Nice Day for a

                              White wedding….. 

Yesterday I went to a really special wedding at the gorgeous Meridian House (built 1920). 

It was a white wedding and all the guests were requested to wear white.     

Now, I am not a petite girl so white does not feature in my wardrobe -  especially not anything fancy white.  However a couple of months ago I bought a white lace sheath dress online because it was on sale for $25 – well, not only because of that but because I  "thought"   I would wear it.  But, when it came it was obviously a dress belonging to a season other than summer as the lining is some material close to flannelette!!   So it was sitting in the packaging it came in until the wedding invitation arrived….. 

I "practised"  wearing it a couple evenings during the week – in the hope that it would sort of "loosen" up a bit -  then I'd be able to eat – and maybe even sit down without it riding high up my fleshy thigh!   

That of course brought to attention the issue of whitey-white legs – seriously glow in the dark legs do not look good poking out from a knee length white dress!   A friend recommended L'Oreal Sublime Glow and assured me it would neither streak nor turn my legs neon orange…   Friday night was spent shaving, exfoliating and slathering.    Wow!  It can take a lot of time being a female.  I'm sure I spent more hours thinking about, and preparing what I was going to wear, than I spent at the wedding! 
The ceremony was held in the gardens…. … 

A harpist played during the ceremony:


Then there was a reception inside: 

Imagine having a room like this! 

The hors d'oeuvres table (and bar!) : 

The wedding cake (yes, it was a gay wedding): 

I stuck with white wine as red wine seemed to assure that there would be no second wearing of the white dress.  Yes,  at one stage I had two glasses of wine at the same time! 

The party favours were a lovely parasol and a little box of chocolates – and one of the organizers asked if I would like to take one of the table flowers … 

   It was a perfect afternoon for a perfect couple  (yes, I checked that it was ok to post their photo):   

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  1. love the pic of the happy couple!White looks HORRIBLE on me, so I feel ya there. No pics of you in the dress?the FGNs (fabulous gay neighbors) had a cake that was blue & brown, like the chocolates you got.i hope you had a great time. the grounds look gorgeous!

  2. I hope there are no photos of me! 🙂 I think very few women look good in white. Yeah, I thought the little packs of chocolates were great – 2 blue stars amongst the hearts. I did have a great time and it looked like everyone else was too – it was fairly small – only 50 people.

  3. Lovely photos, lovely venue! But the last time I wore white, "the monthly visitor" came with a vengeance and darn near ruined the day for me. Luckily I brought the necessary equipment—the only white handbag I had was actually a tote, so I had plenty of room for my emergency kit. But I swore I'd never buy a white suit again, unless I moved to Florida or some Caribbean nation where it's required wear.

  4. Oh they look so handsome! Bryce is wearing jeans instead of a suit to our wedding. Ugh. Thats what I get for letting him pick his own attire!That place looks like my dream house! Especially the library. *sigh* One can only dream!Congratulations to the handsome couple!Wheres the picture of you?

  5. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! Were you the official photographer…if so congrats. The photos are wonderful. I love that this couple could have such a wonderful wedding.
    It is time that we legalize marriage for same sex couples. I just don't get why this is such an issue…another one of those things that fear mongers push and push.

  6. How wonderful! I'm sure you did spend more time worrying and getting ready than you did at the ceremony, but it looks like it was worth it. What a picture-perfect setting. It's nice to see that there are still couples going to so much trouble to have a memorable ceremony.
    I look like a white elephant in anything white. In fact, I don't own anything white! I hear you about the white legs, too. Mine haven't seen a ray of sun in a long time. How did the tan turn out?

  7. It's been a while since I've been to a wedding too. With the exception of my son's wedding in December the last wedding I attended was 7 years ago. This was a wonderful venue.

  8. It really was gorgeous. They had white chairs lined up on the lawn with Chinese lanterns strung across between the linden trees. I didn't post any photos of that because people featured in the shots and I'm reluctant to post photos of people without asking.

  9. These guys are so wonderfully suited to each other. They've been together for a number of years and have two little boys adopted from South America – they are a lovely family.

  10. LOL – Emjay's alter-ego has to drink way more wine before photos of self get posted! 🙂 The L'Oreal Glow worked really well. I was quite surprised – it was smooth and did not look weird on my knees or feet like previous fake tans I've tried have. I'd recommend it – though it does have that weird smell that fake tans have (that's why I did it the night before).

  11. LOL – I actually wondered about the issue of the monthly visitor. There are so many things that can go wrong when wearing white. While I was waiting for my friend to pick me up I thought about starting the dishwasher but then I remembered the time I was running out to some appointment and thought (for some really weird reason) that I would squirt bleach around the toilet bowl on my way out the door! Really bad idea! And dishwasher stuff is caustic – So on Saturday I just sat quietly on the couch not drinking, eating or doing household chores! I think I'm going to dye the dress.

  12. Pictures of me on my blog are sparse 🙂 The library was lovely – there were another two walls of books that didn't make it into the photo. The garden is my dream garden – but my dream also involves gardeners! Perhaps Bryce will find dressy jeans…….

  13. Thank you for saying that about the photos Maureen – but no, I was just a guest with my trusty "instamatic" Canon. Same sex marriages only became legal in DC in March this year – I agree with you in not understanding why it is such an issue.

  14. LOL about looking like a white elephant! That's exactly how I felt and why I went to the effort with my legs – I thought it would be good to have something to distract from the vast white top! I even painted my toe nails which is something I rarely do.

  15. My friend and I laughed about how much time we'd each spent on getting prepared for the event. I'm sure it was just because of the request to wear a specific colour.

  16. LOL – yes it was hard work! I think the house is open occasionally – you might be interested in checking that out. (Meridian International Center and White-Myer House).

  17. My mother uses the fake tan sprays from the store. I am usually worried that they will have formaldehyde and I am allergic to that. Most soaps, lotions, shampoos and things have it. But I have had several spray on tans at the salon, when an actual person (not a machine) sprays it on, and it is lovely and well worth the $35! I do that if I have a very special event, such as my class reunion.

  18. I enquired at a tanning place thinking that that would be the one way to ensure it was even – they charged $26 – but as I only wanted my legs done even they suggested I just buy stuff and do it myself. I checked the ingredients of the L'Oreal – there are a lot of chemical sounding things but no formaldehyde.

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