Photos of days 171-180

Photo-a-Day-For-365 days….  171-180

171 – On a slither of wall in our kitchen there were 3 lonely hooks begging for something to cover them.  One of my friends found the perfect things in an op-shop -  3 for $1.  

172 – this is what a hot humid day looks like when you do not have a/c.  (The house across the back alley that features so prominently throughout my photos). 

173 – my eggs are all named EB. Perhaps it stands for extra big. 

174  – metro prices went up. I would have agreed to the price rise rather than reduction in service if I'd been asked but I wasn't.  I just wish they would fix the air conditioning in their rail cars!  

. 175 – cheery orange beads that one of my sons gave me.  I wear them to work about once a week:

176  -  art-work near Howard University

177 – my cousin came to visit from Montreal -  he came laden with goodies. We opened the wine quickly (even though it was late morning) and  I kept the "cookies"  for coffee time later.  (yeah we had the wine at morning tea time and the coffee at cocktail hour!)

178  – a number of times over the last couple of months the sky has darkened and I've become quite excited about the prospect of rain…..  then not a drop falls!!   The water tank is dry and this month's water bill went from $30 to over $70!!!!!    Ouch!!  That's how much it cost to keep the tomatoes, peppers and herbs alive.

179  – the back steps – "someone" should pull those weeds out from the bottom before Emjay gets her feet tangled in them and falls over….  a few nails in some of the planks might prevent that too. 

180  -  even the cars work in pairs …….  


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14 responses

  1. You have some very original pictures in this lot. I think my favorite is the picture of the wine and cookies and your comment, that you have wine at the morning tea time and coffee at the cocktail house, ROFL!!!

  2. We've been incredibly dry hear too. Just a little bit of rain one day last week. It's supposed to be 100 degrees or just about 100 degrees every day this week. The thermometer in my car read 104 this afternoon.
    The metro cars have to be dangerously, dangerously hot. Here, if people leave an animal in a car they can be arrested. I can't believe they expect people to travel in those metro cars with no air conditioning…it's no like you can roll the windows down.

  3. If I get into a railcar that does not have a/c, or a pathetically working one, I have an internal debate with myself about whether to stand near the door and race to another car at the next stop or just suffer in silence. It usually depends on how many stations I have to ride – I think I have a limit of about 5 stations – anymore than that I get off. One of the problems is that passengers are loathe to complain on the actual ride as the driver will then put that car out of commission and then we all have to move into another car and get even more crushed. Humans do tolerate quite a lot I've found – I guess we just all want to get home with the least disruption.

  4. Thank you Katie – I had every intention of starting this on January 1st but I forgot on the very first day! 🙂 So mine will go through the New Year. They are not great photographically but they are little pot shots of my year. I think if I had to think about lighting and composition I would get sick of doing it very quickly.

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