A bit of a whiff


Summer brings out some really disgusting smells:-

– sloppy dog poo on the footpath

– rubbish bins sitting in the sun close to pick-up day.

– full rubbish trucks idling at pedestrian crossings

– the drain of the nursing home near my office

– people in confined spaces (think peak hour afternoon trains).

I've also noticed a frightening increase in the number of people who have really bad breath riding the trains!  

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  1. Rubbish is so nasty this time of year. Where I run some goofball men reek of cologne when they jog past me. Like they dumped Calvin Klein all over their sweaty bodies. These men usually have their shirts off too.
    Mmm, charming.

  2. We have been having a heat wave but rain showers just long enough to wet everything down and make it smell like dead worms, dust, and peepee. The Juniper trees smell like pee anyhow. But when they are hot and wet….blechht!

  3. During the summer I avoid riding in elevators because I hate being buried in a gang press of sweaty, smelly people in a teeny tiny space. It's gotten worst however since the development of cologne-scented deodorants for men. The cologne doesn't necessarily kill the BO, but it adds this disgusting drugstore aftershave smell to it. Last year I thought I was going to start throwing up after I got stuck behind this one very large man who must have bathed himself in the stuff. It was like smelling Calvin Klein through a used gym sock.

  4. Ew!!!!!!! And agreed. I ride the bus…think, there are visitors to the islands here, from the French part of the world. Sniff, sniff. Is that five day old BO? Mon dieu! (wraps face in cotton scarf and breathes in scent of lavender)

  5. The smell of dead insects (especially crickets) that have died on top of the building and – because the air-conditioner doesn't drain properly – sit in water and become a putrid vomity smelling stew, the odor of which is carried in with the cool air when the AC is running.Oh, wait … that's something I smell every day. Makes me wish there were trash bins around. Also makes me glad I do not have a very good sense of smell (and a strong stomach).

  6. I know nurses who breath through their mouths so as not to "smell" all these sorts of things but I have this weird phobia that if I do that I am swallowing germs! I like to think that my nose is filtering the germs out! (LOL – that sort of thinking is almost as irrational as my fear of squirrels!)

  7. I'm not as tall as I used to be, or perhaps young men are just taller than they used to be, but I seem to be just at the "right height" now to have my nose under smelly pits of men holding onto the rail over their heads on the trains!

  8. Oh yes – and there is nothing worse than being caught in-between competing brands of aftershave along with a good over-dose of perfume from a woman in the corner! This evening on the train the woman in front of me had a sickly sweet musk smell that enveloped half a rail car!

  9. LOL – I do that trick. I put a little dab of perfume on the inside of a wrist and spend half my train trip with my chin cupped in my hand! I walk past a couple of apartment/condo blocks and a nursing home every morning – they have those huge compactor bins – the smells coming from them is really awful. I've been testing myself to see how long I can hold my breath on that block!

  10. I think to my detriment my sense of smell has improved as I've got older. I've never been good with vomit smells though so I wouldn't like those dead crickets! It was 83 degrees at 6am this morning – there is no need for it to be that hot that early!

  11. I take it as a blessing that we are begging for autumn by the time August is half over. What a miracle. I mean….it's very similar to the parents of teenagers being so ready to kick them out of the nest. All things have a time and a purpose and Stink is the reason for us to start looking forward to autumn. 🙂

  12. We have street cleaning once a week I think – though I don't think they use water – I think they just run a big sweeping machine along near the gutter. Sad to think that there is rubbish at the top of Mont Blanc!

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