Getting closer to catching up… a photo a day project

Well this group covers days 191-200  – shot 200 was taken on July 18 so I'm only just more than a month behind in the posting! 

191 and 191a  – two photos this day – I just love all the lines and angles in both of them.  191a is the view out my back door:  

192 -    The home improvement place looks like it could do with some improvement itself!  (I hope someone saves that sign!).  To the right of it a Manny & Olga's pizza place is coming!  As that is less than a 5 minute walk from home I'm sure we are going to be patrons:   

193 -  Lying beside the footpath  – at first I thought it was beer! 

194 – the building where I went for physical therapy on both my foot (2008/2009) and my shoulder 2010.   I hope I never set foot in here again!!  Though that's probably not likely.

195 – church that I walk past every morning from station to office. I like the quaint overshadowed by the modern, ugly, building. 

196  – this day I left work early to go to the dentist and came across a middle of the day farmer's market:  

197 -  Huge glass building in Arlington. It must feel like a tomato glasshouse when the sun hits and the air conditioning is broken: 

198  – my pizza dinner.  This must've been a Friday.   When the manservant is not travelling Friday is our movie night.  We choose between Pizza,  Thai, or Sushi for dinner and then settle down to watch our Netflix movie.  This is my pizza  – how do I know?  Well, it has no horrible meaty things on it!  

199 – this place looks like the developer has just stuck a lot of prefabricated boxes together and invited people to live close together -  but in  anonymity.  Imagine how truly depressing this will look in a few years time! 

200 -  The owners of this little garage have gone to a lot of trouble to make it look snazzy.  Perhaps it is their weekend cottage…. 



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18 responses

  1. LOL – I was thinking the same thing about wanting pizza but it's only Thursday…. It will be a shame if no-one saves that Home Improvement sign – it's such a great sign.

  2. I just ordered a pizza. For all the pizza joints in my town, they all are mediocre. I am trying a new one. The guy on the phone couldn't understand anything I said. He sounded Indian or something, that's new for a pizza place, usually they are Greek, or Italian.

  3. Great pics! Sorry to be out of touch so long, Emjay. Life gets busy. I decided to stop and smell the flowers – or view the photos, as it were. I enjoyed them. Keep it up!

  4. I like the home improvement store! LOL!!! I love those old buildings though. People thought about what they were building as well as what they were going to put in it. Its all about function now. Today, alas, our artistic tastes only come to churches, and massive I'm-better-than-you projects.

  5. Oh yes – there is certainly quite a bit of condo glut going on in the area. The little garage had wonderful character – it was quite cheeky sitting in the middle of a block.

  6. Oh LBeeeze – you are such a kind person – I laugh now to think how long it was after I came out of the sling before I could get the camera up using my right arm! I agree about the cars lending further gloominess to those live-in boxes. My pizza is always really good and one day I want to go into that church and check out the window from the inside.

  7. I really like the top one too – it's funny how much time I spend peering through my camera down alleys. I'm always a little bit relieved not to have anyone shout at me.

  8. Thank you for stopping by Margy. I'm halfway through this project now so the habit of taking a photo every day is a pretty well ingrained habit. Perhaps I'll do it again next year ……..

  9. Hi Alicia – I hope you are feeling better today. Yes, it is like the difference between the McMansion houses and the lovely old row houses. I don't think those McMansions will ever have character. They are massive but they are cold.

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