A new pharmaceutical destination:


I don't know anyone else who has ever been as excited as me about the opening of a CVS Pharmacy!   And, because it opened on my birthday weekend – it was like a final great big gift just for Emjay…      

This signals real progress for my neighbourhood!!    Sure, we have an (antiquated) Safeway with a Pharmacy but they do not carry certain classes of drugs -  like Class 3 narcotics – the good sort that you need when you fall over and break bones. 

Our nearest "real" pharmacy was a CVS a little over a mile away -  I can tell you it was not much fun walking there when sick!    This new one is so close I could crawl there in my pyjamas  -  jeez,  in my neighbourhood that wouldn't even stand out as being odd! 

And this opening means I won't have to pay street prices for my drugs anymore  (that's a joke)…  though others will probably still shop in the alley (as photographed a couple of years ago)

Originally it was a vacant block of land April 6, 2008 – at this stage we did not know it was going to be a CVS, I was just recording our neighbourhood: 

Then in November 2009 exciting signs went up:  


Then there was a ground breaking sometime around November 14th 2009 

  Then not much happened…   Jan 9th 2010 

Four days later the site became a hive of activity : Jan 13th 2010 

Less than a month later there was framework:  Feb 3rd 2010

Next day – these guys were not letting the cold weather slow them down: Feb 4th 2010

February 20th 2010

February 23rd 2010 -  we start to wonder if it is going to be a two-storey CVS: (it's not) 

Then Emjay falls over and breaks things and doesn't go out with her camera until March 27, 2010 -  the CVS colours are showing:  

April 10th 2010  – not much has happened externally since March 27th -  they must be putting the shelves in:

  May 13th 2010 -  we have a store – not open yet …. nothing else really to be done to the exterior except some utility work:   

July 9th 2010  -  trucks of stock arrive…  On my way to work there were 4 big trucks unloading:

Sunday July 25 2010 – store opens!  Window decorations not quite finished:  


Gleaming & fully stocked:  

  Staff waiting for us ….  

  Free reward for shopping on Opening Day:



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  1. I haaaaate CVS (the one in my area is horrible and staffed by gang members) but I'm glad you're happy!!This new one is so close I could crawl there in my
    pyjamas – jeez, in my neighbourhood that wouldn't even stand
    out as being odd!Describes my Walgreen's (nearly across the street from me). And I HAVE gone in my pajamas, MANY times! And I didn't stand out at all!!

  2. Yeah – I'm not a big fan of CVS either but considering my choice was nothing it's a great thing. I wonder how long it will be before security bars go around the pharmacy section and "good" stuff gets locked in cabinets. The staff are still pleasant but those in the one 1.5 miles away are sloppy and rude.

  3. LOL – yeah I'm easy to please with a bit of development – but I will be the first to complain when building applications go willy nilly to bars or nightclubs so close to home. I've seen the websites dedicated to the attire of Wal-Mart shoppers – funny!

  4. Yeah – it is a bit weird to have taken so many photos of it! LOL – I didn't realise I'd taken so many until I went looking for the earliest one I have. I've actually now photographed Georgia Avenue one mile north and one mile south of us (east and west sides of the street). I'd like to extend that out to 2 miles each way – perhaps when it gets cooler. It takes a long time to photograph every building or vacant block – I have my camera on wide screen and walk along the opposite side of the street to that which I'm photographing. I click and then walk about 30 feet and stop to click again. I'm sure in the area south of me I made quite a strange picture myself!! I just think it might be a good record one day…. and I won't have to go to the Library of Congress to find historical images! πŸ™‚

  5. Seriously! I now wish I'd taken more cityscape photos of the cities I've visited around the world, so many have just exploded with buildings. I am trying to find old photos of Austin when I visited in 1991 I guess it was, the city is completely different. It was a small college town, now it's like a metropolis. Plus, I remember thinking Austin reminded me of Melbourne, I am pretty sure I saw a black swan, as well as crew teams on the river, and the skyline from my vantage point just looked similar. anyway…whole 'nother topic!

