Released !! …..


After nearly 5 months of fairly intensive physical therapy I can lift  4 lbs !     Yay! – soon I'll be able to carry my handbag!    

I've been released from both the Orthopedist and PT because I now basically have normal range in the Roman salute and the snow-angel-gone- wild motions.  I still struggle to get my hand up high enough to do my bra up at my back but at last I can smell my elbow pit.  (something I never felt the need to do until I realized I couldn't do it!).

Now I continue a home program to strengthen my shoulder and deltoid muscles. I find pulling doors open towards me to be really difficult – probably because most doors have a resistance higher than 4 measly pounds!  

It's sort of pathetic and embarrassing not to be able to get out of the ladies room at work! 

It's a weird thing to have a functioning dominant arm being such a weakling.

I came home and celebrated with a glass of red and the heel of the shoe! (ok – maybe I nibbled around the top a bit too)….  

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  1. LOL – I'll have to work on that – luckily there's still most of the shoe left to practise with! I didn't realize there were so many women who did their bras up at the front until I started complaining about having to do it!

  2. I was just doing a quick scroll through posts and the picture of that shoe caught my eye and I just cracked up laughing because I knew what it was. Too funny Emjay, I have to admit though, I still buy myself one of those hollow chocolate Easter bunnies every Easter and enjoy it right by myself. lol

  3. Yay!!! I can't imagine how hard it must be to not be able to carry more than 4 lbs. I have a hard enough time trying to carrying just a few items without dropping them all over the place. For real, I'm just not coordinated when it comes to carrying stuff. I have small, child-sized hands and very large feet. Something is just not right about this.

  4. Good news with the arm! Get an across the body bag, it is better for your back anyway."…snow-angel-gone- wild motions"…you could earn your post at a Phish concert with that! (Phish are the Grateful Dead replacements)Eat some of that shoe for me…please.

  5. Yay! I'm so happy for you. I had to laugh about the pull-doors and bathrooms; on not-so-good days I've had trouble opening these doors and I'm not even injured. (I'm usually too spaced out to notice the "PULL" sign or else it's one of those stupid heavy glass doors……

  6. or I feel like my boobs are twisted sideways all day. LOL – that's exactly how I feel… the instant I start moving the bra around everything gets dislodged!

  7. LOL – when the kids were little I could not buy Easter eggs until the day the bunny was coming because I would eat them and replace them many times if I bought them earlier. I remember buying a carton of a dozen and then eating one but because I'd eaten one then I had to eat two more so that there was still a multiple of 3 (because I had 3 kids)…. then I ate another and *had* to eat another two … etc. I'm sure I bought more than one of those cartons over the years too thinking that "this" year I won't eat them.. LOL.

  8. It has been incredibly difficult trying to get my shoulder bag to stay on my left shoulder. It's as though I've worn a groove in my right shoulder from wearing it there 30+ years!! I'm only just now getting the hang (ha ha) of having it on the left. I really need to pare down what I have in my bag – I still have the "mother mentality" when it comes to what I cart around – all that "just in case" stuff.

  9. Well … I have tried cross body bags but I don't seem to have the suitable body for them. I'm "well endowed" so the strap gives me a Playtex "cross your heart" look!! I tried thin and wide straps – the only time those bags work are in winter when I have jackets & coats on and the strap can't get inbetween the boobs! LOL.

  10. Heaven forbid I hurt myself again so soon! Though i did walk into a ceramic pot that "someone" had moved on the back deck – I was looking through the lens of my camera and walking where I "knew" there was a clear space except it wasn't clear anymore. The manservant found me with an ice pack on my elevated leg and not in the mood for conversation! I went to the same place for both my foot and my shoulder and as I was leaving the "girls" said "see you next time" LOL.

  11. Thank you Shy – I was absolutely determined to get the ROM back and was really dedicated to doing my home program. It's a shame I can't apply the same determination to a general fitness and weight loss program!!

  12. Yeah I'm sure anyone watching must be amused at my attempts – I certainly look big and capable enough to get something open. The manservant said "why don't you use your left hand to help?" – because that defeats the purpose of strengthening my right arm – therefore I'd rather look silly struggling ….. LOL.

  13. Thank you homebody – I was feeling really proud of myself when I waltzed out of there….. the heel was yummy – rich but it was tempered by the wine. 🙂

  14. Thank you Pete…. well, after a few months of having the manservant and friends loosen all my lids I can now open both screwtops and corks. The corks were difficult for a really long time because I couldn't get my elbow up at enough of an angle to do that final pulling out – it was a wonderful day when I mastered the corkscrew again!

  15. Not around my house, you can't. There seems to be a hidden radar in each member of the family and the minute I close and lock the bathroom door and either start the tub water or use the restroom, the knocking starts. I don't understand it and it is difficult to be patient.

  16. Well endowed…you are cracking me up over here. I do NOT have this ahem…"problem". Although when I was breast feeding my son, I found it difficult to play pool as I was blessed with an abundance of milk and proudly carried size Ds till I weaned him. (damnit)I agree with the wimpy straps…I walk to the shops normally unless I get a food delivery, and even the straps of the cloth shopping bags drive me mad when I am wearing a coat (which I am often in this chilly damp country). I finally bought one of those old lady pull things…what a great idea! However, I am too tall for the handle so I need to get a bigger one. (curse words ensue) Plus it's annoying when pulling it over cobbled streets. Whinge! Whinge! Whinge!Why is it men do not have these issues? Oh I know, they will go without dinner or eat takeaway, and never have sunscreen, a tissue, a granola bar, or chapstick (my son can vouch, so can my husband; as they pilfer them from my handbag in the car or on the trail).I do love me a brown suede Hobo. But the weight of it makes me have neck strain. SIGH!

  17. poor shoe looks attacked but that was what it was for …..Great to hear you have gained more strength in you arm and are able to do things …that old saying "you do not know what you have until it is gone" funny how when you hurt yourself it is that part that usually dose all the work and now it can not do anything

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