Where have all my voxers gone…


I could not get anything to work with the TypePad import – probably because everyone was trying to move their blogs at the same time. 

Most of my neighbours seem to be going to wordpress …… so I'm also going to try there.  If you are not going to wordpress or if you see that I haven't added you to my Readomattic thingy (though I'm not sure how you could tell whether I did or not)    please send me an email and tell me how to find you


I will be at aussieemjay.wordpress.com    


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  1. i've added you to my links along the side menu of my shythom.wordpress.com blog. also have added you to my blog surfer so i can see your latest post on my dashboard.typepad will cost you $9/month after the first 2 weeks trial anyway.

  2. I think you are right except on the question to have a blog open on the winds or protected … I choose to have a protected blog for several reasons … problems of intellectual rights, litterary and artistic property, private life … I did not read that TypePad authorizes this protection.
    What do you think of all that ?

  3. WordPress will be my destination. Checked out TypePad and as far as I can tell it's only free trial and then you have to pay even for basic blogging. Not a chance in hell really.I'll let you know how to find me 😉

  4. I attempted to transfer to TypePad but couldn't get the import wizard to work. I kept getting Bad Gateway messages and time outs. I will try it again in a few days time when there might not be such a heavy demand on their server.

  5. I've been on wordpress for a while now, running in parallel.http://mrguilt.wordpress.com/It wasn't so much that I liked WordPress, it was that Vox seemed stuck in 2006:-It really only supported IE and Firefox-No mobile solution other than e-mail-No API, which would allow the development of tools (in contrast, there are a bunch of tools to create content for WordPress)Wordpress had its quirks, but was pretty OK. I didn't like how photos were handled (they had a hard limit on storage). Typepad seems to be a happy medium. I was able to import to:http://mrguilt1.typepad.com/(I'm going to see if I can get rid of the 1)My plan is to test out Typepad for a week or so, then formally pick–expect that I'll make a post or two to both Typepad and Vox on the matter. In any case, I will definitely follow you wherever you wind up.

  6. I'm giving posterous a try. Mostly because misskate was available there. It's supposedly importing all my stuff right now, but we'll see. So, I'll be at misskate.posterous.com 🙂 And maybe I'll even post occasionally. Leave a forwarding address so I can find you again!

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