What’s a gutter buddy

Well,  if you go in here: And buy and consume a lot of this:

You will end up as best buddies here:


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    • You need to buy some new music to photograph! I inserted the top one and chose “large” and could only see a quarter of it in the compose box. So I chose medium for the next two which might still be too big. I have no idea how to go back and edit the top one to medium or the mediums to small.

  1. Ha, I was going to say it was like a big cushion to keep drunks from hurting themselves when they fall into the gutter!

    Seriously, I’ll bet it’s to keep debris from going into the storm sewers and clogging them up. But nice photos! I’m glad I found you here!

    • Hi – I’m glad you’ve found me too! (I have you on my Readomattic thingy so I will see when you post). These gutter buddies are new in my area and they just gave me a giggle when I saw the first one.

  2. At least, I moved too on TypePad. dapolline.typepad.com (be carefull with the d they gave me !) the password is “notredame” : my blog stay private. I hope you will come and read me.

    On WordPress, I lost all my comments, the date of them was 1970 ! … nothing turned correct … A friend of mine will help me in few days … It was simply to move to TypePad … in anyway, my blog on WP and my blog on Type are equally UGLY … I hate them … and was near to cry ! :))))

  3. What are the gutter buddies made of??? Are they supposed to keep peoples heads out of the gutter if they happen to pass out, fall down in the gutter. Very strange. I’ve never seen one before.

    Hilarious photo!!

    • I’d never seen one before either. They started appearing after some severe storms and when I saw them I wondered how long it be before some were stolen. They look like something someone might steal to put against their doorways.

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