Photo-of-the Day: Days 160-170

Continuing on in the photo of the day for 365 day quest these are my photos of the day from June 10th -June 20th…..  I wonder if I will ever catch up to a current month! 

160  -  oooh – pink shutters make me shudder!  But, I love the front terrace:

161 – the manservant plants peppers out the front in the tiny little bit of dirt that runs between our front path and next door's front path:  Given the hot afternoon sun;  lack of water and bashing about by shopping bags, it's surprising they ever have a pepper but they do – first one of the season:  

162  -Plaque on a building at Howard University

163 – a diner type place not far from where I live -  the window decor is eclectic and has obviously been there for many, many years!  

  164 – corner of our back deck.  I bought the "stepables" to plant in the front with the hope they would take over the grass and we wouldn't have to mow anymore…..   so far this project has not worked well as the stepables are still on the deck table!

165 – herbs gone wild – now a month later they are even wilder!!  

166 – My hydrangeas were at their best in June…..    in July they were brown and sunburnt. 

167 – love this mirrored building in Ballston, Virginia

168 – dinner in a bag

169 – old fire station –  

170 – my parents-in-law came to visit and asked what I would like as a "thank you" for having them…..  this is what I requested.  The first one was delivered by UPS and stolen off the front steps…  rather than upset his parents the manservant replaced it.  It was a hot day on June 20th !!    

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18 responses

  1. Yeah, I have to confess to liking the pink shutters too just because I like pink and gray together. Your plants do look good. I like the photos in clumps like that better than just seeing one a day, it's interesting what you come up with. Good post Emjay.

  2. The pink shutters do stand out, but that is a beautiful home. We have several shiny buildings just like that one here in St. Louis. I just can't place where there are right now.
    Dinner looks so good!!

  3. Wankers stealing your package! When we were in the States on holiday last, someone (who apparently works at the long term auto parking lot) ordered a laptop delivered to our house with Masha's card (which he paid for the parking with), thinking we would be away – but we had a house sitter. Oops!Nice piccies, I have commented on some via the photo itself. Cheers! It's in the low 60s here today, I am jealous of your 90s. Seriously. I think I could live on Mercury.

  4. Those pink shutters were sooooo bright in "real life". I will never be organized enough to post a photo a day on the day. Usually it takes me a week to download them off my camera.

  5. It is a lovely home – it's quite huge too – with an attic floor as well as basement. Perhaps it should be on the Mediterranean – I can imagine sitting out on that terrace overlooking the sea.

  6. The funniest thing was not long after we'd moved in and i ordered 2 pillows for our bed. They were delivered by FedEx and stolen before I'd got out the door… I laughed at how someone must've thought they were getting something really good in such a big box and would've loved to have seen their face when they found two very boring bed pillows! Oooh – how lucky you had a housesitter re the laptop. It's just amazing what low things people will do.

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