Two Things on Thursday…..


*  At 5.30am this morning the weatherman said that there was a 60% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm…..  as I was leaving the house at 6.40am he said there was a massive thunderstorm coming through Montgomery County in Maryland right now!!

" Well", I thought,  "I live in DC and I'm going to work in Virginia,  I'm not going to take my fancy windrella umbrella that's supposed to withstand a near hurricane,  I'm just going to take my emergency umbrella that's usually in my bag".   You know the sort that has a radius just slightly bigger than your head. 

 When I got out of the underground in Virginia at 7.30  it was as though I'd had a time warp and gone back into night.  It was incredibly dark – but no rain at that stage.   For a second I wondered if I should go into the Starbucks and wait it out – but as  "it"   had not started yet I thought I should just hustle the 3 blocks to the office.   Before I'd gone one block there was a scary transformation  -  buffeting high winds, thunder and amazing devil's lightning!   

Oh please, don't let me be struck by lightning!     Then I thought "no self respecting lightning would attack this pathetic umbrella!". 

I arrived at work with everything along the back from the my neck down to my ankles totally drenched.

So jeez!  First we had record snow falls; then record heat and now an entire day of really damaging storms.   Wonder when the locusts will descend! 
I learnt a couple of little factoids today (according to my weatherman):
-in relation to flash floods -  it takes less than 18 inches of water on the road to float a vehicle off the road!
-in relation to lightning -  a lightning strike is 50,000 F degrees in temperature – when it hits a tree it literally blows the bark off.   


 Metro announcement of the week occurred on my commute home….     the driver was having trouble getting the doors closed.    With absolute frustration the driver announced:   
"People!  People!   – Keep your body parts out of the doors!"
You could just hear in his voice what he really wanted to say.


Another storm is coming through now and we're under all sorts of flash flood warnings….   at least I won't have to water the veggies tonight! 

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  1. Wow!! It is scary but isn't it cool also, when the sky turns black like that? I get nervous being out, especially if I'm running at the Lake. We've had near tornadoes this summer, I actually would feel safer in a Starbucks than our old creaky house.
    LOL no self-respecing lightning….the most useful thing I learned is that lightning likes tree roots – so running under a tree like the urban legend says, is a bad idea. Some boy scouts are told to stand on one foot so the lightning does not have a great path, some say crouch down with one hand touching the ground…
    I have heard of many folks hit by lightning and it is usually campers or daredevils. Great descriptions!!

  2. It's very unusual to get such a severe thunderstorm so early in the morning. Usually our summers have hot, humid days and then storms in the late afternoon, but we haven't had many this summer – just record heat without the water.

  3. LOL – I'm not sure I want to test out that standing on one foot theory!! As I started down the street I thought about which side I should walk on – right hand side with one really huge old tree or left hand side with smaller tree and power lines! Either one could be a worry…. a couple of years ago I read about people who'd pulled their aluminium chairs out of their camper van and set them up under a tree to watch a storm .. it wasn't a happy outcome!

  4. I was just telling a coworker that with all the freak storms on the east coast and foreign countries, I'm thinking it might be wise to invest in flood insurance before winter hits SoCal.Glad you made it through okay!!another factoid: if lightening is about to strike near you, and your hair is dry, it will stand on end (like it would if you were touching an electricity ball). I know from experience.

  5. LMAO!! Wow, yeah that is not a good idea. I don't think any of these tricks work, like touching the ground, but once that hair stands on end, I think there must be some way to minimize the damage. Because as you said, it's very serioius at that point.

  6. Not another storm! I've been hearing about your recent freaky weather from my work colleagues back east. I hope you keep your power and can stay safely inside until the second storm passes.
    (That said, I'm a tiny bit envious.)

  7. I'm lucky ; I still have power – but many people don't (and I think there were still some people without power from a storm we had more than a week ago). The only damage at my address was quite a lot of dirt washed out of my pots from the ferocity of the rain. Storms can be exciting to watch – from inside!

  8. Poor Emjay!!!! I love how you write. πŸ™‚ You make disasters sound very comical. And your personality comes through so well!!! Unless you have a different persona on line. XD

  9. We had heavy snow this year also and then the huge floods we had in May. It has been in the high 90's ever since. The thunder was so loud today that it felt like it could collapse a lung. I watched a tree crack down and crush a black Escalade so I called the news and told them I had a good place to do the weather report from,lol.
    Yeah, no global warming or climate change that I can see. Perhaps Armageddon?

  10. Wow!! We have been having scorching heat here and thick, stuffy humidity. I was off today (to make up for having to work on Monday the 5th of July) so I went to a couple parks to take duck photos. It felt like I was breathing through a matress. I'm sure it was really uncomfortable being wet, but I'm glad you got to work safe.

  11. I know it is ridiculous for me to say this, but I miss real weather. Here in northern California the weather has been the same boring 90 degrees and sunny for three months. Unless you're up in the Sierras, you never see rain much less thunder and lightning during the summer out here.

  12. The storms were incredibly dramatic, weren't they? Our house was almost completely surrounded by water rushing down the hill towards the back of the yard during both the morning and the afternoon storms. I felt like I was on an island. We were very lucky that we didn't lose power.

  13. LOL – no I usually see something comical in everything that happens to me – I can be quite self deprecating. (some might say I have to be considering the stupid things that happen to me!). πŸ™‚

  14. Wow – it was probably awesome watching that tree crash down – except for the car owner! Nature is an amazing force and we continue to think we have some control over it! πŸ™‚

  15. "Breathing through a mattress" – that's a great description! I'm going to start using that if you don't mind πŸ™‚ The humidity just slaps you in the face and tries to knock you down when you walk out of air conditioning. Bring on winter so I can complain about snow and chapped lips again! πŸ™‚

  16. LOL about your cat being upset with you over the wet floor. That's how I'd be if the manservant left the window open! It's funny that when I lived in Sydney I thought that we did have seasons …… then I came here and discovered what seasons really were (although real "seasonists" complain that DC does not really have a proper Autumn or Spring).

  17. We are normally really buzzing with mozzies in summer. I think the lack of rain affected their breeding in backyards. We're quite a way from the Potomac River or Rock Creek – obviously off their flight path (thank goodness).

  18. It must be very frustrating to be a train operator in rush hour. They only have a certain time to stand in each station (think seconds not minutes) and people keep trying to force doors open and squeeze in or get a friend in. I get a laugh out of people who stick their bag or briefcase in and then the door jams on it with them on the other side! The driver does reopen doors but it's usually only long enough to pull the item out.

  19. I'm glad there is a slight slope to our street and that we don't have a basement. I'm also glad that our free tree out the front is not big enough yet to be a worry in strong winds. You were lucky not to lose power – a lot of people in your area did.

  20. Please feel free to use the phrase….that's just what it felt like to me. I'm sure I'd complain a lot more if I had to walk for blocks to get to work or any place else. It finally cooled down to the low 90s today and the humidity wasn't as bad.

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