Project photo-a-day for 365 days…. 181-190


181 -  a grate "thing"  that I walk over every day in the footpath. It intrigues me that it is not American made. 

182 – I love the colour of this day lily.  It is in a pot on my deck and this year had about a dozen blooms.

183 -  this shows how behind I am in posting the photo a day shots!  It amused me that this fireworks stand was set up under the giant exhaust of a Caribbean cafe.  The Sweet Mango cafe  makes great jerk chicken and often there is mouth-watering aromatic smoke coming out (you can just see a wisp of smoke here). 

184 – Poster seen on the wall of an apartment block:

185 -  July 4 fireworks in the neighbourhood.  It's not a great photo but I loved how it looks like the flames were shooting out of the chimney.

186 -  funky bug spied on one of my pots. 

187 – the ever changing metro billboard:  

188 – after a hot train ride home it doesn't seem wise to start on the wine as soon as I walk in the door so I have something to hydrate first.  My favourite cool down quick drink is cranberry juice diluted with water and ice.  THEN I start on the wine!

189 – a very lonely seat – unusual on the  L'Enfant station platform.  No-one wanted to sit that close to whatever was in those big drums: 

190/190a -  a wine the manservant bought for me to try.  It's a Moscato – ……   It might go nicely with sweets but I tried it with humus and crackers and did not like it enough to request a second bottle. 


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  1. I've enjoyed doing the photo a day but then I'm only pointing & shooting. The hardest thing has been remembering to take one – a lot of times I've almost gone to bed when I've remembered – that's when you get shots of my beads or wine bottles LOL.

  2. I've come close to falling off the wagon – the worst was one night I was almost asleep when I remembered I hadn't taken a photo that day and I jumped up and took one of some ornament! LOL – it was just before midnight!!

  3. Thank you very much James. I'm really enjoying my photo a day project – it helps that my little camera fits in my handbag and is easy to whip out if something catches my eye.

  4. Thank you FS – I love that you check out each grouping and make comments or select a favourite. My favourite one is probably the funky bug as it's such a combination of ugliness (body & head) and beauty (the wings). The watered down and iced cranberry juice is really ideal on these hot afternoons.

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