  6. The backyard in my atelier faces the broad thoroughfare.
    I can do a new residential area the other side of the road.
    Now, The sound that Bulldozer works is heard.

  7. Yays!!! Very interesting photo documentary there. It took them MONTHS to open the CVS near us. They actually had it all finished but delayed the opening for several months. Why I don't know.

  8. It is good that a CVS store is appearing in your neighborhood! Not that I'm so attached to CVS—the one in my 'hood is overpriced and poorly stocked—but transitional neighborhoods like ours need "anchor" stores that will serve local residents and attract people from outside to shop in the area. When the failing Safeway finally shut down several years ago, our neighborhood looked like a ghost town. The city put up money for developers to build a new mini-mall on the site, and things are beginning to look up. We still have "outdoor drugstores" (no alleys, thank goodness), but those guys keep getting pushed farther from the family-run businesses and homes here. If marijuana is legalized in CA, then they won't have much else to sell here. Then hopefully, they'll stay out of here and cook their drugs elsewhere.

  9. I like that you were stalking the construction! We have three places that have a pharmacy within three miles from our house!! I wonder what that says about prescription drug use in our small city. πŸ˜›

  10. How exciting to get a CVS! We got one in my neighborhood a few years back. I dare you to go in and just buy one thing. πŸ˜‰ I think it is next to impossible.
    I live in a somewhat rural area so I was just happy to have cell phone reception.

  11. Driving off the mountain reminds me of growing up on a farm and having to have a trip to town for everything. I'm sure my mother really planned which day she was going to go in and if anything was forgotten that was too bad. The mailman used to bring our bread out and the chemist (pharmacy) would also send things out with the mailman. LOL – I can't imagine the United States letter delivers doing anything like that!

  12. That is hilarious! We do plan because it is a 30 minute drive to the mall, to Target, and to the other stores. We can drive to the bottom of the mountain and there is a bank, library, and grocery.

  13. You are so right about "anchor" stores – though there are always those arguments about whether you wait until you have population and a demand before you build the infrastructure or build it and hope the population turns up (or gets wealthier). Safeway has been saying for years that they will upgrade but never has; we thought when they built a big condo/apartment block on top of the metro station that they might be inspired to get started…. but, the apartments are expensive and not fully leased and the young professionals that have moved in there are "organic" shoppers so trek further afield for their food. I've photographed along the main thoroughfare so it will be really interesting to record development as it happens. Sadly there is still quite a crack problem and gang activity here – though as you say about your own area, it is getting pushed into other areas. (Not necessarily an ideal solution as someone else has still has to deal with it). I'm sure, in time, this CVS will become grotty, understocked and manned with ill-tempered staff too!

  14. Living in the suburbs is very like living out in the country – you have to have a car! I love living in the city and being able to walk to everything – and now I love that some development is happening in my own neighbourhood.

  15. I would love to think that an independent chemist could survive here but I think in the day of chain stores it would not be possible in a city. Small towns are probably the only places you find the traditional family owned pharmacy now.

  16. I like that you were stalking the construction! LOL – goes to show how few things I have to be excited about! πŸ™‚ There are some corners in DC that have 3 or 4 Starbucks! I was amazed to see that Starbucks were saving people from having to cross the road for their coffee….

  17. There are some exciting developments starting to happen (and a lot that went on hold when the economy started to slide which hopefully will start up again once things improve). The DC government has started some initiatives now to encourage business along our strip.

  18. I dare you to go in and just buy one thing. Oh LOL – absolutely impossible! I've been in there about 4 times now for "just one thing" . I think I will need a 12-step program!

  19. Yes, when we lived on the "other side" of the park we had a CVS two blocks from our apartment and then another one 8 blocks south and another 10 blocks north! We also had a choice of 4 supermarkets in a 2 mile stretch. I loved moving into our own house but I really missed having "shops".

  20. LOL .. I also hope I don't ever have to crawl there because I've injured something else. I've gone there a couple of times with dirty hair though which seems almost as bad πŸ™‚

  21. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon but it's certainly going to be handy having it between the metro and home. Our Safeway is about 4 blocks away but it is a really dismal, understocked place with an itty bitty fresh food section.

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