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This morning I had already waited at my "spot" on the platform for 8 minutes when a girl about 30 years younger than me came and stood right beside me.  As the train pulled into the station she stepped into my personal space and almost dug an elbow into my side in her effort to get in the door before me.   I just wanted to slap her!   Hasn't she heard of giving way to the elderly!    


Weirdest metro message this week.  A driver announced:  "Did you know that a 6 car train is longer than 150 yards.  And that's why you shouldn't run to get in a door.  By the time the electronic message, that you are stuck, gets to me….  well, you are totally jammed in that door. "


Yesterday I took some peppers across the street to my elderly neighbor Miss Elise.  I love the southern practise of it being okay to call old ladies by their first name as long as you put "Miss" in-front.   Miss Elise is in her late 80's, has only a couple of teeth and a sometimes obvious disdain of underwear, but she is a lovely old soul who sits on her front porch and when I get home she shouts a greeting and waves gaily.  I had not seen her for a couple of weeks, but assumed that the heat was keeping her inside.  

As I gave her the peppers she said "oh I was so worried that you might have thought I'd died" …. 

I felt a bit guilty that, actually, that thought had not occurred to me!!   She is a a tough old girl and I'm pretty sure she is going to live to 100.   Anyway,  she'd been away because she had a pacemaker inserted  – now she's going to live to 110.

As I was a couple of doors from home this afternoon I met Rose,  a lovely Filipino lady who used to live 3 doors down (not far in a row house).  She had to sell because her husband was too elderly/sick to get up the stairs but she told me that she misses her little house so much she comes by quite often just to look at it.  They now live in a condo – and both really miss a garden so I invited her to take some peppers from mine.
I love that others are getting pleasure out of the peppers: This is what I picked this afternoon:      

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  1. Ohhhh, I LOVELOVELOVE that spirally little green pepper!! I keep waiting for one of mine to grow into something interesting so I can photograph it. Dagnabit, it never happens.
    Great stories here. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh but you have wonderful cute foxes to photograph! I have habanero peppers which are still green – the plant will be dead before they change colour at the rate they are going! The red ones here are a Caribbean pepper and a cherry pepper; the spirally green ones are wonderful sprinkled over the top of a green salad or in home made guacamole.

  3. Rude little girl. I might have tried to stumble and bump into her all accidentally on purpose.I love it when kids call me Miss Trish and I am not elderly (at least to most people—at what age does someone become 'elderly'?) I hate that our culture as a whole seems to have gotten away from the whole: Mrs. Cleaver and Mr. Cunningham.Peppers look good. As an adult I've wanted to garden—but only a hand full of things not really enough to actually be worth the time and effort to get the soil ready and actually plant something.

  4. I hate it when people invade my space in a public area. My kids say I'm too sensitive and expect strangers to stay a mile away from me, but I feel if I was standing in a spot first, DON'T STAND RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Because I might suddenly have a fit and push the offending person into the path of the bus or train. My older daughter told me, "Don't live in New York City." She's right; I would go berserk on those crowded sidewalks.

  5. Good stories – I like that you went from the narky cow at the train station to the funny (I love that train driver) to the sweet. Aw…I would love for you to be my neighbour. You could have some blackberries and I would get me some peppers. I tell you, next time that little cow shoves, yell "OW!" That'll stop her. (What a competitive git she is). I find when you call rude people out on the rudeness they usually shrink. That is, in person, where they have to look you in the eye. (living in this city will make you get that way – glad we are moving out of it) I hope I am like Miss Elise and shun (i hope it's) bras on hot days. For now I am too vain to diss bras in front of others. Except Masha of course.

  6. Perhaps you should have just gone into the carriage and sat on her knee, carefully explaining to her that had she not barged past you it would have been your seat so yo've decided to sit there anyway, regardless of whether she's in it ir not. And I've got home-grown veg envy, you've got all these amazing things and all I've managed is a small crop of tomatoes that haven't ripened yet. Jealous? Me? humph.

  7. Not that you would think anything of it, but…the young lady you describe was certainly displaying some classic moves of the pick pocket crowd. I'm not trying to frighten you, but its more common than many people believe. And of course, everyone believes that they would know, and that it couldn't happen to them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Plan ahead, be prepared, be vigilent, and never place valuables in comfortable places. Most women don't realize how easy it is to do the bump and lift. The fact is, most women's purse are not in contact with the body, and they can't feel the lift. Added to that, almost all women generally place their wallet where it can be convienent, usually sitting in but on the top area of their purse. I can't tell you how many women I've observed who don't even bother with closing up (or zipping) their purse after they put their wallet back in to thier purse. Well, I don't mean to say to much about it, but you're my friend so I just wanted to share with you what I know. Love your peppers! πŸ™‚

  8. It's a Kung Pao pepper – I don't think they are necessarily meant to grow squiggly but we've grown them for 2 years in a row now and both years ours have been squiggly – they are about 3" long. PM me your address and I will see what I can find out there…..

