Metro humor…


Two amusing train drivers over the last few days  (though it's possible it was the same driver)……..


Parents:  if you have children with you please don't let them get off and walk along side the train.  This is for the good of the children and the sanity of this driver.


People: Please spread out along the platform and use all available doors.  And when you get in don't hog the seats!  There is no reason for one person to need an entire seat. 

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  1. :)))))))) too much funny ! … For the first remark, this driver is perfectly right. For the second … " It's not exactly enough Sir, to sit just a half of a butt, during all the journey ! …"

  2. LOL! Fabulous! The 2nd one sounds like me. I would have so much fun if I could talk on the train intercom. I am happy you shared this. I am sure it made your day as well! Or softened the BS of your day anyway.

  3. Over the last couple of years a number of people have thrown themselves infront of trains here on our Metro system. I cannot imagine how devastating that must be to the train driver unable to stop. Accidentally hitting a child must be way worse. His comment did make everyone laugh though.

  4. It is great in the afternoons when everyone is feeling testier after a day of work and the temperature is up. Hearing something witty sends ripples of smiles and laughter through the railcar and that's nice.

  5. LOL – I would *love* to see someone sit on a selfish person's bags!!! When I'm feeling particularly snarky I will walk up to someone with their bags on half the seat and say "excuse me" even though there are many empty seats! It's a matter of principal – I've paid the same price as them and that doesn't entitle us to two seats. Women are worse than men; they either put their bags on half the seat or they sit on the outside and pretend to sleep. I really dislike it when a woman puts their handbag (purse) inbetween us so that it's pressing against me or some metal buckle is catching my clothes!

  6. Yes, the whole hog-the-seat thing is just incredibly rude. And sadly, women are way worse at that than men. Men will try to get into the window seat so they don't "have" to offer up their seat to a more deserving person – like the elderly or a pregnant woman.

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