Bad day all round…..


This was the conversation in our house this morning:  (I’m sure it sounds familiar to many of you).

Emjay:  Our TV sound is working but there is no picture.

Manservant:   You must’ve pressed something on the remote.


Emjay:  Oh – by the way  – there is no hot water this morning.

Manservant:   What’s wrong with it?


Then I get to work and someone says:  Can I ask you a question?

Then I get home and find that vox is closing!!!

God, this first glass of wine tastes good tonight!!

Well,   here is the next set of the photo-a-day for 365-days photos…   I guess these might be the last ones on vox:

221  – Medi-evil looking row houses

222 – this was some funky fungi growing in the park near my office.  I was in business dress otherwise I would’ve  changed the setting to “macro” and got down closer.

223 – the ceiling of a metro station.  I wonder how many hours over 10 years I’ve looked at the honeycomb type structure.

224 –  this is how the manservant leaves and returns

225 – another stormy sky

226 – this skirt is the lightest silk imaginable.  It can be the stillest day out and this will blow around a la Marilyn.  I keep thinking I should put some pennies in the hem.

227 – favours from the wedding I recently attended

228 – this shot was taken on a Sunday – as I was on my walk I thought “it’s Sunday so I should do my photo of the day of a church?

228b  And then I thought “I should take two churches”….

229 – the house across the alley  (as this house has been the subject of many of my photos  I am going to be rather sad if it is ever sold and repaired!)

230 – my sister, Cat went to Thailand and I got a lovely cushion.

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27 responses

  1. I got pissed off and walked out of an important meeting, saying "fuck this" on my way out (in front of several managers) then found vox closing. Double bad. Plus my neck is STILL knotted up… started yesterday and I almost passed out on the freeway.And I can't drink booze for several more weeks (but I can take liquid tylenol with codeine!!).Man, talk about "one of those days"!!What was in the 227 favor boxes??

  2. Chocolates – something else I wish I had right now!! Sorry about your neck – I hope that gets better soon. It seems that everyone is moving to wordpress rather than the suggested typepad? It is going to take me ages to find everyone!!

  3. I am also moving to wordpress. I'm so incredibly sad that vox is closing. I have already had a wordpress blog for a while as a backup – I didn't even trust vox to give us this much warning. So as of today I am going to try to start writing there and adding people there from my 'hood as I find them.
    God, did I mention I'm so fricking sad? 😦

  4. Ha, you lost hot water and we lost electricity. Doesn't life suck this week???
    And WordPress is being a jerk……oh well, at least we're all apparently going to the same sucky website.

  5. PapiChulo is saying typepad is more friendly. I can't get "leendadll" there because it's "already taken" WTF? and I can't get the export tool to launch, despite over 200 tries, though Vox claims everything is running just fine.

  6. OK – how do you even get the import wizard? I opened a typepad account but can't see anywhere where there is an import wizard or a link to "tools" …
    I set up a wordpress account with out any trouble at all and imported all my blogs there. It seemed really easy. I'd like to try Typepad too but can't see how to (perhaps I'm being very blond!!) For now I will be at:

  7. Hey, this is like a reunion!

    Nice pics, love the cushion especially. Glad to see you here! Did you have to do anything special to import the vox blog?

    • LOL – it is like a reunion! The material on the cushion is silk and it really is beautiful.
      Yes it was really easy and very quick to import everything from vox to here. On the left hand side see “Tools” click on that and then on “import” and follow the instructions.

    • Go to your dashboard then on the left in that list you’ll see Readomatic, click on it then over on the main page click on the underlined Edit subscriptions. Then if you down the page you’ll see – You are subscribed to the following blogs: – then just add people’s wordpress url to that.

      Or if you want to actually have a link to all their blogs on your page go to – dashboard then go down the page until you see links and add the links.

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