  9. Yes, when indeed does one become elderly these days? At a tad over 50, I'm sure to this girl I was positively ancient! Perhaps the demise of common courtesy in addressing elders by the respectful Mr or Mrs has led to the decline of so many other things in society.

  10. LOL – yeah, I was being facetious – I only think of myself as elderly when some part of my body aches without me having done anything physical! πŸ™‚ It's so easy to make people like Miss Elise happy by just taking the time to have a quick chat – the elderly man next door to her does not like peppers but we give him cookies occasionally so he doesn't feel left out.

  11. LBeeeze: you are always so clever! Yes, it's amazing that the electronic messages on our trains take so long to get to the driver – obviously a function of the length of the train… LOL.

  12. Because I might suddenly have a fit and push the offending person into the path of the bus or train. LOL I've thought of that a few times but then I think of the hassle it would create and how it would delay my trip either getting to work or home.. I really dislike it when people stand almost touching to talk to me – when I step back they step forward! Yeah the subway in New York is awful – way worse crowding than what I suffer.

  13. Bangkok is really bad about people pushing in front of you to get on the bus. I swear, I can be standing at the edge of the sidewalk and the bus can stop directly in front of me and open the doors and at least three people will be on the bus before me. I'm amazed every time. I'll never be able to behave the same way! I alway consider it bad behavior – whatever age!

  14. Thank you re the stories Bettina. I felt like the Grumpy Old Woman some mornings! πŸ™‚ I only ever got struck by a train door once – and it hurt! There was plenty of time for me to get in but the person infront of me stepped in and just stopped dead. I got hit by the door as it was closing and I had a huge bruise on my arm for days. I would love to swap peppers for blackberries! My neighbours don't grow anything that I don't grow – perhaps I'm going to have to grow my own berries.

  15. I hope your tomatoes ripen before the first frost! πŸ™‚ Today I sat on a woman's thigh! She had her bag between herself and the window leaving only half an aisle seat. I said "excuse me" in what I thought was a nice voice and she shifted all of half an inch. The really weird thing was that even after I'd sat down squishing her thigh she didn't move any more! I was quite glad when she got off after 3 stations.

  16. Oh – I hate when people do that! Sometimes that happens at the check out line in the supermarket too. It's not as though anyone is going to push inbetween you and get served first.

  17. Thank you for the warning and advice Raymond – I do try to think the best of all people – even when they are being rude. I've heard lots of horror stories about things going "missing" on the crowded trains so I do tend to be conscious of where my bag is and whether it is done up properly. I haven't paid as much attention when standing on the platform ……. I will now! πŸ™‚

  18. Yes, I do find my train drivers entertaining – though I don't always remember what they've said when I come to writing them down! It must be awful to have such a slow electronic messaging system πŸ™‚ . Yes, we've had horrid weather this year; most snow ever and then hottest June ever and second hottest July. We're up there for number of days over 90 for the summer too.

  19. Oh that would really annoy me! People seem to appear from no-where just as the doors open. I think my tolerance level is lowering as my age is increasing….. πŸ™‚

  20. Hello Emjay: Really I like your way when you describe your daily routine, a few people have the talent to do so as you! I think you must start writing a book.You know? I wish you are with me in my trip there is a lot of things to write about and many views for taking pictures! Really it is a nice city.Best regard for your neighbors and a big kiss for Miss Elise β€œI like tough girl lol”!

  21. I love your pepper picture. I used to take pics of my produce when I had a garden too–thought it was the most beautiful stuff, still do. And your descriptions of your neighbors!

  22. Oooh – I am so jealous of you being in Russia. I hope you are having a wonderful time and taking photos to share with us. Thank you for your kind words about my stories – and I will tell Miss Elise that there is a dashing young man sending kisses to her πŸ™‚

  23. I'm constantly taking a step back and we end up on the other side of the room because she never takes the hint! Isn't it amazing how these people don't notice you doing a backwards type of dance. Home grown fruit and veggies always seem to have such wonderful colour – rarely seen in the supermarket.

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