly as much, but I do very much appreciate all the friends and fun.

    PS…none of your photos are visible. There’s a bunch of broken links. Gaaaaah!!!

    • None of the photos at all? or only the book photos? I transferred this post over from vox rather than composing straight here. Yes the James Lee Burke recommendation was a good one – I’m glad I asked you whether they should be read in order. Starting way back in the 80’s at least I have a lot to read and it’s fun to read one after the other like a serialization rather than having to wait for an author to publish his next one.

    • LOL. Well, I read the first one and now this one – and I see that I probably need to go back and find out who a few people are – but it made sense and tidied up what happened to his wife and little girl.

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